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Member since: Wed Dec 13, 2017, 11:38 AM
Number of posts: 345

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Lawrence tonight

Dr. Patel as guest. I always look for her flower arrangement on her back table. She must have a garage full of these fake bouquets. Or does she maybe rent them?

Went to a great concert yesterday

31st annual Dylanfest in Torrance, CA. Great music and good vibes. It goes noon to 8, always ends with Like a Rolling Stone. But last night one of the organizers/musicians said, I've got more beer and feel like doing a couple more songs. Yea!!
We've had 3 deaths in the family in two weeks, and OMFG I really needed that

My brother was on a ventilator in the ICU

For over a week. He had pneumonia, COPD, mrsa, and it turns out, a failed heart valve. They extubated this morning, and he passed about an hour and a half later.
He was 71. You know, it feels like someone kicked you in the stomach. My elderly mom is coping pretty well, but I think it's going to hit her hard a little later.

My brother is on a ventilator

He and sil went to Lake Havasu for weekend. He started spitting up blood, she took him to emergency.
He has COPD. They did tests, he has pneumonia and maybe recurrence of lung cancer. Put him in ICU. Thank goodness he is somewhere that had a bed available!!

Is this a stupid question about Afghanistan?

Why didn't we get our interpreters etc. out before we declared America was leaving?

Okay, here's a question about blocking unwanted texts on android

I hope one of you computer/techie folks can help me. I get texts (the dirty kind) that my phone system (AT&T) won't let me block because there's an email address attached to the incoming phone number. It's a group text to about 20 addressees. I delete them but I want to block them. Employee at local AT&T store said it couldn't be done. ???

Just saw a clip of a drunk airline passenger taped down to a seat

Because he pinched a couple flight attendants and actually struck one. I have I guess a silly question: lots of these jerks start drinking in the airport bars, then are allowed on the plane (sometimes not). But why aren't the bars held accountable for this? Do they have a drink limit? Do the airlines have limits while in flight?They should.

Watching Rachel

Just interviewed Guam gov about relocating Afghan interpreters there. She's ready and willing. Part of the discussion was along the lines of, when? where? how?
Wouldn't that information enable the taliban to ambush
or sabatoge the whole thing? I don't think that should be made public.

Love love love

Ken Burns. He was on 60 Minutes just now (may have been a rerun). I hang on his every word. How lucky are we to have him!

Finding amount of your stimulus payment rant

Okay, so I went to GetMyPayment, typed in all the info asked for, but my credit card could not be verified because it isn't registered with Experian!! WTF. It said it was direct deposited and I found it in my bank statement ($792, not $1400.). Then I tried to get my mom's info because she has not received hers yet. Same story about her credit card. Anyone else have this situation?
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