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Hometown: Cleveland Ohio
Member since: Sat Jan 6, 2018, 10:38 AM
Number of posts: 121

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How long before Sarah Huckleberry Saddlebags leaves? Do you think she will ever get disgusted

with being played? What is she getting out of playing the king’s fool every day? Where is her self-respect?

Jay Goldberg didnt do any favors for trump tonight on Lawrence ODonnell.

All of his responses showed that he thought trump was guilty

I strongly disagree with the way in which Rod Rosenstein is handling his possible firing.

He should never have broadcast that he’s accepting of his firing. It normalizes something that is incredibly abnormal.

I have a serious question. Why is Trump going to fire Rosenstein?

Paul Ryan not running again. Taking time off to have first spine transplant.

I am thinking that the events of today are a hand-off to the southern district of NY.

Mueller knows he is going to be fired and this is the way to perpetuate the investigation. What do you think?

Thank you, DU, for keeping me sane. Im fairly new to DU and its quickly become my safe place.

I really thought Twitler was going to do something desperate and distracting today.


The TV pundits are missing the point about Twitlers firing practices.

He likes to watch people suffer. He likes to see his staff frightened. Their pain is his entertainment.
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