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Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 06:59 PM
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You shouldn't be president if...


Just one of the above should be disqualifying...

Mayor Pete Makes A Very Good Point

Making every vote count? How novel..

Michigan city moves to criminalize calling 911 on people of color who are just living their lives

Sweeping amendments to a 66-year-old human rights ordinance might make Grand Rapids, Mich. the latest city to try to tackle the epidemic of racially-motivated abuses of emergency services. The planned changes “would make it a criminal misdemeanor to racially profile people of color for ‘participating in their lives.’”

Diversity and Inclusion Manager Patti Caudill said the ordinance is a new concept in Michigan. It isn’t meant to discourage 911 calls, she said. Rather, it’s meant to make people “check their biases” before calling the police.

“Call the police, but if you’re calling because your neighbors are having a barbecue and you’re calling because of some implicit bias because they’re people of color, we don’t want to see that,” she said.
So how, exactly, does Grand Rapids plan to fight not just the abuse of 911, but the racism that fuels it?

The proposed changes include:

Identifying four primary potential areas of discrimination, which are discriminatory practices in housing, employment, contracting, and bias crime reporting. Each area has its own section in the ordinance.
Adding a “bias crime reporting prohibition” and making it a criminal misdemeanor to racially profile people of color for participating in their lives. That is, no person shall make a police report that is based in whole or in part on an individual’s membership in a protected class and not on a reasonable suspicion of criminal activity in consideration of all available facts and the totality of the circumstances.
The River City is hoping that threatening the pocketbooks of would-be BBQ Beckys and Pool Patrol Paulas will make them re-think their choice to dial 911 on a person of color for no reason. Violations would be subject to a $500 fine.


It is a start....

An Easter Message for the Religious Right...

Worth a shot? LOL

Rule one for the forced birth dudes

heh - like that will ever happen!

Robert Reich: Trump's moral squalor, not impeachment, will remove him from power

But let’s be real. Trump will not be removed by impeachment. No president has been. With a Republican Senate controlled by the most irresponsible political hack ever to be majority leader, the chances are nil.

Which means Trump will have to be removed the old-fashioned way – by voters in an election 19 months away.

The practical question is whether the Mueller report and all that surrounds it will affect that election.

Most Americans hold a low opinion of Trump. He’s the only president in Gallup polling history never to have earned the support of majority for single day of his term.

Yet Mueller’s report probably won’t move any of the 40% who have held tight to Trump regardless.

So how to reach the 11% or 12% who may decide the outcome?

Democrats and progressives tend to shy away from morality, given how rightwing evangelicals have used it against abortion, contraceptives and equal marriage rights.

But that’s to ignore Americans’ deep sense of right and wrong. Character counts, and presidential character counts most of all.


He has a point but that will not work with the cultists

Acquiescence or appeasement can never be the solution...

The WORST scandal in presidential history.



Ah the good old days when this was all we had to not worry about...

Every. Single. Time....Truth Stealers

Oh look..the juxtaposition between values voters faux outrage versus approving of false witness

Funny how “values voters” were so much more OUTRAGED by @michelleisawolf calling Sarah Sanders a liar in a joke over dinner than by Sarah Sanders calling herself a liar in a statement under oath.

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