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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 9,685

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

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Lest we forget.....There were very fine people on both sides!



American Nazi's First!!! Whoot Whoot

Light at the end of the Tunnel

Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham of Fox News just lost a major advertiser

On Thursday, advertising firm Bayer announced that they would stop advertising on Fox’s News Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham’s show.

The move comes after the shows unprecedented use of racist and derogatory language. Both shows have pushed conspiracy theories and made bigoted remarks about immigrants.


Good. Better late than never

Idiocracy in 3...2...1....

Paras now in their 90s leap into Normandy once again 75 years after they jumped on D-Day and started

the liberation of Europe



Paratroopers aged in their 90s jumped from Dakota war planes over Normandy this afternoon as they re-enacted the bravery of soldiers who were central to the decisive D-Day landings 75 years ago.

About 280 took part in the jump over the French coast this afternoon, including veterans of landings in World War II. Harry Read, 95, was pictured leaping from the skies and landing in Sannerville in front of crowds of admirers.

Aircraft were pictured taking to the skies in Cambridgeshire, at the Imperial War Museum, before heading to France to commemorate those who died in the fighting on June 6 1944.

Their display brought to life the daring efforts of Allied troops, who secured the first step on the road to defeating the Nazis with the offensive.


They fought in their youth for our freedom and some days it feels like we have learned no lessons...
Saw an interview on the news tonight with Harry Read. it was emotional!!!!

Legal expert's devastating side-by-side comparison of Barr and Mueller statements shows exactly how

the AG did Trump’s bidding

When Robert Mueller spoke before reporters last Wednesday (yes, it’s only been a week), the special counsel iterated key sections of his report that appeared to undermine the narrative offered by Attorney General William Barr during his press conference last month.

Wednesday, the national security law and policy blog Just Security published a side-by-side chart comparing statements made by Barr and Mueller, and provided corresponding analysis about the statements’ differences. As described by Just Security co-editor-in-chief and former special counsel to the general counsel of the Department of Defense Ryan Goodman, “some of the differences involve near complete contradictions,” while others “are more a matter of emphasis or tone.” The analysis focuses on Mueller’s public statement (not the full report), compared with Barr’s 4-page summary of the report and corresponding press conference on April 18, as well as the attorney general’s three congressional hearings.

The analysis details 10 areas where Mueller and Barr differed in their public statements, including evidence of conspiracy, referral to Congress and whether obstruction is a crime. For example, while Mueller told reporters last week that “there was insufficient evidence to charge a broader conspiracy,” Barr claimed the president was “falsely accused” of a crime, that there was “no collusion” and that Russian operatives “did not have the cooperation” of Trump or his campaign.



Fact based analysis for what you already know is true

Chasten Buttigieg Has Some Questions For The Straight Pride Parade Arseholes*


Questions you may want to ask yourself before organizing an identity based parade:
Is it/ was it ever legal for me to be jailed for my identity?
Can I be denied housing/health services because of how I identity?
Is it legal to kill me in other countries for how I identify?
Could I legally be put in therapy by my parents for how I identify?
Have others who share my identity been murdered and harassed simply for their identity?
Is it or has it ever been illegal for me to exist?
Could I be kicked out of the military for how I identify?
Is it/ has it ever been illegal for me to marry others of the same identity?

Just to start.

But...But...Cis gendered male privilege...

* That of course is me calling them arseholes. Wankers would also do. Of course Mr Buttigieg is much more of a gentleman that I am a lady

EDIT 22.36 GMT

Just saw this....


All of this!

It doesn't matter whether Trump is a genius or an idiot: his media strategy works

Donald Trump is a uniquely tiring politician to follow, and the wall-to-wall coverage of his state visit to the UK makes you wonder how Americans aren’t completely exhausted.

Before he had even touched down on British soil, he had told the Sun newspaper in a recorded interview that Meghan Markle was “nasty”, then insisted he had said no such thing, before later telling his mate Piers Morgan that it was “OK for her to be nasty”. Within his first 48 hours in the country he said that the National Health Service would be “on the table” in any post-Brexit trade negotiation, and then that it was something he didn’t “consider part of trade”.

Much has been written about Trump’s ambivalent relationship with facts, and seemingly tenuous grip on reality. Some suggest he is playing 4D chess, skillfully manipulating the press into addressing his manifestly false statements seriously. Others think he is just an idiot, who isn’t aware of what he said yesterday, let alone whether it was true.

The thing is, of course, that none of the above matters – because wherever it comes from, Trump’s approach to what he says is pretty astonishingly effective. It not only distracts a media unused to dealing with such blatant untruths from what’s actually going on; it also creates such uncertainty about what is true and what can be trusted that the public, even those resolutely opposed to and distrustful of Trump, begin to doubt their own sense of what is real.
Trump is only the most prominent expression, and successful execution, of a new approach to subduing the public that has been brewing for years, whether he knows he’s doing it or not. That feeling of frustration and disbelief with which most of us greet his pronouncements is only going to grow more familiar.


Gaslighting 101

One man's socialism is another's mainstream political beliefs


Heh. Truth

Trump ends fetal tissue research by federal scientists

The Trump administration said Wednesday it is ending medical research by government scientists that uses human fetal tissue, overriding the advice of scientists that there's no other way to tackle some health problems and handing abortion opponents a major victory.

The Health and Human Services Department said in a statement that government-funded research by universities that involves fetal tissue can continue for now, subject to additional scrutiny — although it also ended one major university project that used the tissue to test HIV treatments.



These new @HHSGov restrictions will hinder lifesaving research into cures for diseases and conditions including Alzheimer’s, HIV, Zika and autism.

There is NO scientific reason to do this.

They are not just disruptors they are destroyers... death panels anyone?
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