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Member since: Fri Nov 24, 2017, 06:40 PM
Number of posts: 138

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It's TIME!

Time to start unloading on Congressional and Senate e-mails and Twitter accounts labeling them as TRAITORS TO AMERICAN DEMOCRACY.

It's pure and simple. They do not care about our nation, our democracy, or our citizens. They care only about themselves, their power, and protecting the seat of their new government in Moscow.

We are not getting anywhere targeting the GOP Congress with words. We need to target their

donors with actions that will make Citizen's United null and void and render the influence of the donor class money to GOPers useless.

We can do this. Is there someone out there with a good strategy for identifying the donors and their businesses and their playgrounds?

So Trumps lawyer is taking the hit for the obstruction of justice tweet by Trump?

I hope they both go to jail!


When the RW pundits and Congressmen and women say the tax bill will the country moving again,

what do they mean? Unemployment is at record lows, and corporations are sitting on cash as never before. Why would they come back to the US when they are set up abroad and happily making record profits.

When they say that the same analysts missed the Obamacare estimates by half a trillion do they consider that failure to expand Medicaid and support the mandate is the reason the estimates were off?

What will it take for people to understand what is about to happen. With Janet gone from the FED chair, interest rates are going to rise and inflation will wipe out any reduction in taxes and disposable income the working men and women are supposed to realize.

But the GOP will continue to suck up to their donors scam the rest of us.

All I can say is this:

When the Democrats take over in 2020, they will have a lot to undo. And I won't give a damn about them raising taxes because by then so many people will be really suffering the government will need all the revenue they can get to help them.

Will Ivanka turn on dad to save her husband? Inquiring minds want to know.


Flynn is only throwing Kushner under the bus and because it involved a positive for Israel

nothing will come of it.

If there are true believers out there that Citizens United should be overturned

This tax bill should not pass. If there are any in Congress who really want to see Citizens United overturned they should vote against this tax bill. It would render the outcome of Citizens United null and void if they could prove that all their money would not control our elected officials.

I know, I am dreaming. But that would be one step in fighting back at Citizens United ruling by SCOTUS.

All the allegations and accusations...feeling really low about it all and who we have as President..

Music is my refuge.

Celtic Thunder...My Land

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