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Member since: Tue Dec 26, 2017, 08:31 AM
Number of posts: 15,017

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While grocery shopping yesterday

I came upon a display of Halloween candy.

Can't remember ever seeing the stores putting it out in July!

David Bowie's First Demo Found Stashed in an old Bread Basket

from 1963 when he was just 16 years old.


An Update on the Chicago Cubs guy in the viral video from yesterday


Your Time Is Gonna Come

Supermarket "rags" and "Catch and Kill".

"Federal authorities examining the work President Trumpís former lawyer did to squelch embarrassing stories before the 2016 election have come to believe that an important ally in that effort, the tabloid company American Media Inc., at times acted more as a political supporter than as a news organization, according to people briefed on the investigation.

That determination has kept the publisher in the middle of an inquiry that could create legal and political challenges for the president as prosecutors investigate whether the lawyer, Michael D. Cohen, violated campaign finance law.

It could also spell trouble for the company, which publishes The National Enquirer, raising thorny questions about when coverage that is favorable to a candidate strays into overt political activity, and when First Amendment protections should apply."


********* As you stand in the checkout line at the grocery store, you idly glance at these things .....during the campaign, ever notice how many of them used to absolutely diss Hillary and at the same time publish "titillating" stories about Trump?

Infuriating. Another way the Far Right brainwashing techniques come into play. And who really believes what's in these crappy rags but "Enquiring minds"?


I've just made up a box with 32 cucumbers from my garden all set to go to the food bank tomorrow. And, two gallon-sized ziploc bags full of fresh green beans!

The cukes I anticipated would be a bumper crop, but the beans, wow. Considering there's only half a row of them in my garden, they have really yielded so much!

They really appreciate fresh produce at the food bank, we took some of our garden bounty to them last year, too.

Feels good to be able to help out..... even in a small way .....

I Can't Quit You Babe

There is NO WAY

that this proven treasonous traitor should be allowed to pack the Supreme Court with radical rightwing judges! He belongs in prison, not out there re-making the SCOTUS into a gaggle of right wing extremists!

If this election was hacked by an enemy then the whole regime should be ousted! Why are we allowing them to get away with destroying America!!!!

There has to be a better word

... than "meddling".

"Meddling" sounds so terribly lame ...yet that's what all the journalists keep calling the nefarious Russian cyberattack on our election! What's a better word than " meddling"?

My dog is training ME

to fetch .......

We play catch in the living room with her favorite blue ball until it rolls under the couch .... then she gives me the whimper and the sad eye look which is my cue to get the yard stick out and push the ball back out.

I think we're gonna need a bigger ball. (tip of the hat to Roy Scheider in "Jaws"
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