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Member since: Sat Mar 3, 2018, 11:48 AM
Number of posts: 2,032

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Anyone Else Here Being Ripped Off By SSL Required Ransom?

In order for google to rank your site "good" you need to purchase a $75 per year (or less) SSL certificate. For what?

Corporate Rape.

I have lots of websites.

I'm so screwed.

Anyone else?

It't not like they can't find the bad actors and prosecute them......

I'm just a businessman.

Trump Wants To Double The National Debt

Run the country like a Trump casino!

Trump Wants To Be A Dictator Anyone Else Notice?

Dictatorship the only hope for Republicans.


A Constantly Lying Putin Installed Criminal Traitor Should Be In Prison Not Choosing Judges

Judges with lifetime appointments.

The only reason Trump is walking around is the fact that the wheels of justice turn slowly....

I wish some Democrats would happen to mention this.

Thanks Bernie For Pointing Out 3 Americans Have More Wealth Than Half Of Americans Combined

Good job Bernie.

No one else is saying it as loudly as you.

We are being screwed and it seems like our party is too obsessed with Trumps crimes to keep reminding people this.

Republicans owners are the ones screwing us.

Maybe we should talk about it.....


There is more to this shell game than the Nazi in the White House.

Too many people think Trump is helping their families. We need to make sure they know unless they are wealthy stockholders they are being screwed.

Tax Scam Blowing Up Deficit 1 Trillion And Zero Real Wage Growth - Stock Buybacks Record High

We got screwed so bad.

Time Democrats start pointing this out.

Those of us not in the 1% got screwed.

Use blow horns.

Republican tax cuts not working out as the GOP intended


So Trump And His 5 Nazis On The Supreme Court Won One Day - Tomorrow The Fight Continues

Remember. Always treat all Trumpscum the way they deserve.

The way Germans should have treated Hitler's allies when he was amassing power.

We have seen this Nazi movie before, and it won't happen again. Not here, not ever. No baby prisons.

Tomorrow we fight on.

Full court press. No quarter.

No civility unless it is reciprocal. (like that is gonna happen)

Republicans are now simply Trumplican Nazis. The Republican Party is officially dead.

If someone isn't actively opposing Trump, they are working to destroy our nation. Period.

Newt Gingrich declared war on Democrats, and we have never even fought back. We simply thought being better human beings, and caring about non billionaires more than Republicans did would win elections.

We were DEAD wrong.

Time to get into the trenches and use HATE (of evil) the way they use hate (of anything good or just).

Crush them.

"In an address to College Republicans before he was elected to the House, Gingrich says: I think one of the great problems we have in the Republican party is that we dont encourage you to be nasty. We encourage you to be neat, obedient, and loyal and faithful and all those Boy Scout words.


Newt told 'em to be nasty, all of them, and they have been nasty ever since. The "DemocRAT" party. Remember?

When they go low, now kick them in the teeth. And then keep kicking them.

You have my blessing.

Chuck and Nancy wants you to be nice. So we can lose some more?


Republicans are traitor scum who only care about billionaires.

They must be destroyed. Just ask former Republican Steve Schmidt. He knows.


Tomorrow is another day.

Rest up. Fight on. November is coming.

Please rec (or surrender)

The Republican Party Officially Died Today - It's The Trump Party Now

Let's just call today the official day.

Imagine When They Find Out There's More To Being A Christian Than Opposing Abortion

And St. Peter gives them the bad news.

Say hi to Satan for me.....

From George Washington To Donald Trump

Try not to think about it.

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