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Member since: Wed Dec 13, 2017, 11:38 AM
Number of posts: 348

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Why does att account I don't use appear

For my email page on laptop? How do I get back to my regular page? My server is att, my email is in gmail. Am I even wording this right?

Anyone else rediscovering music you have loved for years?

So I'm on my walk through the 'hood with my iPod listening to my faves, and I think, hey what about some Joni Mitchell. OMG. I've always loved the voice, the sublime and awesome piano, the drop dead in your tracks lyrics. Turned on Down to You. I had forgotten the orchestral arrangement. What a masterpiece. I replayed it 3 times. Then A Case of You. Then For Free. The early 70's had some kick ass music and Joni was a big part if it.

So we need to move my 98 yr old mother to assisted living

We had her in a board &care place for 6 weeks which she hated. So we hired a full time caregiver and brought her home. Problem is we are paying under the table, and my CPA brother is afraid we will get "caught" and be on the hook for taxes and other payroll deductions we should be taking. The State of Calif has time and again determined these workers as employees, not independent contractors like our caregiver keeps saying she is. She is asking for a 1099 nec form for her taxes which we will do. She says this has sufficed in the past. We are also afraid she may fall and hurt herself and sue us for unsafe workplace. Looked into workers comp ins also.
So we are looking at a beautuful facility in Pasadena, Villa Gardens. Mom doesn't want to go of course.
At the end of my rope. Anyone dealing with this? I know alot of us have elderly parents. Thanks for reading.

Kenneth Branaugh!!!


This is so cute!

I've been leaving in-the-shell peanuts on the ground around my birdbath for crows and squirrels. I think I got my first "gift" from the crows. A little rubber duckie was in the birdbath!
Unless they left it there for themselves to play with, I'm not sure. Anyway...cute!

How to help Ukraine

I just read the post about our vets joining the fight. I jumped to Charity Navigator, a great resourse. They have listed organizations to donate to. Do it.

If this has already been posted here I apologize

But Russian Television (RT) just stopped broadcasting yesterday and fired most of staff!!
It was ch 370 on my AT&T system. I called several months ago about why it was on my tv. No good answer. Today it says, "This channel no longer available."

Okay, I have a stupid question about Russia's attack

Why the slow convoy heading towards Ukraine's large cities? And a bombing here and there? Not that I advocate for this but, why didn't they just use their airforce and bomb the hell out of Ukraine? Did Putin think the world would consider THAT a bridge too far? So he's doing it slowly and not a flat out assault to end all assaults? Is he trying to minimize the damage because he wants his newly acquired country to not be a bombed out landscape?

We are bringing mom home today

We put mom (98) into a board and care home 5 weeks ago. I have been her live-in caregiver since 2011. Just in last 3 years or so has she needed alot of care. Got to the point I had to lift her all the time, so family decided something needed to change. She is cognizant, knew I would probably hurt myself if we continued on that path. I visit every day, and she is miserable! We found a live-in caregiver and are moving her back home tomorrow. Hospice is providing hospital bed. I had to buy a twin bed for the caregiver because she sleeps in same room as patient. I have loved my "freedom" but we don't want her to be unhappy.
Sorry this is so long. It has been a journey I can tell you.

Wow, was not aware of rules.

Sorry I didn't have my coffee discussion in Lounge.

But thanks for all the suggestions! I hate Costco because of crowds. I like the suggestion to use their website.

Thanks so much everyone.
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