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Member since: Wed Dec 13, 2017, 11:38 AM
Number of posts: 348

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Bill Maher and his male guest

Are both interrupting Heidi Heitkamp! Knock it off boys!

Anyone watching Brian?

The lady doctor has peonies on her table! They aren't out yet are they? Think they're fake?

Something weird on Amazon

All of a sudden, my default country is India, not the USA. All the prices were in the 100's and 1000's. Then I noticed I wasn't in the United States anymore. Now I have to reset it every time I shop. Anyone else have this happen?

The root of all evil

And especially politics...money! I get that contributing to a political party or candidate comes under "free speech" but Jesus H Christ, it's the reason, I feel, the American govt is so fucked up (although better than a lot).
Just venting...I know this is how it's probably been
for generations.
Sorry, you can go back to whatever you were doing...

I am so proud of these people

I'm loving all the voters waiting in line to vote. Dancing! Ordering pizza! Trying to make this disgusting situation a little easier to handle.
Dont misunderstand...I don't think they should be subjected to this. It's abominable, the way Righties havè tried so many sleezy tactics to keep folks from voting. But I'm heartened to see the perseverance and dedication to voicing their opinions and showing the powers that be they won't be detered. It's really pretty awsome.

Remember when "liberal" judges were nominated?

And conservatives screamed "activist" judges? Isn't this the same damn thing? But so much more so?

I have a question about Michael Cohen

If this has come up before I apologize, but wouldn't Cohen's and Trump's shenanigans come under lawyer/client priviledge?

Holy crap

A doctor on Lawrence O'Donnell just said this virus stuff will last 18 months!!

I'm making face masks for all my family (turns out I'm the only one with a sewing machine). I may have to do a second and third batch.

Sharing posts

I used to be able to share posts. How come that was removed?

Dems and The Border

I don't post much, but I have an issue.
I live in Southern California, and when I lived in San Diego, it was clear people were coming over the border with no papers, no I.D., just coming for a better life, whatever that turned out to be. Some used to camp out in the hills near my home, get whatever work they could get during the day, stop in at the Von's market for some dinner, and get back to camp.

It's worse more than ever now. These folks are escaping their dangerous and economy-strapped countries, now with their children.

California has almost 40 million people...more than all of freaking CANADA!

When Democrats talk about this issue, they speak of the caged children, etc. But they have no ideas, no real solutions, at least that I have heard. Are there any?

I know Trump said no more aid to those countries, which is counterproductive to say the least. I know now some Sanctuary Cities may take some refugees (because that's what they are). But then what?

This is a real deal, and I hope the Dems are thinking long and hard about some needed solutions.

Just my 2 cents (I can't even find a cent sign on this phone!)
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