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kozar's Journal
kozar's Journal
August 5, 2020

I seem to remember I heard this somewhere

but maybe in one of my dreams,

all the worlds tears could irrigate the world for years

just seems fitting


edited for bad typing skills

August 5, 2020

update on lilBitKoz

For the first time in a while, between her ICU stint,her moving to our new digs and all the stress involved, I can comfortably update and say, she is gonna be ok!! It is like a switch went on inside her last evening. When i was talking to her,she was focused and understanding again.
This morning, omg, I haven't seen this LilBit in about 2 months, giggling,playing ,laughing, the light is back in her eyes. She only knows how to speak 3 words,,mama,papa, and blah blah. This morn I was catching up on news and watching the idiot news conference, she came to kitchen table,looked, and repeated ,,blah blahblahblah about 10 times. I said "yep" and then honestly cried for about 30 minutes because I knew then, she gonna be ok. The tuff lil bugger. We still working on her weight and getting it back on her, and I'll still need to give her the shots, but small potatoes,hopefully now. Thanks go to Shands hospital team and the amazing job they did with her.

Don't ever tell me DU vibes don't work, we appreciate them all! I humbly thank you all, this day has been so great!


July 30, 2020

why is Dump getting crazier? walk with me for a minute if you will,

So He tweets more bizarre things daily, actually defies Court(supreme, included) orders daily. And so and so on. And we all sit stunned,ask ourselves why? How? Really? SO walk with me down the "what if" Lane.

We all know he is stealing as much cash as he can. What if, he knows he is going to lose, accepts it and sees that he is dragging down all the Repugs with him? What if, he is doing these things so that the Repugs can finally go on record against him, purposefully, so they can save their election asses at last minute? McCarthy and even LadyLindsey have already gone on record against him today.
What if this is the "series ending twist" of a horrible reality show? Did the R Sens and Reps sit him down and say,"either you are gone, or you do this?"

Im just musing to myself, it seems as plausible as any sane person could assume when dealing with R thinking.

Just for thought and discussion,no need to agree. It just seems weird how the R's are suddenly openly disagreeing with an orange turd.


July 25, 2020

'Multiple victims' reported shot as armed militias face off at Louisville police brutality protest

Source: Daily Beast

According to Jessie Cohen of WHAS11, at least two attendees at a planned protest in Louisville were shot and taken to the hospital as rival armed militias faced off and police stood by.

As Cohen tweeted, “We just watched two people be taken onto stretchers at Baxter square on 12th and Jefferson. Metro safe has confirmed reports of shootings & that there are multiple victims. We heard the noises when people scattered to get behind cars, & to take a knee.”

According to a report at the Daily Beast, the protest against police brutality resulted in a stand-off between “the Not F**king Around Coalition—an all-Black armed militia founded by Atlanta-based rapper and DJ John ‘Jay’ Johnson,” and members of the conservative Three Percenter militia group.

An updated report from MSNBC claimed that the shooting was “accidental” and three members of the NFAC were wounded.

Read more: https://www.rawstory.com/2020/07/multiple-victims-reported-shot-as-armed-militias-face-off-at-louisville-police-brutality-protest/

And these weren't Trumps boys, he got his civilians on civilians

more at article
July 21, 2020

LilBitKoz is in hospital, I could use some help from anyone who can ,,

help in Fla with Covid rules. The hospital, Shands in Gainesville states that once in a room, only one visitor can be there, and ONLY THAT ONE VISITOR,,well I agree with Covid precautions ,,but when lilbit is sick,,she clings to Mom,,when lilbit is scared,she clings to me. So I did all the initial ed stuff,,blood draws,xrays, wtc ,because that's when lil bit needs me to calm her. then when she got admitted, We were told that only one could stay. no exceptions. So I had to leave this lil girl because of fricking Covid,and because the hospital has their rules.

My question and feelings,,this is real close to discrimination against Mentally challenged individuals ( I worked in field at a high level for 10 years)
But anyone on DU that knows anyone that can advocate for this lil girl to have both her Mom and Dad there at same time? Time is of essence, Mrs K and I texting constantly,, but let's show some DU power? if you have pull in Fla,,lets make a splash PM me,,I want to be by her side

Thanks Koz

July 15, 2020

gonna post this here,,

I dont really wanna put it in GD, I had a huge post few days ago on GD regarding Tess. Welp,,things kinda changing again.

Her weight has be such an issue,,she has been between 85 -90 pounds for like ever. while we were still in TN,,she started vomiting and went to 63 pounds in 3 weeks. I got here in Fla with our move and she went back to 71. Now this last week,,she can eat fine,,but when she drinks,,,nope ,comes right back up. doesnt make a lot of sense to what I know in my history working with hcp people as she is still peeing and pooping well. My first thought would be a stricture,or her scoliosis blocking something,,but in and out all working. WE have been talking to her Dr in Bristol,,he has taken care of Tess her whole life. HE has been speaking with Univsty of Fla and sending records and making plans on what it could possibly be and what tests will be run.
First off,,these professionals have been incredible, we thought Tess was going today ,but they said ,no.. tomorrow we are still waiting on a few records and want a plan so she can wheel in and go straight to a pvt room and minimize any unnecessary exposures, we all know what that exposure would be.they have already run all her insurance,we have e- signed what docs we could. Tehy have all been incredible.
So back to plan ,,we all fairly agree that her blood work is checked regularly. And other than Synthroid,,which has taken minor adjustments along the years,,blood prolly gonna look good. so the back and forths now are something a bit more invasive is the next logical step. We all seem to be agreeing on a stomach scope right now as a starter. Edited to add ,,I am restricting her to 1 ounce of liquids with a 15 minute wait between,,seems to help a bit today

Anyway,,please keep her in your thoughts, could just be Gods plan. But after I was a bit huffy the other day,,I wanted to make an honest post about her and ask for good vibes.. But I wanted to share a story of how healthcare truly should work and publicly thank these professionals.


July 10, 2020

First time in 60 years I felt true hatred last night,

We have moved to a camper life with our hcp daughter. who is well established in my posts here. Im gonna do long story short.

When we scoped out this campground and loved it. we had some extra time on our weekend trip, so I went to the local golf country club and inquired about fees and such. And that My lil girl would be riding with me from time to time. All good,,contact us when you get here. uhmmm so I did,,

When we moved I went in and paid initiation fee and all,,couple guys in clubhouse,I said Im new,,I'll but your next round,,they took. Then things changed, one guy asked me about my family,so I told him,, his response,, So you have a retard? I told him we dont use that word and I would appreciate if he wouldnt say it again. So he said, "then you are a retard too" So I immediately asked for a refund,,not given.
A month later,,many emails re my refund I decide to call the CC last eve. Oh My,, gal on phone (who was one who took my fee) called me a motherfucker, said I was rude to the guy in clubhouse and why would I even bring a ret**** to this town?

I didnt sleep last night, I never felt hatred like this. MrsK a bit more composed than me, contacted someone who will go to the board of directors at Country Club. I told her ok,,Im selling my golf clubs, I do not want to be around this kind of hate..

I'll sign with a bit of a joke,because Mrs K settled me down

Have a great day from a ret***d Dad and his Re***** Daughter.
Thanks for listening


July 9, 2020

Are you a Bigot/racist?

I read posts, all the links to videos here. Friends on DU, allow me. America is really this simple to an old guy.

If you have to say, "im not a racist" or,

"they are not going to infringe on my freedoms" or,

"I have the right to,,,,etc" or

"I do not need to,,"

there is one simple truth to America.

YOU have the right to express this, but until YOU understand that every American has same right, and your rights end where ANY OTHER AMERICAN'S RIGHTS BEGIN,, you have no argument,, they get same as you want for yourself.

It truly is this simple


June 1, 2020

I have been quietly trying to make my point about Mr Floyd.

And now I will make a post and just say it.. we all saw the vid, we are all sickened,horrified, insert adjective here, by it,,But I still think this from day 1,,, Police are 1st responders, when someone is unresponsive,,you are REQUIRED to administer aid, and they did not. I managed people for years in a field where staff had to react when someone was unresponsive, and I had to fire more than a few who did not react. I guess my point is simple,,why didn't the 4 officers react to an unresponsive person? no one I see,is asking this question. It is in my Manager mind,, a very big dereliction of duty. We don't need charges, based on political motives. we just need to go to the simple truth.. no 1st responder reacted to an unconscious individual in their care. It truly is this simple gang..


May 29, 2020

so you are trained as a First Responder,

And someone in your immediate care becomes unresponsive, and you do NOTHING? Just spitballing here from an old man.


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