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Soph0571's Journal
Soph0571's Journal
April 27, 2020

Domestic violence in lock down: From walking on tenterhooks to walking on a knife edge

There was a really interesting article on the news tonight about domestic violence victims in the time of Covid-19. The UK government has announced what is a very limited fund to help domestic violence victims who need to escape from a violent partner during this time of lock down. They are also doing a social media campaign to let people know that they will be given a place of safety if they approach authorities. We are already seeing a doubling of the murders of a partner from last year, in the last three weeks of March. It must be a complete nightmare if you live with someone who belts you every night, when they get home from work, who is now at home all day. Of course the rhetoric is all well and good but the government have gutted domestic violence funding over the last 10 years and the domestic violence charities who need to rely on fund raising, at this time are having a really difficult time.

Women and some men are living daily with a really horribly dangerous timebomb. To give the Tories their due, they have acknowledged there is a problem, and in their inept, patriarchal, snobbish, privileged way are attempting to do something about it. They need to dig much deeper into their coffers though if women are to be kept safe in this time of self isolation. Shit cost money. So, I was wondering what the USA is doing about this? I have not seen any coverage on it anywhere and I was wondering if it is on anybody's radar? Because if it isn't it needs to be.

April 27, 2020

At last, we have a cure for all!

Original image here: https://www.cartoonmovement.com/cartoon/66680
Graphic mine

Clean around the u-bend?!?!
April 27, 2020

A 'Rainbow Coalition' of Death Cult Special

Guilty until proven democrat? Surely this chap who through very obviously white must be dual heritage based on the stickers on the car, should have thought that one through?

I have no idea if this is real or photo shopped. The fact that you cannot guess though tells us everything we need to know about the death cult. This next level of unreasoned loyalty to that fuckwit in the White House is extraordinary.
April 27, 2020

It's not like they are not going to die anyway...

So all those retired families who have made a home in Florida to enjoy their later years and spend their retirement dollars in clement weather are just walking corpses anyway? Well if that is what he thinks of his older (more likely to vote republican) community, it absolutely explains his complete and utter disregard for this safety in managing this pandemic. The fact is that people to do not go to Florida to die, they go to live a fulfilling retirement. These people are a horror show.

Death cult member front and centre.
April 27, 2020

Dear Trump Supporter

April 27, 2020

He came in like a wrecking ball

Soz but when I saw this you KNOW I was going to share it...

If you can look past the grossness there is actually a very powerful point being made here - for an internet meme I mean.

Now. Brain Bleach Stat.

April 26, 2020

Adam Schiff: And then he sinks lower

First we had impeachment. Now it is time for imbleachment. The first President to be impeached twice has a marvellous ring to it.
April 26, 2020

Words to live by 2020

April 26, 2020

Rightwing protesters in handmaid's costumes are taking gaslighting to a new level

The shapeless scarlet cloaks and oversized white bonnets have become a familiar sight at protests around the world. From pro-choice demonstrations in Belfast to women’s rights marches in Buenos Aires, the clothes worn by Margaret Atwood’s handmaids in her dystopian novel The Handmaid’s Tale have become a striking symbol of female defiance.

Now it seems the handmaid’s uniform has taken on a newly dystopian dimension: the outfit has been appropriated by Trump-supporting protesters at the anti-quarantine rallies that have been spreading across America. These rallies, orchestrated by a network of far right and extremist groups, have also seen rightwingers hold up signs with pro-choice slogans like “my body, my choice”.


Seriously. Stay home, saves lives equals Gilead now? These are the same far right wankers who use the Handmaids Tale as a bloody instruction manual for their much wanted theocratic fascist uplands.

Gaslighting indeed
April 26, 2020

Trump: Saving Lives By Being A Petulant Manchild 👀

It was obvious that Trump was going to go off on one with the level of ridicule he has been subject to since imbleachgate. His unrealistic bollocks vision of himself as the great leader means at some point, we were going to see a temper tantrum. He never fails to disappoint, and as always, instead of focusing on saving lives, like pretty much every other world leader, apart from Putin, he tries to make his disastrous press conferences and the cancelling thereof, about a popularity contest and an in-kind trade.

He is so bloody predictable. He says something stunningly imprudent, attempts to keep quiet and let the whole shitshow blow over but he is incapable of doing this. He is literally a child kicking out at being sent to the naughty step because of deadly misbehaviour. Temper Temper. ‘’ You are all being very mean to me, it is not fair, when I am the chosen one wah wah’’

Silly dangerous man.

On the bright side him not doing press conferences will save lives, the less the death cult faithful get exposed to his dangerous bollocks… the more that is a good thing for the public health and safety of everyone else.

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I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....
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