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Civic Justice

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Member since: Thu Feb 22, 2018, 06:25 PM
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It's not enough to just get Trump Out...

Because we see what happens when the drive is "just to get someone out"... We saw what happen when the rage was to "get Bush Out", and then we turned around and "gave congress back to Republican", from callous lackadaisical whimsical passivity', and then we gave the Presidency to the Republican, by the Millions that Did Not Vote and the Millions that Threw their Votes Away, and the Millions who flipped and Voted to support Republicans again.

This is the result of what happens, when people have no clear and defined understanding of what they want, and what they will fight to have and uphold. This is the result when people think, its everyone else responsibility to "speak up" and promote narrative" and push dialog of DETAILS about what is wanted and what is the make up of details of what is supported. Too many don't want to think beyond a joke or a catch phrase pun, seeking a "moment of being patted on the back for a laugh"... rather than to promote commentary to inspire, provoke and if necessary incite people to "SPEAK UP" And some substance in what they say.

Sadly, the average person don't know what they want... and can't communicate it. Some just want everyone else to handle it, as long as they have to do as less as they can. Some want to pretend that 'everything is going to be all-right" and its something others should have commentary and guts to speak about their thoughts, while they simply, sling a pun, and crack a joke. Then we have some, who simply "resent commentary", especially about "anything" they'd prefer to sweep under the rug, and claim it does not affect them.

We've seen it all before, and we saw it for 100's of years.... and we are seeing it again in its continuance.

It's revealing that we have many who are not as driven to be as intellectually driven to have voice as they say they are, and many are not driven to express details about what they want, and what is the meaning behind what they claim to want. Such a question for many is only considered in the sense of being resentful, because such a question was posed to them.
That's the "weakness" that is far too widespread in America. Run from it, hide it, duck and dodge, but don't express it, and hope it all goes away. Yep, that's exactly what gave the power to the Rise of the KKK in earlier times, that also fuels the vile of murder by hanging and very other means and miscarriage of justice in the courts and racism that raged across the nation for 100's of years.
Yet... it was American people who supported such ignorance and madness, some by being out front promoting it, and others by being filled with silence and others, with a thought that, as long as it does not affect them personally, why have anything more than a joke or pun to say.

We as a society reveal that we are not as intellectually driven as we might seek to claim. We try and cover the lack of intellectual expression by a slap stick joke or pun. Likely from a lack of self investment to actually "express the make up and details of thoughts". This leads to us, being driven and controlled by the likes of "tweet", and 'consumed" in the "drama antics" that is meant to deflect from the vile that is being done... and we as American people play into it day by day... until we can't even remember what the "drama antic is that drove us the week before".

No, Its not enough to just want to get Trump Out... when we can't even verbalize what we want in enough detail to actually believe it enough to state it in words or written form.

When we look across America and talk about the 'uninformed" we need to ask ourselves, are we doing all we can to be informed, and are we doing all we can to inspire others to become informed, and are we doing all we can to promote the intent and actions of others to express their thoughts and views in hope that it can help inspire even more to express their thoughts and views and build a strength of unity,that might be able to have a unified voice and know what that voice is say, and what that voice actually means by what it is saying.

If "any" think that is not part of their responsibility... then they not only shortchange themselves, they may find their dedication to be far less with the passion needed to drive one to have voice and actually express it.

These things tell of how "Dictators Rise", and how "totalitarianism and authoritarian rule overtakes people, and its done by peoples own passivity, its done by people own lack of detail in their claimed convictions to stand and speak and try and inspire others to stand and speak, be it by spoken words or written text. We now live under the newly installed dictatorships of our administration, and we accept it being done by tweets and belligerent acts and belligerent attacks of the government and now upon immigrant people and their children... and all we can do is sling a joke and push a pun... It's an ATROCITY by our own making and doings.

Keep being silent... because SILENCE to a wanna be Dictator and demonstrative Authoritarian is nothing more than an act of Acceptance. Cracking Jokes to a wanna be Dictator and demonstrative Authoritarian is seen as nothing but an interpretation of people being ignorance.. a wanna be Dictator and demonstrative Authoritarian will never respect those who sling nothing but jokes and puns... that should be evident by now all across America... but those who claim to be intelligent, has not figured it out yet.

Dialog that is of Content to speak about "what and why" ones stands for what they claim to stand for, is the only thing that can embolden people to become "vocal", by voice or text...

Sadly, too many can be washed away with a sprinkle, as we say in 2016 of those who fled to support Republican,and those who abstained from voting and acted as if they were proud to have done so, and others who had no concern to think of voting, and those who sit on their ass and think it was a responsibility for others, but not for themselves.

It's not enough to just get Trump Out...

People need to know ...what they want to vote in and why, and think and talk about "how they expect to see the future and what their actual thoughts are they want those who lead into the future to actually do.

Sadly, too many people simply don't know.... and because of such.. is the exact reason why republican were able to increase their numbers, arouse their people to vote and they took congress and then they took the presidency...

So, the old saying goes... If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything... and we've see it happen to have given us what we have....

Now, if silence is all one can muster... then one might be their own worst enemy, and equally so a detriment to the Ideals claimed.

It's not enough to just get Trump Out...

it has to be more, to not just get Trump out, but the entire Republican System that is aiding and abetting the madness. But that can't be done, if people to speak up and speak out about "what they want" and do it in detail enough so people can understand it.
It can't be done if people don't see or know the value of what it means to gain public narrative. I can't be done if people don't generate and create public narrative, and discuss exactly what they want.

If people don't know what they want, then they are likely to get some of anything... and we are living in that reality this very moment. When people claimed they wanted what Obama said, which was CHANGE, but when it came time to support that Change, the people fell away and gave over congress to the Republican Right Wing.

People became as subdued and self repressed as they were during segregation, the minute the White Right Tea Party became vocal, and in the end result... the White Right Tea Party, too over Congress. And became a detriment to everything Obama supported as acts and efforts to bring about Change.... the silence of the masses gave rise to the Republican, and now that same silence gave rise and continuance to Republican Madness and Trumps Atrocious Vile..... Still... people see need to be silent.

Right - Wrong - or- Indifferent == what we see is "The Committed" Win's... it should "shock" us awake, just knowing such fact.

Sadly, what 2016 showed us is we don't have the unshakable base that we think we have, or that we should likely have... if that does not tell us the work 'every individual must put in"... then we are simply not paying attention well enough.
Posted by Civic Justice | Fri Jun 22, 2018, 10:12 AM (2 replies)

Satan's Son (Trump) and Satan's Son's Wife (Melania) .... "everyone in the world knows"

If Michelle had worn a jacket with that 'No dignity phrase on the back of a jacket"... people would have raised hell in every household in American!!!

No matter what the current public issue of the "instance is in the media"... people would have raised Hell had any First Lady before had done this evil idiotic display worn on her back... People should get REAL.... "everyone in the world knows its wicked and vile" and some seem to want to laugh it off and pass it off as nothing... "why"?

Now these "SOFTBALL" comments, come as if people seek to find a way to make it palatable. It's a shame how the Trump Madness is weaving its way into American acceptance. Never would Michelle Obama or Laura Bush had worn such mess on the back of a jacket, and never would American have been so passive in accepting it and trying to play it off.

How can anyone who is in a lead role in the nation, going to something where kids have been ripped from their mothers and father, leave for it, wearing such "Gutter Garbage" on the back of a Jacket. America is too hung up on being accepting of anything behind the look of a pretty face, until people today will accept anything behind it. IF anything it should tell people that "pretty" had not a damn thing to do with "dignity and integrity"...

Its enough that Every American should be ashamed if they are not outraged at such degrading ignorance from someone who is in the head of this nations Administration, and denigrating the label of FLOTUS ( First Lady, of the United States)...

Accepting that Trash... tells us.. just how low we have sank !!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely NO First Lady of Any Country on this Planet Would put on such trash and parade it in front of Camera's while headed to deal with a tragedy.

We've Accepted EVIL AS AN AMERICA SOCIETY, and we continue to be too blind to see it.

I've asked countless time to come on join together and write commentary, and promote narrative, and people ignore that as well, and stick with the slap stick and jokes... We as America are our own enemy, by and through our complacency and accepting "EVERYDAY" another DEGRADATION OF AMERICA... as if we are unaware it degrade us as a society.

If she want to say something, Open her damn mouth and say it"...!!! This too tells how weak not only she is, but how its making us too weak to know what to demand of respect from the people in the lead of this nations should be Representative of.

Now, the world watch as we have sank so low that we find means to accept anything !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and we pass it off, crack a joke, and sling a pun... UNAWARE, that we as Americans contribute to the downfall of this nation, by what we accept.

Satan's Son (Trump) and Satan's Son's Wife (Melania)

Just demonstrated "AGAIN" who they are and what they represent..... "EVIL"

People need to get real and learn to call out Evil when they see it, as they see it....

Evil = profound immorality, wickedness, and depravity, morally bad, cruel and harmful !!!!
Posted by Civic Justice | Fri Jun 22, 2018, 07:32 AM (3 replies)

This Article Tell a Good Reason The White People Support the Republicans

Democrats need to pay attention to this data... We might understand why some white democrats voted Republican, and why many white men in general vote Republican and why so many women gave their votes to Republicans. It might tell us why some tossed their votes in areas they know would not count for Democratic Ideals to be the lead force in having a Democratic Leadership Administration? People have to come to terms with what drives many dispositions. If we are to gain the traction and regain the Administration, people have to become full circle for Equality.. and know what drives some to fade when elements of Equality influences and drives votes in the Right Wing Direction.

A new study shows that since 2008, more white people in the United States oppose welfare programs, in part because of increasing "racial resentment."

One of the reasons for this opposition, according to the report, is white Americans' perceptions that they might be losing their financial and social status while people of color make gains in those areas.

These researchers — Robb Willer, a professor of sociology at Stanford University, and Rachel Wetts, a doctoral candidate in sociology at the University of California, Berkeley — have conducted other studies that linked racial bias and the Tea Party movement.

I've continually addressed the inquiry as to why so many white democrats avoid subjects about Equality, and Race, and its something they really need to think about, when supporting the platform, because a core element of the platform is about Equality... Racially, Gender and Other categories of Equality. But to avoid it, to be silent and to try and skirt it as if it does not involve you... is a big mistake..

Its part why Republican continue to say, Democrats speak about racism, but don't actually speak up about it in express the details of what their real thoughts are. It takes Public Narrative to support the claim of support for Equality, It takes Public Narrative to stand up and speak out against Racism and it has to be done with details about what one is speaking out about.

This article goes on to state:

The researchers wanted to understand how the behavior of white Americans shifted when they perceived different things — even if untrue — about how certain racial groups were faring.

Despite those perceptions, other research has found that white people are the biggest beneficiaries of the government safety net. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, white people made up the the largest share — at 52 percent — of people lifted from poverty by safety-net programs, while black people made up less than a quarter of that share. When it comes to receiving Medicaid, white people make up about 43 percent of recipients, Hispanics about 30 percent, African-Americans 18 percent, with 9 percent identified as other, according to Wetts.

So is it just that their "racial resentment" overtakes the ability for them to see that, you know, people of their demographic or their racial group also benefit greatly?

original OP
Posted by Civic Justice | Wed Jun 20, 2018, 06:57 PM (10 replies)

Who's ready for some more uncovered and publicized Truths ?

A new study shows that since 2008, more white people in the United States oppose welfare programs, in part because of increasing "racial resentment." One of the reasons for this opposition, according to the report, is white Americans' perceptions that they might be losing their financial and social status while people of color make gains in those areas.

I'd be curious if they did a study in some of these various forums on the internet to actually see who is really who as to support of "full circle equality".

I note that many posting that discuss things of such, often get very low interest which may in some cases be 1/2% to 1% and only a very few like such as 1% of 1% might give a rec. I think such things tells a story... that is being untold and unaddressed.... on many forums and social media sites.

Things we need to know...to get the cohesion that is needed to push the ideals of the Democratic Platform forward for all those who whole heatedly support its premise and values in the full spectrum of equality, because the matter of inequality is tied to every challenges that the Democratic Party is faced with in the challenge to promote Equality and the Respect for the Diversity that is America.

Posted by Civic Justice | Wed Jun 20, 2018, 02:50 PM (0 replies)

A post about women... for women and men... of the Liberal Mind to read

You have open eyes.... sadly so many don't and other refuse to open their's

Long history in America by the right wing white male conservative extremist, has always seen woman as no more than "A POSSESSION", who'd duty was to give him pleasure, and produce an offspring.. aside from that, she was to have no voice and no place other than the place he assigns and designate her to hold.

We see it in the now embolden white women, who are exposing the historical abuse, and the acts of themselves being seen for no more than their sex organ, and the function of the sex organ as being for his use and pleasure, and when she ages she is even lesser considered,because he no longer has concern for her sex organ, because she is aged, which means he has lesser concern for her to an even lower level than before.

It was a tragedy to see so many white women give the vote to Trump, as the esteem of knowing and accepting the truth of how she was abused, was something she had to try and deny, by casting her vote, while all the same time... her inner self twisting in being confounded, as she tried to weight the overall, and avoid the acceptance of the facts of how she has been used, and relegated to being a possession. It was simply too overwhelming for many to face or come to terms with, and voting for trump was an act of denial as if to gain peace of mind, but only to find... they stood against everything they are as an individual and person, when the realization of what is Trump and the Republican system and how it has a detesting concept of a woman as being regarded as an equal individual. Now... they see what they did not want to see....

Maybe it might help them also learn how to see "white men", and learn to know what is the difference between a Liberal white man, and the Right Wing Bigoted, bias and race and female gender disrespect they harbor within.

The rabid racist white man, gives her what he has always given her, which is some access to his money, to shop to keep her busy, so she does not recognize she is his possession, and gives her a fiction of stature, as long as she is on his arm and conducts herself as submissive and subservient to him.

Where as the Liberal man, will share his money with her, and she does not have to become lost in shopping as a means to blind herself, because she has less to blind herself unto, because the Liberal white man, see's her as a individual and equal person, who has intrinsic values as being her own person, with all the dignity and grace of being herself, he is proud if she holds his arm in public and stand as equals with him.

It has been hard for the white woman to see this, as she has been continually patronized about her face and her body, from the gaming of beauty pageants, to the denigration of her because of the natural process of aging.
Now, even in beauty pageants, whom are not longer being led to be treated as a caricature on stage in a bikini and high heels, which is like an 'illicit conflict of imagery of herself as a woman" that is meant to denote that her worth is only to entice his fantasy of eroticism. a bikini has nothing of function commonality with a high heels. !!! even the element of high heels is designed to present her as frail and fragile, while at the same time prohibits her free mobility, while she endures the pain of walking on her tip toes so he can be entertained within his want of erotic fancy.

Truth is, God Made Woman Beautiful as simply being woman, and God made Woman to be Desirable to Man, even with not a stitch of clothing.... or even is she is dressed in a simple cloth... Because the beauty God instilled is part of her gender and make up in and as being a woman.

Women are learning how to accept what she has been denied, which is "independent person-hood"... she does not have to be driven to alternative life styles of any sort as a means to claim her "independent person-hood"... because she is learning that in the liberal minded man, her "independent person-hood" as being female is what is the driving force that his love for and of her is connected to.

The women march, brought such truth to the realization of many woman.... The vile of the Republican Agenda and the Vile of Trump has made woman see even more the value of themselves beyond that diminished frame the Right Wingers has tried to cast her into.

Women are learning they can be fully themselves with a liberal minded man, where as the mentality of the right wing man, has caused women to do many things trying to escape the oppression's and repressions and caused her turmoils that she would not have endured if she could have known she could step away from the right wing capture and repressive aims to contain her into his fictional image.

With the liberal minded man, she is able to enter and express herself in any field, be a mother to her children, while still being a person unto herself, she is able to be a person in the bedroom who is herself, rather than a possession in the bedroom for the pleasure on the man, without regard for or of herself. She has come to see, within the liberal man, she can find a mate, that promotes what God created... which is a "help mate" as male and female unto and with each other.

She is not condemned for her desire of intimacy and sexual motivation by the liberal man, where is she is ridiculed and made to repress her desire with the right wing bigot of a man, and denigrated if she speaks of her own desires as being important in a relationships.

She is learning and standing up against all the horrors of how devastating it has been for generations to have been relegated to the level of being "a possession" !!!

Originally posted @
Posted by Civic Justice | Wed Jun 20, 2018, 10:36 AM (6 replies)

More power to the Liberal Democratic Minded White People..

to stand with all of us as Multicultural America People against the madness... of the Rabid Right Wing Racist Mass.

We have as Multicultural people; have always known since the days of slavery.... who the terrorist are !!!

..... its just that now many more people are willing to see it as it is, and to actually say it.... The vile in the streets of 1960's should have shown it to many people, and the 100 yrs of segregation should have shown it to people.... Now, with 24/7 media now people are seeing it. People saw it in Charlotteville, and they see it with the usage of the police killing unarmed people.

American turmoil has always been created and driven by Right Wing Minded white people, it was visible in the fore mentioned acts and era's... Now, many America's are seeing what a great many around the world has seen and for sure black people have spoke about for 100's of years.

We now see many people may even think it through and see the reason why industry was shipped away, why and how Unions were busted and how "they" have continually attacked public assistance and how they attack voting rights and play gerrymandering games.

This segment as being the Vile Right Wing White People, has always been the reason why there is so much havoc in American society. They damaged "every aspect of this nations society, government system and its international relations.

Previously many white people said little, because it did not directly affect them, NOW, they are seeing how much it actually affects them, and they can't any longer ignore what was long ignored and pushed off and given a blind eye, with closed ears.
It took the malice minded Vile of the Trump presence to bring out and expose the nature and mentality of the vile of the Right Wing Republican mined white people.

There is no turning back... The liberal minded white people will have to stand up to and the rabid right wing white people, and face the truths and meet the challenge of doing so, in ways they have never had the courage or the want to do so.
Democracy is at stake... and the country has been pushed into a peril with a tonality of vile that is disgusting in ways that it can't be ignored. White-flight is no longer an escapism, the devastated economy and sold off industrial system can't be covered over by excuses as to why it happened, its now becoming clear to many Liberal Minded people, as to the malice that right wing white people engaged in the export of industry, in trying to keep women, minorities and poor whites down and cast into a serf like existence, beholding to the wealthy right wing orchestrators of the madness.

The same as Hitler ultimately did, is what the Trump and Republican are doing every day, step by step.... they've tried to denigrate every aspect of the government, and attacked the justice system and every other system in America.

Long ago, they did it through the right wing minded politicians and previous racist administration, as they twisted law and policy and perverted religion to enact their slavery and segregation, and now they have chosen another target with the Mexicans and Muslims and they have never relented from the assault on blacks and women, and now they have ramp'ed up the attack on poor whites, and the poor white are still too blind to see it.

Its all visible to the whole world, and the internet will continue to expose it more and more, every day...

the mass silence of the bulk of white society during slavery and segregation and the mass silence during all the lynchings, and random murder of black people, was pushed back and blind eyed, with closed ears for centuries and decades, while being omitted to be exposed in the history teaching, perpetuated its continuance, but in the society of today... it can't be omitted and it can't be hidden and it can't be overlooked. The Early Liberals were the abolitionist who saw this vile madness centuries ago, and their voices were smothers by the general society driven by the Right wing mined white peoples influence over media and public conversation. In the era of video, and the internet it can no longer be smothered and omitted and there can be no silence by the mass of the liberal white people, because it is front and center in exposure.

the more courage that liberal white people gain, the more they gain voice to speak and stand, hopefully today, the liberal minded white people are no longer fearful of the right wing minded racist whites, they today are confronted with what can't be swept under the rug, or thinking it does not affect them, and they can't say, why get involved it does not affect me"... they see now ... it directly affects them. This has been building since the days the Rabid Racist moved over to the Republican party... which gave rise to the voice of the Liberal White people in the Democratic Party, to have courage of voice and the willingness to stand up against the vile of the Right Wing Rabid Racist White People.

White people of the Liberal Democratic Minds, is seeing the robbery and looting of our Government, they see the Rabid Right Wing Racist give tax money to the wealthy, while the nations is $20 Trillion in debt with crumbling infrastructure, and bankrupt cities, and decimated industry and exaggerated cost of house and the block out and lock out cost of education, while they see the rabid right wing racist whites now attacking the institution of public education, trying to diminish its viability.

More power to the Liberal Democratic Minded White People... As all the Multicultural people support you, as you stand in support of all of us and yourself.

I say to Liberal Minded Multicultural Respecting Liberal Minded White People... Never let the the Rabid Right Wing Racist People Tarnish your Individualism based on the color of your skin. You are not the same as the Rabid Right Wing Racist People, and its a pill of truth that must be swallowed whole.... You want to stand as and equal among the people of the world... where as the Rabid Right Wing Minded People, want to think they are above the people of the world.

We now as Liberal Minded White People and Multi Cultural People of America and the World now can see vividly what a "Savage" the Rabid Right Wing Racist White Mass of People have always been.
We cannot deny what is a savage, history has many recording of it, from the acts of slavery, to the slaughter of the indians, all the ways up to the savage greed that decimated industry and cities and looted and fleeced cities and communities, to the acts they now engage in their greed driven inhumanity.

(A Savage = a member of a people regarded as primitive and uncivilized.) Right Wing Rabid White Racist is a "Savage Cult...."

Liberal minded white people can now see it and say it, without reservation of thought that the white skin of such savages makes them humane simply because of having white skin. Its should be clearly evident that one cannot omit to see a savage based on the element of white skin, because the rabid right wing racist proves that savages is a savage, by their mentality and their acts of savagery, and their white skin cannot hide that realization.
We see them, killing their family, killing their kids, shooting up the schools, looting anything and everything, and attacking every aspect of the democracy, and assault on the rule of law, to the incessant molesting of children, and perverting religion trying to justify their savagery.

Thank you to the liberal minded white people who make up much of the Democratic Stand for coming to terms with the distinction of your character as individual, and no longer being wound up in the delusion that white skin, prohibits one from being a savage. Now you know, conclusively that not all people with white skin are of humane regard and humane civility. Some are pure savages and has been throughout the history on America soil. It's now evident to discern what is a Liberal minded white person who is humane and has humane civility... from what is a white person who is a savage.

comment originally posted @
Posted by Civic Justice | Wed Jun 20, 2018, 07:46 AM (16 replies)

Trump's Cult is showing the WORLD, it can't trust "white people"! You must show there's a difference

You should not want to be SWEPT UP in being considered as part of such madness by the color of your skin.. in such ways !!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't get caught up is being assumed to be a part of that Cult based on the color of your skin. Only you can distinguish yourself from such assumptions by the world of people and the world of nations.

The oddity is: just being of white skin, it is easy for the world of people to assume "the image sweeps up the liberal white people into the mix".... BECAUSE the world of nations and their people don't know the difference between what is a Liberal Minded White Person, and what is the difference in a Right Wing Republican Minded White Person'. Much of the world just see... "white people" as being the make up of Trump & Republican followers.

You as an individual, must be proactive to distinguish yourself as a white person, away from the Rabid Right Wing White People

For the white people who think it does not impact them, may need to consider again, because the world is seeing "white people" as being the make up of this madness", as they see daily the images of "white people" in the Trump and Republican Regime.

IF... the Liberal Minded White People want to distinguish themselves, they need to "start writing content and speaking out" against the Rabid Right Wing White People. IF they fail to do so, they will be swept along in the "image the world is getting about white people. More and more white people today, are willing to make it known, they are not like the Rabid Right Wing Racist and Uneducated and Belligerent White People... and it takes even more to take such a stand.

Many white people are not use to having to take up such a fight and challenge, because historically, they could just get by on silence. Only today, "silence" leave the world to assume they are part of, or passive supporters of the Rabid Right Wing Racist and Uneducated and Belligerent White People. Today, they don't have a choice, unless they want to be seen by the people across the world as being passive supporters.

It's like the history of Segregation, all the white people who sat silent, and assumed it did not affect them, beause they considered themselves not to be racist, BUT their silence unfortunately by the act of being silent, aided and abetted the ongoing of Segregation by appearing as passive supporters of it. .

All the white people who say they are not racist, have a duty to themselves and to society, to began to write content and speak words that distinguish themselves from the Racist Whites. It's not enough to just think within themselves that they are not Racist, they have to this time "Stand Up and Proclaim Themselves as Not Being Racist"..

IF they fail to do so, they become enablers by the silence being taken and demonstrated as co-dependency by the Racist and the Racist see them as 'enablers". The racist use the silence of the Non Racist, to do the same as that silence did during Segregation, it was likened as being endorsements by the Racist of their Race Driven Madness.

Silence and Passive Non Expression does not serve the Liberal Minded White People very well. The fears that were present in the Liberal Minded white people during the segregationist era that was considered as a form of support of segregation. Such passivity and silence served for too long as being a form of support that embolden racist white people to continue their vile and violence, their malice and mayhem.

Trump and his gang of today, see the silence of the Liberal White People, as being nothing more than passive endorsement.

People who are not racist, often skip right over posting that speak about these things, and address the truths of the result of silence, is often, not only overlooked, it gets low readership, and even lower Rec's that it does not stay active long enough for others to read it. While some have purposeful intent to bury the thread comments as quick as possible.

This site's members should be continually speaking our and writing content and sharing links to increase the population participation in this site. All Democrats need to know this site exist, but if the people within it are just content to be part of the site, and think being a part is all that is necessary, then they don't do the greatest service to the existence of this site.

I don't know how they can fix it, where posting are not buried by the minute, and Although one ideas is: Maybe they should put a daily archive scrolling log with links, where people can quickly find post. or develop a key word search so post can be found and shared. Maybe something can be done where all Democratic Politicians can have a link to the site on their websites. Or promote the site to the Media, so the media can get the word out, that this site exist.
But, to make that truly work.. it may well require members, to "CREATE CONTENT" and expand and expound on subject matter with content, that helps those who find the site, hear more than puns, and slap stick sarcasm, and joke styled one liners. People respond in their minds to "content", it gives them 'SUBSTANCE of Dialog", to actually talk about, to actually share and to actually learn from in a great many cases, and for some, it helps inspire them to improve upon their own thoughts. But the great thing that 'actual content does" is ... it helps build the fire in the bellies of people to want to vote, and it may well help inspire people to be determined to get out and vote.

We know, people can convince themselves to do or not do anything. Therefore, the greater benefit of this site if people write more content, can give people something to help that fire heat up the passions where they have no doubt about getting out to vote.

Jokes and puns, may give people a laugh for a second, but beyond the giggle, its like getting a sugar fix, and then crash dive when the sugar quickly dissipates. But... substance in content, helps feed and nourish people, and nourishment give people strength.

When I first signed on, some made crazy comments as if they were some "super democrat" because they had a few thousand post, never stopping to think... they only get One Vote... if they want to feel like a super democrat if that's what they seek... Then create content that helps attract and inspire and motivate others, even if it has to be done through firm and direct address of truths.
We don't have time to be "thin skinned" and "we don't have time to be temperamental", and we certainly don't have time for anyone to seek to be patronized. We do have time... if we use it to do any and all we can... to reach out and push forward to attract new people, and helps them find the understanding, be it about history, about race about politics, and about the ways that it takes to make the Democratic Model move forth and be the unshakable force that it needs to be.

If we face the truth, which is, too many people who claimed to be Democrats and voted for Obama as well, became so fragile and passive, and susceptible to Republican Drama, until they turned and voted for Republican.

Others, abstained from voting and some even thought it to be something to brag about in doing so, while others threw their votes away, on Third party which was known not to have a chance of any level to become elected... Some don't even understand the disaster of "throwing ones vote away"... some have learned the results of throwing votes away, by seeking the madness of Trump and Republicans.

Take time and write out your "real and actual thoughts" with enough details to assure you make the distinction known.
Don't run from articles that speak of Racism, Don't be thin skinned and think being passive is the answer, Don't be reluctant to take a stand for yourself and demonstrate your distinction. Don't be afraid to make it know to everyone, that you are not of the mindset and make up of the Rabid Right Wing Racist and Uneducated and Belligerent segment of White People.

Just disliking Trump is not enough, you have to say what you stand for... not just a pun or sarcasm joke against trump, or the trump followers, but what is the real make up and details of your thoughts and your stand.

New readers and new people to the site, need to know what is the make up of your thoughts.... that's the benefit that forums afford the opportunity to present and demonstrate through content filled dialog. Brevity only survives briefly, but content has substance to be sustainable.

"The Spirit of The Individual" - Matters Greatly!!!
Posted by Civic Justice | Mon Jun 18, 2018, 08:11 AM (8 replies)

"The Spirit of The Individual" - Matters Greatly!!!

link to original comment: posted to: A father's perspective: Raising a black son in America

When attending colleges, I saw and experienced something even more pronounced then, as was present when Public Schools were first integrated. We were not expected to know what we know as black kids, nor regarded and supported the same as were the white kids.

For a long span of time, seeing the disregard and even the push back, and the lack of follow through support. I remember in classes, I always read ahead. When it was time to respond to teacher inquiries, I raised my hand... often to be passed over, and as time passed, I watched other raise their hand, and not have the perspective answer, so.. I'd raise my hand to respond. Over time... I was asked to "give the others the opportunity to respond'... So... I said, I waited and no one raised their hand, so...it forced me to generally wait, until no one raised their hand. When there were no other hands raised, then I was allowed to respond.

I was called after class by one professor, and asked... why was I in this class, he said, you should be in a JD program, I said, that would be great, but how do I go about that when the prerequisites exist. He was an Attorney, who was a teacher. I found flaws in the cases presented in class, and he often deferred to me to state my views, and continued to tell me, that I should be in a JD program. Yet, he never took any measure to write a recommendation or present a proposal that I be advanced to the level he felt I performed.

For a long time, when I'd pose inquiry, in a number of classes, the Professors would say... "we've not got to that yet", or we will get to that later... and later never came. Then, the professors began to acts as if having knowledge was a personal challenge to them, rather than to embrace the interaction to help advance and expand the subject material. it was quite frustrating...

Eventually, I got tired of that along with the shallow indulgence of structured process and habit of the classroom, and decided I'd self teach myself, by continual research on my own. I did not place the value on a piece of paper that proclaimed a degree, but on learning... (unfortunately, this society only wants to pay according to the piece of paper, not the capability of the individual, in that sense I likely should have stayed in and gotten the paper, but I work with people who have degree, and I find unfortunately, many were simply trained to be "script followers". )
in our system today, Only the ones who had a true passion for their field of study, are the ones who actually stand out, those who just followed the script to get a degree, become often times lackluster, and many never even work in the field of their degree. They simply use the degree as a "get a job certificate'. Often such ones bring nothing new to the table, because their training was to be a 'script follower". Tech industry recogonized this, but the rest of American industry still lags in not recognizing this, because tech industry, stopped solely relying on people to have a degree, but to rely on people who have a passion for the field.
We know this is true in Bill Gates innovations with computer software, we saw it with the creation of many of the dominant tech business of what we have today. Some had to leave the university setting, to achieve what their potential could provide them. They went on to change the world. the woman who heads You Tube, had to go get a certificate in tech, because her university degree was useless in advancing her in her degree field. There are many many examples if we only pay attention and actually research this stuff out.

We've seen the decline and destruction of American Industry in every level, because of "degree labeled script followers"... and everyday, we see them create job losses, and prop up companies on fiction and false valuation, while they diminish the workforce and make choice to produce inferior products and diminished service, as they hail themselves the "champions of industry"... and industry continues to fall and become decimated. Resulting in million upon millions of American people loosing jobs, loosing job benefits and result to have decimated pensions to having no pension programming.
Its not a problem that should be blamed upon the "actual workers in American", its a problem that belong squarely upon the system in American of promoting "degree riders", into fields they have no information, understanding or knowledge of. Yet, they are given decision making positions. They are taught to be 'name slinger's", and "script followers", who are trained in the art of submission to the head names, often having no voice to speak up or address the changes that truly need to be made to advance the business as well as protect the industry and protect the workers who make the industry work.

One might ask why and how this happened: Then go back and look at what was done to education by the Reagan Administration, when he made it so that college and university was unaffordable to the average america white person who did have passion for specific fields, but did not come from wealth, and for minorities whom university was made unaffordable who did have a passion for a specific field. Then too, look at the Nixon Administration and the acts to move Industry out of America, with his programming that resulted to send Ore Processing to China, followed by other key industry, and if one studies it, they will find, any and all industry that had strong union structure, was ultimately outsourced, and the outcome was 'weakened union" and finally devastated unions, and Industrial decline combines. All this can be attributed to the retribution against the Civil Rights Act of 1964, because it not only made avenues for minorities to advance, it made avenues for women, and for poor whites to advance. This was not to be allowed in America by the people who control and wield power over ideology and societies course, because America was driven in its ideology by white men, who saw a world with only white men on top. It made certain that minorities were not to have opportunity, that women would not have opportunity, and poor whites would not have opportunity to meet and live the American Middle Class Dream, which existed when White Men were afforded every avenue to create and be a part of the Middle Class. In that concept, white women were not expected to work. because the white male was paid at a rate to ensure he could afford and maintain the middle class standard.

Result: Job Reservation maintained and held for the well to do whites who could afford to pursue the degree program, but may not have had a true passion for a specific field, but were given a degree and allowed to use it as a "get a job certificate in unrelated fields".

I've excelled in corporate businesses, without a title, in multiple areas, and had direct ongoing interactions with leadership, as well as given a test they told me was designed by Harvard Business School, I found it to contain nothing I'd not already been doing for more than 20 yrs in the workforce. I continue to advance programs and create programs, all while being surrounded with a array of people sporting degree, often as they express how confounded they are by the challenges, while the challenges beg for innovation, to advance the programs to be and become of better performance and efficiency. I'm often his with a similar question far too frequently, of "how do you know this stuff". Its because I invest to want to know. its really that simple.

I was asked many time to train various white people, and they were given promotions ahead of me, and some themselves say, they did not know why I was not selected, because they did not know what I knew about the business. I have been asked to step aside to allow a white person to have a job, because it was said, the white person needed it on their resume for something they were pursuing. All too often having the same people who were given the job, to directly tell me, they don't know what I know about the job, and ask if I will help them. I don't decline to help anyone !!!! i'm often ridiculed with questions of why am I helping someone, when I was passed over. My response is, Its about getting the objective met, not about who gets credit for it. Although I know in this society, credit is tied to who get's paid and how much. for me, money is not the main goal... achieving what is desired to be achieved or what is needed to be achieved is what matters, because what matters benefit "the people". That is worth more than money to me. Yes, I'd like to have the monetary means to do more, but ... even still, I am not suffering for anything, I can meet my expenses, and I have had money beyond the basic needs, and I found, it does not make me happy, what is happiest is being functional and beneficial to others and the systems that benefits others is what truly matters. We have far too many wealthy people, who are only concerned about being wealthy, and gaining more wealth. even when they can never in a lifetime spend what they already have.

Being known for only for being wealthy, creates people like "Trump", who has no ethics, no morality, no respect for humanity, only and insatiable greed lust for more money. Such imbeciles of Avarice demonstrates daily that he will damage and destroy 100's of years of American peoples self investment and developments, all for the sake of "money". He has no respect for the environment, nor for the masses of working class people and he detest the poor, and he exhibits a level of racist bias, that is incurable in one who's life is based on Avarice Driven Lusting for Money. He swindles everything from Charity, to Cities to the IRS and any agency of Governance, and has no respect for the system of Justice and the Rule of Law, or the Declaration of Independence of this Nation, and has absolutely no understanding or concern for its United State Constitution

I've innovated and transformed departments, and had the credit for the work given to white men, who not only could not advance the program they were given credit for, but the same ones, came back and asked for help to move the program to the next step and phase.

If anyone has watched the movie "Something the Lord Made"... it is representative of how many black people have been marginalized, when their work has advanced much. While all the credit was given to white men.

What drives us... is the will to "get it done"... not to seek with a single focus on 'credit", but to get it done, and advance the endeavor to a level above and beyond.

This is symbolic on American historical truths, that only since the Internet has much of this come to light about the black people who are and were instrumental in advances in this country.

The Movie, "Hidden Figures", also reveals what was never taught in schools of the contribution of black people. Many people to this day, don't know the names of some of the black people who worked with Einstein on the Manhattan Project, or the work done by black people who advanced key aspects of the computer revolution, or the cell phone revolution.

History has much to tell.. and the blessing of the Internet will continue to expose what many have never been taught in schools about the countless contribution by black people in the entire spectrum of American innovation.

People may see it in sports and music, because it can't be ignored or hidden. But in many other areas it is not presented, and certainly not taught. Many won't research to find out such information, but the tools of technology will be great in bringing light to much.

The Current Administration would like to diminish educational history, but their aims will be futile, because one can't erase history, nor can its truths be buried forever.

All this tells why the continue fear of black men in society is ongoing, because it helps assure the white man, that his competition will be diminished as long as he can label and find means to push negative concept of black men, and find means to hold black men back, be it, by elevating the cost of education, diminishing the public schools and using police tactics of the segregation era, and incarceration, and promoting poverty, while ensuring drugs flow from international location directly into minority and poor white communities, as being the promoted concept means of gaining any economic holdings.
Gang violence is promoted and supported to be sustained, because the system has every means to bring an end to gang violence, but for it to remain, also keeps the means to have a negative stereo type placed upon men of color. One it diminishes and bring means to disenfranchise them as voters. When fact is, anyone who does their time in prison, once released should have their voting rights restored across America.
The 13th Amendment was written in a way, to promote means to disenfranchise minorities and poor whites.

All this tells why the continue fear of black men in society is ongoing, because it helps assure the white man, that his bias based public promoted image will not be diminished as long as he can label and find means to push negative concept of black men. In the process, it too damages poor whites as they are considered as disposable collateral damage...

When working poor and poor white people figure out, that every element of act to marginalize the black man, has a collateral impact on diminishing many of the same opportunities, as well as bringing many of the same challenges upon the working poor and dire poor white man as well.

The Democratic Ideals seek by Platform Ideals to change this.. but it has to be made vocal in and through continual public narrative by and through all of the Democratic party, from each individual, to each and every political figure of the Democratic system. It has to be "overt".... in how its done.

The structured gaming of disrespect placed upon and against the black man, is in direct relation to the cycle of economic and political disrespect that is upon the poor white man.... and it is in direct relation to how women are considered secondary, because it is of design based on history, to keep the well to do white men on top.

When society as a whole can see the thread this is weaved with, it will understand what is needed to change America.

"The Spirit of The Individual" - Matters Greatly!!!
Posted by Civic Justice | Sun Jun 17, 2018, 12:46 PM (1 replies)

In Consideration of ....


Angelina Jolie - she could have easily played up and played on the fact of being a pretty women... and been all over the tabloids showing her body and face... for the sole sake of allure promotions... but instead, she became to be one who chose a value based life, that is not only humanitarian concerned, she became the mother of many diverse children.

Instead of using her fame to flash her body and play the "Look at me Hollywood Stardom" fantasy... she chose to show concern and be involved in doing so.

Is she flawless, No, no one is... but what her life has evolved to show is that the humanitarian concerns is something she invest herself within.

Jolie's trip marked her 61st mission and fifth visit to Iraq with the UN Refugee Agency since 2001.
Posted by Civic Justice | Sun Jun 17, 2018, 10:15 AM (0 replies)

The INHUMANITY of what Republican Are Doing, Disgraces America on the World Stage

Republicans separating kids from their families, is liken to Hitler's acts against the Jews, while the German population allowed it. Trumps attack on the Media is liken to Hitler's acts to make the public confused, while they promoted Nazi Narratives, The attacks on the Justice System is liken to Hitler's programmed acts to override the Rule of Law, and Trumps attacks on Public Services and General Public Concerns is liken to Hitlers acts to try and deny the non whites Hitler despised, while trying to set up a system of white Nazi Supporting Germans Only. We saw such madness before in America with the Confederacy and its Agenda and Acts upon and against Blacks, Other Minorities Ethnicity and Poor Whites.
The Entire World saw this same type of madness only 75 or so years ago, in Hitler's Vile and Inhumane Nazi Germany.
Its a step by step repeat of what was done in the past with how Nazi Germany Aligned itself with the then Imperialist Japanese Agenda, the exact same as Trump is trying to Align America with Russia's Agenda.

Every America should be speaking up... This is an Insult to the Very Premise and Principles of Democracy. Those Right Wing White People who support this Insanity.. is of the same makeup of those whose Ancestry supported slavery, and supported Segregation... and Many.... are the same white people who's ancestry came here from European background. We know they came here, massively uneducated, a mass of criminal types, and a mass of former Serf's and Peasants, and a mass of Ghetto Slum Dwellers, and a mass of out back country types with uncultured mentalities. Their history is documented !!!!! Many of them brought with them a "sense of desperation driven with savagery of the most vile sorts". They were the same who were the slaughterer's of America Indians, and became the same vile type that embraced slavery, because of their own slothful ways.
Those are truths that history has recorded, and it too record the wealthy who knew these types could be driven like a army of pawns, with a carrot on a stick, and that stick was the claim of their white skin, and the carrot was the wealthy pretending they will help them if they promote discord, through bias, racism and violence; and 100's of yrs later they are still the mass make up of the "poor whites", and they are today, used... with the same "carrot on a stick"... even after 100's of years, they are still lusting with desperate mindsets with a vain hope that the wealthy white men will 'give them something, and he has never given them anything and will never give them anything, and yet, they think they will get something for nothing, based on their white skin.

These Mexican and Central America people, are "workers", given opportunity, they don't turn down work, and they do the work that even poor whites are unwilling to do. They support and devote themselves to their family, and we don't see them "killing off the whole family", or leaving their kids from one generation to the next still uneducated, as we have seen and continue to see with poor whites.

Asian people were shunned for many decades, until first Japan got known for its wealthy in the 1970's and 1980's and then China got known for its wealthy since the 1990's... only then did the poor whites stop the incessant bias and madness upon and against Asian. It took the Civil Rights Act of 1964 led predominantly by black people, that also help the Asian too, to gain accessibility without denial based on their race.

Poor whites Right Winger are blind and unaware and as uneducated as their ancestry, and too ignorant to understand how much the Civil Rights Acts benefited them as well.

These same Right Winger White people who support the Republican Madness is the same who's mentality and actions damaged America for 100's of yrs. They are the same types who supported the busting of Unions, they sit on their ass expecting something for nothing, and expecting to get by in life with "put down commentary", and "worship the wealthy kiss ass mentality".... while the wealthy gave them nothing but back breaking work, and by the time they are 50 yrs old many are broken down with no saving, no pension, and denied medical care, and their kids have gained the same things generation after generations, because they refuse to learn. They only want to ride on a delusion that their skin will save them. While the wealthy make fools of them every day.

We see it VIVIDLY with Trump... A lying, swindling, traitor with a criminal core mentality that is obsessed with money, and they 'BLINDLY FOLLOW', because... again, he's a wealthy white man, they think will give them something. He despise them beyond using them to prop up himself so he can loot the country and continue his rip off gaming for the sake of money.
He insults the Justice System and attack the entire America Governance System, while damaging our International Relations, all in his mad quest for money. He's a leader of Fools, whose made themselves Imbeciles of the worst sort.

The INHUMANITY of what Republican Are Doing, Disgraces America on the World Stage.

If America did the right thing, Trumps fate would be the same as Mussolini, along with the bulk members of the Republican Congress...

Other countries are watching and bewildered at how Americans have allowed this madness to go on this long with Republican and Trump Madness. They are each day, loosing respect for America and questioning the claim of being us being the Democracy that the world came to think of us being. They watch as we allow a Traitor of the worst sort, to remain standing, and occupying our office of the Presidency. They are watching and many are developing a sense of detesting the white American, sadly, many people in a variety of foreign lands don't know there is differences in what is a right wing white America and a liberal white american. They only see the white led madness that is being broadcast daily across the global media. To the world of nations, they are developing their stand to ensure they do not become victim nor partner with what they see of "White America"... Its our job to inform the world as to what is the difference between a liberal white person and a right wing white person. Right now, all they see is the liberal white Americans, unable to stand up against and stop the right wing white america. This is a damaging view that is being presented, all driven by the right wing white Americans.... Who has Disgraced America on the Global Stage!!!!!

That's why I continue to say... it's a dire necessity that liberal white people,and multi cultural American people need to join in and create commentary that is promoted as public narrative, as well as to challenge not only at the polls, but in daily public life, through every means of communication one can make utility of. It is overtly evident that the vile of right wing bias, bigotry and racism won't go quietly away.
Its up to us as Democratic Minded people to stand and promote narrative that assures bonding with Multi cultural people in America, and express their support of Multi Cultural People around the globe who support Democracy and its Principles and Values to ensure that the liberal narrative become well known and documented for the world to see.


I find difficult to understand why people do not make recommendation to ensure post as such are spread to promote narrative.... I don't need personal glory, I'm concern that commentary is made viable and sustainable for others to read and be inspired and motivated, about the challenges we face, and promote public narrative in the conversations of the Democratic Public..... If not, I'd certainly like to know what is within the in-depth mindset and thoughts of the Democratic Make up that frequents this site. I'm sure others would like to know as well. We certainly need to speak up and be clear about what composes the values and ideals of "INDIVIDUALS" who make up this collective.
As much as ones vote counts, it also counts as to what ones thought is that support their votes. This is how we build the flames in the bellies of people to have a burning passion to get out and vote. It falls upon each of us as individuals....

As the great parliamentarian Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” As JFK also said: "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

That tells us, that we NEED to have "Voice and Actually Use It"..... or we become guilty of not backing up what we claim. and being silent... only makes true in our lives, the very same the point made by Edmund Burke, and it is certainly Edmund Burke made the point to try and get people to stand up, speak up and promote the voice of values.

I try "everyday" to get people I know as well as people in forums to write and speak up, and I've seen over and over the reluctance and unwillingness of many to do so. I see so many who refuse to even talk in depth about the things that affect the lives of all of us", as well, I've seen many become obstinate as if they think not writing and not commenting will hurt the writer, rather than to consider more so, the value of "THEIR OWN voice to Support and Promote what they claim as their stand to support what they value and believe in.

It matters: when we fully understand the damages being incurred daily upon and against America and America people as well as our Allied Nations and their people.
“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”


"ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

"YOU" (each of us) can invest in writing, sharing links, starting and promoting in-depth conversation, and helping enlighten the young and those who are new to the concerns of political matters. We have an innate duty as Democracy Loving people to do so, that others may read and hopefully become inspired to communicate and promote commentary narrative in the public sphere, to embolden in the Democratic Minds, the points and factors that strengthen support for the values and principles of what makes the Democracy we seek to give longevity and continual growth.

We are facing acts that is changing America and not for the better... and it will damage the future of us, and our offspring's for decades to come.... We must speak, and CONTINUE to speak up.... one voice may touch 10, and those ten may touch a 100 and so on.... its how we promote and support OUR narrative.... of Democratic Narrative....

Being passive and silent has cost us Congress and it has cost us to suffer the presence of an Imbecile in the Office of the Presidency... We must realize... A savage is a savage because they become savagely driven to savagery, and we see it every day in the Republican System, the Party and Its Republican Supporters.

We can't afford silence.
Posted by Civic Justice | Sat Jun 16, 2018, 08:09 AM (8 replies)
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