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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 05:59 PM
Number of posts: 9,272

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

As the fascists are getting terribly excised it may be time for a sing a long

All over the world the nasty far right is getting more and more excised about Generation Z telling them to get with the 21st Century or take a seat. Here in London they are coming today to defend statues of slavers and racists from being defaced by some protesters on the fringe - like they have been employed to become the culture police for white supremacy. In reality they want a fight, they want to beat up some black people, and maybe do the odd nazi salute. What these white dudes - mostly middle aged and living in angry white bubbles of bollocks and victim hood - do not get sufficiently is that for Generation Z social media skills set is part of their DNA. So when nazi's these get filmed and go viral acting like complete racists dicks, and no brand anywhere wants to be associated with anything attacking BLM, let us all sing a long...

Help me out here, as a white ally, am I reading too much into this?

BLM in London has announced that they will be cancelling a planned march in Hyde Park on Saturday because of fears that after far right nasty nazi fuckers have made clear they are going to try and take ‘back their streets’ and have threatened violence on our lovely Generation Z righteous children, it is too risky to go ahead. BLM does not want to risk violent clashes – I am sure both for the protection of protesters, but also because they know that any violence will be couched in look at the ‘black thugs’ narrative in what is mostly a right wing media landscape in the UK. So far, so good.

Now this is the thing that confuses. BLM has made it clear they will not march but other groups are going to anyway. A group called Anti-Fascists who support BLM (Corbynistas coming out of Momentum) are still going to be on the streets. Why? How are they being allies to the BLM movement if they are not following the wishes of BLM? I appreciate that any anti-fascist would want to get out there and biff a fascist on the nose, but, surely, BLM know what it is they want to achieve, and if you decide to march anyway when they have said people should not show up, it just proves one of the many reasons why BLM is so important, because even when they shout black lives matter, seemingly black voices do not... These groups say they are allies to BLM, but are they? Surely, real allies would take their lead from the movement – not ignore it as soon as they asked to behave in a way they do not want to, to take a seat, to have their back. Or am I wrong in how I am seeing this? Is it that people are taking to the streets in support of the movement when the movement needs to shield their own? It seems the former rather than the latter to me. I think tomorrow the streets of London are going to see the far left and the far right clash. It will not be pretty, and I know that BLM are going to get the blame. Which makes me very very cross - but friends, am I reading too much into this?

Agolf Twitler Channels Hitler

Freudian slip anyone?
Himmler and Hitler is grateful for a 21st Century resurgence, he is delighted.

In Mein Kampf, Hitler called America the “one state” making progress toward the creation of the kind of order he wanted for Germany. In 1935, the National Socialist Handbook on Law and Legislation, a basic guide for Nazis as they built their new society, would declare that the United States had achieved the “fundamental recognition” of the need for a race state.
Beyond its laws, the Nazis also admired America’s conquest of the West. In 1928, Hitler praised the Americans for having “gunned down the millions of Redskins to a few hundred thousand” in the course of founding their continental empire. And they knew that the United States had emerged as the dominant great power in the world after World War I. To them, racism had made America great. Plenty of Americans seemed to agree.

Emphasis mine

It is the butthole black holes of Freudian slips.

Nigel Farrage has been sacked by LBC. Hehe

About time they got rid of the fascist. One could hope this might be a turning point about the far right poisonous commentators than have been given air time to spout their drivel on the airwaves. It is a start anyway!!!



Another reason to thank BLM!! In this day you want to call BLM the Taliban you are going to be persona non grata with haste

Buh bye!!!!

Sweden does the best statues 😀

In the USA there are so many statues of confederacy 'heroes' you would think that those slave system enablers had actually won the civil war. In the UK statues and street names abound of people who upheld and benefited from the slave trade. In Belgium huge statutes of Leopold, who is one of the most evil of racists that has ever lived, with a legacy that still impacts on the people of the Congo to this day, are problematic to say the least.

Our power structures are so white supremacist lauding people who literally killed millions of black people is still a thing. Not in Sweden though - while as countries we venerate a more than shoddy empire past, Sweden gets its nazi punching priorities straight when it comes to statues!!

In Sweden they have statues to commemorate the day when Danuta Danielsson, a Jewish housewife whose mother survived a concentration camp in WW2, hit a marching neo-Nazi on the head with her handbag in the town of Växjö. Now that's a statue we can applaud! ⁠


Ohio Republican asks if COVID-19 numbers are possible because the 'colored population' just doesn't

wash their hands

“My point is I understand African Americans have a higher incidence of chronic conditions and it makes them more susceptible to death from COVID,” said state Sen. Steve Huffman, R-Tipp City, who is also an emergency room physician. “But why it doesn’t make them more susceptible to just get COVID. Could it just be that African Americans or the colored population do not wash their hands as well as other groups or wear a mask or do not socially distance themselves? That could be the explanation of the higher incidence?”
“He highlights what racism is from a systematic perspective. He’s a full legislator but beyond that, professionally, he’s a doctor. When we talk about the health disparities that happen because black folks aren’t believed when they’re actually hurt, they aren’t given the treatment that they need. Do you think that someone who acknowledges the ‘coloreds’ is going to give the love and care that people need when they come through those doors?” said Ohio Legislative Black Caucus President Stephanie Howse.


Can people actually be so racist that even though they are a doctor they can ignore the science to blame it on the victim?!?! What the actual fuck.... I mean where does he live in his head? 1955 were calling black people coloured was dandy and implying black people where somehow dirtier than other communities was practically compulsory. RIDICULOUS. And I am very sure that as people point out his racism he will turn himself into the victim. You know how they do it so well. 'I am not racist - you are racist for pointing out my racism but IF I offended anyone I did not mean to. Now time to move on.' They have been pulling that shit off since they were told that cannot discriminate against black people - not like they listened - but I don't think it will wash anymore. Generation Z is not marching like it is 1950, they are marching like it is 2020 - this is their time and old racist fools like him either need to get with the 2020 programme or slink off and munter in the corner, where he can do no more harm, while continuing to think 1950 is the place to be. Heh

They want them to protest and they will risk their lives to do so

I was talking to a friend yesterday who was indignant about BLM protesters in the UK. We know that BAME communities are at much more risk than other communities of dying from Covid and my friend was calling the protesters selfish, by taking to the streets when it could risk the life of their parents or grandparents when they potentially come home with the virus. Heh. Nope. Not even a little bit. Those parents and grandparents are looking on with pride as their children capture a moment in generational injustice and demanding change, in a way previous generations have demanded but power didn't listen to. They are so proud of this generation. They will risk their lives so that future generations can be free of their burdens. There is no doubt about that. And no-one who does not have that lived experience has no right to say shit about it. Although hopefully, they are all washing their hands before visiting granny after being on a demonstration

Reagan and Maggie would be so proud...

The rot set in long ago. When they said there is no such thing as society they gave permission for the care nots to take control of our respective conservative movements and it has taken nearly 50 years for full exposure of the rot and stinking decay at the heart of the old boy school white privileged network at the core of our ruling classes – but with the perfect storm of 2020, we are witness to the utter horror that is the modern day conservative movement and how decades of underfunding and defunding vital public services, and a care not policy at the heart of governance, has led to this point.

Conservatives have claimed the mantle of ‘small state’ equals personal liberty and freedom to make choices beyond the control of the state – that this freedom of the individual to make choices trumps anything else but nothing could be further from the truth. What they really mean is that they don’t want to pay for support services for those who need it, but when those same communities come together to protest this systemic unfairness, conservatives demand an authoritarian mandate from the state for violent suppression of freedom of expression and to be given the power to be a constant intrusion into the lives of those who are not just like them.

Small state when it comes to tax and regulation. Big state when it comes to oppression and power. Reagan and Maggie would be so proud.

What a very very powerful protest sign...

Finding the indigenous population insufficient and Europeans unwilling to endure the hardships involved, it turned to Africa, with the result that, prior to 1820, African settlement exceeded European by a ratio of roughly five to one: 10 million versus 2 million. The typical American settler was not a puritan but a terrified slave, and what the figure looming over him had in his hand was not a Bible but a whip. Howard Temperley

Oppression for 400 years for a community that has been in America a lot longer than the vast majority of the nation. It is just fucking rude right? Think about it, a Polish* great grandfather comes over and settles in hicksville and as a third generation immigrant, an old boy racist descendant thinks he can whitesplain supremacy to a community that had been forcibly settled in America before Poland even knew that America was a place... the old boy racist that thinks that his version of America is the only right white version of America when not so long ago his forebears were **potato farmers in a land far far away. It is astonishing that they have got away with this for so long. Pressing that snooze button indeed.

*any white European nation may apply
** any other low skilled low paid profession may apply

But I do not understand how the police can be so mean

Says a down country Northern Irish girl living in a bubble of an innocence most kids have no opportunity to realise in 2020. At 13 she of course looks at social media, but with extremely strict parental limitations, and she is struggling to understand how a policeman could kill someone, anyone, like the lynching of George Floyd. Her mother has tried to educate her on the legacy of Empire, colonialism, slavery and the resulting shitshow that has ensued over hundreds of years. The girl is not a stupid girl and intellectually she understands what her mother is saying. Emotionally she cannot. She says, but the police are there to protect me, they should protect everybody. Her mother says, yes they are, and yes they should, but if we were a Catholic family I may not be so sure they are here to protect you. Her mother put George Floyd in a local context of minority communities’ matter. This girl is my niece and her mother is my twin and I am so proud that this conversation happened in a very non-political down country household. BLM well beyond the boundaries of America.

Just sayin’
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