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Soph0571's Journal
Soph0571's Journal
December 29, 2017

Trump: Emit Wind From The Anus

Tis true. To Trump is to secrete a noxious foul smelling odour to the discomfort of everyone around you. Pretty much sums it up, huh?

December 29, 2017

Trump: Even if there was collusion with Russia, 'its not a crime'

President Trump in a new interview denied any collusion between his 2016 presidential campaign and Russia, adding “even if there was, it’s not a crime.”

Speaking to The New York Times Thursday, Trump praised lawyer Alan Dershowitz, who has argued that Trump’s firing of former FBI Director James Comey was not obstruction of justice because Trump has the right to fire the head of the bureau.

“I watched Alan Dershowitz the other day, he said, No. 1, there is no collusion, No. 2, collusion is not a crime, but even if it was a crime, there was no collusion,” Trump told The Times. “And he said that very strongly. He said there was no collusion. And he has studied this thing very closely. I’ve seen him a number of times.”

December 29, 2017

Washington Post data reporter uncovered a stunningly hypocritical error message on Trump's website

That’s right, Trump’s website has an error message ready for launch that inexplicably and erroneously blames Barack Obama, who is retired, for playing too much golf—all while the current occupant of the White House has spent roughly 90 days this year playing golf.

This has to be a made up, right?


December 29, 2017

Republican OUTRAGE??? Wherefore Art Thou????

Saving their outrage for pizza and Benghazi bullshit, eh?
December 29, 2017

Facebook and Twitter have three weeks to hand over details of Russian interference in Brexit ballot

Chairman of the DCMS select committee Damian Collins says the social media giants have until 18 January to hand over the information after previously expressing how unhappy he was at the "inadequate" data that had been given to them so far.

After being exploited by Russian troll farms, Facebook takes new steps to fight 'fake news'
The committee had requested extensive information about Russian interference in the referendum which included details about fake accounts, fake news and the accounts of those accused of propagating misinformation.

Collins described as "inadequate" the move by the companies to only hand over advertising spending information, which they had already given the Electoral Commission.

December 29, 2017

Trump Thinks Global Warming Is Good Because This Might Be the Coldest New Year's Eve Ever

Fucking idiot is going to destroy our planet
December 28, 2017

What is your favourite poem????

For me:

I lay waiting
between turf-face and demesne wall,
between heathery levels
and glass-toothed stone.

My body was braille
for the creeping influences:
dawn suns groped over my head
and cooled at my feet,

through my fabrics and skins
the seeps of winter
digested me,
the illiterate roots

pondered and died
in the cavings
of stomach and socket.
I lay waiting

on the gravel bottom,
my brain darkening,
a jar of spawn
fermenting underground

dreams of Baltic amber.
Bruised berries under my nails,
the vital hoard reducing
in the crock of the pelvis.

My diadem grew carious,
gemstones dropped
in the peat floe
like the bearings of history.

My sash was a black glacier
wrinkling, dyed weaves
and phoenician stitchwork
retted on my breasts’

soft moraines.
I knew winter cold
like the nuzzle of fjords
at my thighs—

the soaked fledge, the heavy
swaddle of hides.
My skull hibernated
in the wet nest of my hair.

Which they robbed.
I was barbered
and stripped
by a turfcutter’s spade

who veiled me again
and packed coomb softly
between the stone jambs
at my head and my feet.

Till a peer’s wife bribed him.
The plait of my hair,
a slimy birth-cord
of bog, had been cut

and I rose from the dark,
hacked bone, skull-ware,
frayed stitches, tufts,
small gleams on the bank.

By the late and the great Seamus Heaney. Simply magnificent.


December 28, 2017

This is Donald

December 28, 2017

The GOP's Newest Nazi Candidate Just Doubled Down on His Antisemitism

If you don't know who Paul Nehlen is yet, you really need to keep an eye on this one. He's running what could very well be the prototype campaign for the coming wave of white nationalist GOP candidates that are going to primary "establishment" Republicans in much the same way the Tea Party did.

While Nehlen is running on Trumpism, hatred of immigrants, hatred of Muslims, hatred of the LGBT community, he's also running an openly antisemitic campaign specifically to appeal to groups like the KKK and neo-Nazis. A bold move but one that could very well pay off for him. Remember, Republican primaries are controlled by the most extre

Here's one of his latest tweets bragging about reading Keven MacDonald's The Culture of Critique, an astonishingly anti-Jewish "study" into the "evolutionary psychology" of Jews that just happens to reaffirm every ugly and hateful stereotype antisemitic imbeciles have ever come up with


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