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Name: Doug
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Tn
Home country: USA
Current location: Tn
Member since: Fri May 18, 2018, 04:38 PM
Number of posts: 1,048

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so this is happening,,

As you may know, we are in a campground, changing our lifestyle to full time camper. I've made posts of what I am finding within campground. Seems "we " are at 36 "members" on the Joe train. they are asking me now, let's meet we have a clubhouse, lets talk. I did not want to be the leader, did it too much in real life, but, I think I'm gonna do it. Central Fla. this many folks want. maybe me old and truly not afraid of what I believe, I'm just gonna do it. Talked to Mgr of Campground today, we in. We get
Clubhouse, for meetings. which is community property, Trumpers here do not realize that. They will fight. Mgr, not owner, is on our side.
She said to me, you pay same rent. uhhmm,, Blue Wave is rocking,, even in Central Fla.


edited to say sorry for double post,got a 403. deleted dupe post


Lets smile for LilBit,,and us

So last Saturday, neighbor knocks and says" do you have cat? There's 1 in your car. Well we met a lost kitty,, brought her in, fed,etc etc. Monday we called animal control and checked on lost kittens,none.. So we named kitty..Mrs K wanted to name her Seminole as we just moved to Fla.I didn't like it,a bit of Google and name is Isse,, we pronounce " issie" Seminole spelling for the word " whiskers" . She is a 4 paw polydactal, and judging from pic from last evening,,LilBit doing fairly well with her also..
It was raining so hard last weekend,Mrs K said, it rained cats and dogs, one drop ended up staying with us!



I need to talk

thought all was good,,it isn't

So I thought I was in middle of Trumper country,,

And Honestly, we are. since we moved to Fla. but our campground where we moved had a Labor day thing yesterday. Lo and Behold! out of the 40 or so people that attended,,LilBit and Mrs and I leaves about 37,,, only 2,,,count em 2!!!! said they are voting for Trump. the rest are "closet Dems" They came ,asked questions about LilBit, changed the topic to politics, and looked ,in my opinion,sheepishly and told me ,,I gotta vote for Joe. I just said to them, why are you being so quiet about it?

Long evening and story ,short, We have a bunch of new friends, I have 4 new golf partners, that will not play golf in this town, but will travel to play golf. That goes back to the story of a local biz owner at Country Club here, who called, LilBit and me the R word. and they agreed to pull their membership and travel to golf with LilBit and I. 1 guy even tossed his red cap after talking to us and learning about LilBit.

My point,,I thought I had to be quieter here to protect against violence from Trumpers,,, seems LilBit has a bunch of Protectors along the way. This is just a ripple in the waters, in this small part of the country. I'm confident now, this kind of thing is happening all over.

Enough small ripples, make a wave,enough waves,,makes a tsunami. LETS GO!!!

Just go out and listen, make your points when asked.We don't need to force our beliefs, we are on the right side of history, most people know it,they just need verification for their mind.

I do not do bitch often,but I do not need pressure

on email from OUR SIDE,, im getting inundated with emails. DISASTER STRIKES kind of emails from Dems... NP and others..ive read people regarding these coming from T campaign..why am I getting these? Mrs K and I been Dem for years,,we are struggling right now under T economy, to the point we are considering bankruptcy.. i do not need added pressure from my side,that even suggests, I'm not doing enough.
Fix your algorithms


To all, please read

We are Democrats,,as such, we don't look for excuses. We are who we are. We don't change from political winds,we don't change because we are unsure. We dont change because our fave lost in primaries. We Believe! And we will not be afraid of what we Believe in. And We will March Foward,if need be,,towing our Country behind Us.


So, I am middle of Trump Country

We were, in same, before we moved from Tn,and even more so, In our lil section of Fla.
So my new, across street neighbor,very friendly, we were welcomed and we talk almost daily, and most important,LilBit loves his dog.
Then he brought up politics,, and yep, he was Trumper. And he did norm, trust me ,there is a point to this.

So he starts, N** Obama,,B*** Hillary.. I calmly said ,I do not agree and neither of them are President right now, remember, we just moved here 2 months ago. And he said What has B*** Pelosi done lately. I said ,,"have you read the Senate web page with all the bills not brought to floor?"

Long story short.. This man, reminds Mrs K of her Dad before he died,, so we listen, we make extra food each night so him and his pup will eat well, and I take it across street nightly. Here is where it hit the fan.

About 10 days ago,Mrs made quick trip back to Tn to take care of a few things. So I asked him to come eat with Lil Bit and I while Mrs was gone. He agreed ,brought puppy, LilBit had a great time! And we sat and talked, and then he started on the R statements, with the same words. And I told him, "I will listen to your military language anywhere, as I was Army too. But talk like that in front of LilBit,you need to go now."

I thought I blew the whole neighborhood of ours. But Miracles!! He has talked to me daily, brought LilBit a couple of horse trophys as she loves horses and he worked in that field.

Most importantly, He has been asking me questions, told me "I looked at that web site,,whats going on?" so I explained,he actually listened. Then he asked me a question,, " you know you don't fit here,,right?" I replied,, " I don't fit anywhere other than LilBits Dad, that's what I base my mind on."He said, " well, my mind changed. What do I do?"

And I told him,,"when you vote, Click the other button." and he swore again, I f***** will"

My point is,,we do not to go out looking for fights for our beliefs at expense of missing what is being brought into our face.


Frankly I dont need to post shit,,,

shots were fired at Wh,, today,,I was writing and email to local politician,,, I posted Im watching CBS national broadcast,, a blurb and the recorded bullshit,,what I can say right now. fellow friends, we in trouble,,, I just witnessed the office controlling CBS,,,, we are in fucking trouble.


were shots just fired at Wh,while I was emailing

a bastard JudsonSapp,,? real question,, I got breaking news on my phone.


Dreams, do you have them?

Do you believe them? I've had dreams since I was a child. Mine were always about plane crashes and disasters it seems. I remember waking up back in the 70s,even 60s and telling my mom, something bad happened. and then by end of day, news was watched, no internet back then. And it got proven correct. I even woke one morn when I was 17, and said,,Mom, something bad happened in Africa.

Im just asking some questions here, as my dreams have changed. My "new dream" is not a good one. I have it every night. so I ask, is there reality in dreams? I listen to Mrs K talk about her dreams, they all have to do with water. I know for fact,Mrs fears drowning more than anything.
I do not ,and never have been a frequent flyer,,why are my dreams based on plane crashes?

this post is not meant to be a trap for snarky responses or anything. It is an honest question. my dreams seem to be about death on massive scale, sudden,unexpected. Maybe its covid,that drives me to this post. Maybe its us moving and looking into an unknown, but we just moved,so time frame doesn't fit. this dream is haunting me. My psyche has no answers, she just tells me, "we don't have all answers"

so the dream is,,Lilbit passes when Mom isn't here.
Lil Bit had her med emergency but Mom was here.,Im having this dream every night.

It is just something maybe we can talk about other than politics. It is scaring me.
Can we discuss?

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