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Name: Doug
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Tn
Home country: USA
Current location: Tn
Member since: Fri May 18, 2018, 03:38 PM
Number of posts: 733

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this was interesting to me today,

I saw a new psychiatrist, as some of you know , I had gastric bypass, 7 years ago. I have been on an anti depressant for 2 years, and felt like it wasnt working anymore. my psyche knew about my condition and ordered generic pills. nothing enteric,etc,etc. so my psyche goes in to her boss's office. And the boss comes in and says," maybe we need to look at if you are absorbing it all" I just blurted my gastric bypass classes and said,,,"why dont I crush them first and help absorption?" It has been working for almost a wek, and now they are thinking pf REDUCING my anti-depression meds, as long as I crush first.

Just FYI and food for thought


I posted about my step daughter I hadn't seen in 20 years,

Just got back from seeing them. I did appreciate the support from my previous post.
So how did the weekend go? you can judge,,


my first post to this group

Probably because I just found it,, my story in a nutshell,and I will support anyone. I weighed 450 pounds, I mat my future wife and her hcp daughter ( read my posts, many pics posted of Tess) I decided 7 years ago to have the total bypass. I about died as I bled out 1 month after surgery because all the sutures didn't hold. EMT's could not get a BP measure on me when they got to my house. I was in hosp for 7 days.
Since then,,no issues,,I still puke once in a while, mostly my fault because of what eating and how to chew. But I have been at 210-220 lbs for 5 years..

I have lived the weight loss life,, there is no easy way,,whatever you do ,takes commitment.

I am here to talk to anyone who wants to talk about this.


When you find out something you did 20 years ago mattered,

And it will come when you least expect.
I get a FB mssg from name I don't know from Myrtle Beach.. We do not live there but visit often as we have a perm camper site there. So I ask Mrs K if she recognizes name. Nope. hmmmm. Mrs K comes back a few mins later and says,,wasn't your ex wife's daughter that name? Last name was diff cuz of marriage ,but yeah. I hadn't seen her in 20 years. She wanted to tell me her mom/my ex had passed.We started online texting and then I said,, Im old, dammit,,just call me.
Long story short. We are talking on phone, we are gonna go down and meet her and her family, it touched me so much when she reminded me how many times I stayed up late and just talked to her when she was a teenager, and always had time for her. Her mom passed from drugs,she was a DR. jumper back when you could do it, before the computer systems ,reason for our divorce.
But to hear this grown up woman, tell me, I remember "when you said", just touched me. I cant wait to see her. Her whole family talked to my handicapped daughter on phone last night. I have not seen her since she was 17,,now she 37.
Do the right thing every day,every situation. It make take a while,but someone will eventually say THANKS!!

ty for reading


latest song I am working on again,for Tess,this is first version I did

Some Garth


Lately, I need some light in my life,

away from the political garbage, and all the hate. Then I dig through old pictures to appreciate what life has given me. I found some pics of my dear Tess, just turned 31,, I wish you could all know her as I do. And see her when her true personality shows when comfortable. It is an album on Postimage, whether it her watching her Russel win Super Bowl, camping, going to ocean,betting on dog races, or just reading paper with Dad upside down. Pic titled 123 is first visit to Dixie Stampede and sitting in front row!!
Yes' it is a bit self serving,but I just need to share an incredible girl's moments from time to time


Thanks you all for a place to share my heart,


was just digging through

some old pics and came across one of Choxie who is now 3 and an absolute solid horse,,lol,,, this pic when she was 7 weeks home and came to our family. She is being trained to be my daughter's service dog.


songs for Tess

I made a CD for my Tess, I am finally brave enough to share a track or 2 here, to my friends. Hope I am not breaking any forum rules,,



Am I wrong in thinking this about the report?

Mueller keeps referring to his report has all the facts. But has any member of congress been able to see the full, unredacted report?
If so, then refresh my memory. If my memory still has some working parts, then basically AG Barr still holds all the power? I notice Mueller kept referring to his report, but never made mention of full report, without redaction or anything along those lines. Am I reading too much into this?


Oh my,daughters Bday and Dad forgot,,

One of the people here tonight for Tess' Bday works for a "R" representative in state. Dad took him aside, asked why are you working for him?First time I met him, his wife works for state and sees Tess twice a week.,, We talk,,very calmly. And we agree on 90%. He said to me, can I tell you truth? of course. My money depends on me acting like an R. ok great! Koz jumps in and this R state house rep. Will sit down with me and his aide who I met,, on MY deck, no cams,no phone,,drinks ,, I was told YES,,,and he gives me 4 hours of his time.. I cannot wait to report back!!!

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