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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 5,329

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

Can you imagine if Obama did that? I can't.

We see it all over the interwebs

‘’Oh, can you imagine if Obama did (insert whatever major transgression Trump has just been exposed for), Republicans would go batshit crazy coming after him if he had ever done that, but they don’t go after Trump. HYPOCRITES’’

We all know that republicans are dishonest hypocrites but why should that mean we should imagine Obama committing criminal and immoral acts and acts of treason, and how republicans would have reacted to that, just to reaffirm what we already know about republicans? Obama is a great man who does great things and bringing up Obama in mythical comparisons with the conduct of the Traitor in Chief, is, I think, insulting to Obama and both his Presidency and legacy. Let’s face it they screamed at Obama for just being a black bloke while Presidenting. That is all they had, the racist fuckers and they are still wagging that tail today. Remember, there is a very good reason why we do not have any real-life comparisons between Obama and Trumps bad behaviour to go to, so why create hypothetical situations where Obama behaved in the way Trump behaves, when he very obviously would never ever do so? Particularly when the republicans try and blame everything wrong on Obama as it is. It is illogical.

He's an emblem of free-market, white supremacist nationalism...

He has enabled the worst of society to push their way to to the front of the queue and demand that we listen to their nasty... maybe just maybe we should demand that those around us STOP it...


What it means to 'bothsides': Bothsidesing and its related noun bothsidesism turn up in critiques of the news media when a journalist or pundit seems to give extra credence to a cause, action, or idea that on the surface seems objectionable, thereby establishing a sort of moral equivalence that allows said cause, action, or idea to be weighed seriously.

Heh. As Laurie Penny said

We need to try and stop the rot - not feeding the nasty by giving them a mainstream platform, seems a good place to start...

(UK's only) Chick-fil-A outlet to close in LGBT rights row

A US fast-food chain will cease trading at its first UK outlet amid a row over donations to anti-LGBT groups.

Gay rights campaigners called for a boycott of Chick-fil-A, which opened its first branch at The Oracle shopping centre in Reading on 10 October.

A spokeswoman for the centre said "the right thing to do" was to not extend the restaurant's lease beyond the "six-month pilot period"
The Oracle said: "We always look to introduce new concepts for our customers, however, we have decided on this occasion that the right thing to do is to only allow Chick-Fil-A to trade with us for the initial six-month pilot period, and not to extend the lease any further."

Reading Pride said The Oracle's decision was "good news", adding the six-month period was a "reasonable request... to allow for re-settlement and notice for employees that have moved from other jobs".

But the organisation said it would continue to campaign against the outlet until it left.


Good, we have much less tolerance for intolerant homophobic right wing wankers, in comparison to America...

Run!! The Godless Gay Socialists Immigrants are coming...

Dang it, our liberal secret commie plot has been exposed on the interwebs. Meat free guns stat!

Deadly Turkey air strikes shatter Trump's hours-old 'ceasefire' deal

Deadly Turkish air strikes Friday shattered an hours-old US-brokered deal to stop Ankara’s military offensive against Kurdish forces in northeastern Syria.

The ceasefire announced late Thursday was meant to provide a pause for the evacuation of Kurdish fighters from the battleground border town of Ras al-Ain and other areas Turkey wants to control along its border with Syria.

The five-day suspension looked designed to help Turkey achieve its main territorial goals without fighting but its Syrian proxies continued to clash with Kurdish fighters Friday and an air strike killed five civilians.


So a ceasefire that was all about forcing the Kurds out of their homeland - at the same time Trump was giving a not to Turkey re ethnic cleansing - was always going to look like this. It is sickening.

This is why they pander to his nonsense... He is simply a means to an end.

Trump is the kind of egomaniacal idiotic windbag republican billionaires will always try and gift and grift the presidency. The dumb republican shtick has always played well with low information voters, after all, look at Reagan and Dubya. The electorate is dazzled and distracted by bombastic nationalist rhetoric while all the time the 1% is stealing from their pockets and risking their security for corrupt means.

In the meantime, the people behind the scenes, the ones pulling the levers of powers, winding Trump up and watching him go of in a scattergun of chaos for profit, for instability, for disrupting the current world order. For the last 50 years at least, Republicans have demonstrated and ethos that at its core is an anti-humanity, misogynistic, racist, equality hating, poverty inducing, white supremacist, right wing bring about the endtimes ‘christians’. For them and their international co-conspirators the bigger the fuckwit and narcissist sitting the White House, the easier to control the far-right policy agendas that they are using to change the face of America. This is why they pander to his nonsense… He is simply a means to an end.

I would hazard a guess that these power players will not protect Trump for much longer, They do not need to. They have played into his ego for enough time for the far-right wing coup to be nearly complete. So what if Trumps not re-elected? The billionaires and the real power in the republican party have fucked America and the world so royally, in the last few years, that a lot of the damage will take decades to undo. That is success for them.


Republican whataboutery and cognitive dissonance be like..

Mad white racist old bags thinking they have a point...
Spoiler Alert they don't cause

At the heart of all of this is THAT
White privileged republicans are unable or refuse to recognise reality...
Mad old white supremacists think they can ignore the constitution cause power...
They must not...

The mental hoops they must have to go through to justify their bollocks is mind boggling.
Their shit makes ones head spin. We see them..

UK news this weekend..hehehe

Yeah this is a good deal... a good deal... a really good deal. Heh.

OR reality be like:

You People Made Me Give Up My Peanut Farm Before I Got To Be President

Boy, times sure have changed, haven’t they? I couldn’t help but notice that the current occupant of the White House owns more than 500 companies, has business interests across the Middle East and Asia, and owes hundreds of millions of dollars to banks he is now responsible for regulating. It seems a touch unfair that a bigger fuss was made about my little peanut operation than all his office towers, hotels, and golf courses combined. All I had was a farm, you know? A small, precious farm.

Seriously, it was just a few fields and a warehouse, and you idiots still appointed a special prosecutor and spent six months investigating it.
Maybe I’m just a sucker. Apparently, all I needed to do was hand off control of the farm to my family. If I’d staged an elaborate song and dance about distancing myself—whatever that means—from all the day-to-day planting, picking, and salting, maybe I could have kept my peanut farm with the full blessing of you, the American people.


Emphasis mine.
It is a couple of years old but just as relevant today.
It may be satire, but he did have a peanut farm, and he did have to give it up... now the President gets to host the G7 in his own property for the enrichment of himself and his family, alongside all the other grift.... how times have changed.

It's a deal...like being mugged is a deal


Do they really think that people are that stupid we cannot figure out the huge betrayal and bollocks that is going on... they are muggers of Kurdish homelands and democracy...
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