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Member since: Sat Mar 3, 2018, 11:48 AM
Number of posts: 2,032

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Just Called Rubio's Office - Girl Said No Opinion On Shutdown - Doesn't Sound Like Unified Support

To me.

Then I told the girl I couldn't think of anything to say without using profanity.

She said thank you.

I guess she's getting lots of angry people calling.

Wonder why.....

Start Protesting At Trump's S-Hole Properties Until Shutdown Ends

Make it impossible for "guests" to give Trump money.

Let him know what not getting paid is like.

Start today.

Please rec.

I Don't Think Steve Schmidt Likes Donald Trump

He was out there today.

No pesos!!!

And said on Lawrence Trump "jumped the shark" and was boring too.


Double ouch.

Trumps's Wall Would Be A Monument To Racism And Would Have Nothing To Do With Security

A wall would simply be a symbol all his deplorables can point at to "show everyone" how much they hate poor brown people. People fleeing for their lives or wanting a chance to survive and prosper in America.

Sick but true.

If you want to "secure" anything you do it with tech, not something a ladder would get you over.

This is really beyond sick.

Even the Great Wall was taken repeatedly by Genghis Khan.


Ladders work on walls. Ask any painter.

It's A Crisis When Fox Tells Them Something's A Crisis

It's the only way information makes it into their rat brain.

A simple observation about deplorables.

Truth and reality mean nothing to them. Just ask them.

Trump Knows Chuck And Nancy Will Crush All His Lies

And then some. Even Trump's base of lemmings know they are losing big time.

There is a crisis on the border. Babies in cages.

Every day Trump loses more.

He's just too stupid to know it.

I think the Republicans will soon be done with him.

Turkey Won't Promise Not To Attack Kurds

And they are pissed at Bolton.

Trump Drinking Game Tomorrow Night At 9 Eastern Time

Every time Trump tells a lie during his wall explainin' everyone has to take a shot. If anyone is still awake or alive when Trump is done they will get a huge reward! How high can one's blood alcohol go? 100%? 200%?

For those that want to just have fun, make it like a 1/4 shot or something not life threatening.....

Just Think Spacey - Jeffrey Epstein Raped 60 Children

And got work release, and got all his rapist friends off scot free.

I'm sure you will be ok.

We Shouldn't Have To Pay Taxes If Government Shut Down

Sound fair?
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