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kozar's Journal
kozar's Journal
March 19, 2020

My mother called me today,,

She is 81 yrs old, and asked me quite simply,, " my church wants to online services, but I have to join FB to do it" She was worried because I think FB is evil,,and still do. So I told her,, " here is your choice,, " You will not be able to talk while on FB live,you will only listen to the Pastor, you will not have the chance to say hi to your friends like you do when you go to church. If you truly love the way your pastor preaches, then go ahead. She said no,, it's not that. And I told her,,, do not join FB for this,,just say a prayer to God and let him know,, and my GOD MOM,,, call your friends that you miss. FB is EVIL" she just told me she loves me,but needed to hear it. I told her I loved her, and don't panic Mom.....


March 17, 2020

If rubbing alcohol based products help protect,

the spread of Corona? Shouldn't we all be drinking copious amounts of booze to protect our inner body?

asking for a friend.


March 17, 2020

was at grocer today and something occurred to me

We live in a VERY RW part of Tn. 85% R to 15% D would be optimistic. I read numerous FB posts from people I know around here,either through work or church or wherever, about this whole "hoax and media created panic" etc etc.
So today at the store,,lines full again,,hundreds of dollars worth of goods in each cart,,except my little 25 dollar order. And I think to myself,, if most these folks believe the RW hoax thing,, why is THIS store so full. And why do 4 of the biggest carts of about 60 in line, have a person with one of those red caps on?

Just things I ponder while standing in line during a media hyped hoax.


March 15, 2020

a totally non-scientific observation

Here is what I see as I live in USA, and Corona affecting us all.

The differences,, I see many videos of Italy ( one of the hardest hit regions of the world) stepping out on their balcony, while quarantined, and singing with neighbors,, every site I happen to read,most of them seem to deal with toilet paper, seems Americans are turning to the keyboard,and typing,not even acknowledging a neighbor. Yes, I know I am typing this out now, it is later on a Saturday night, and my hcp daughter is quiet and calm, and pulled out of her provided day services.

I am simply an old man who is saying, I can sit on my front porch and hear no singing or joy, what can we learn from Italy?


March 12, 2020

Regarding the quickly changing narrative from WH on Corona

Mrs K just made an astute,yet humorous observation, and NBA, NHL, Seattle city events, TV shows taped before empty chairs,etc etc etc are being cancelled.

She just looked at me and said ,,this snowball is getting real big,real fast,, and just 2 weeks ago our President/Weatherman in chief with hurricanes and all things science related, told us to expect nothing more than possible snow flurries.


March 8, 2020

it is getting tough here

Mrs K just got diagnosed with COPD this week, I have not played or sang any music in 2 months. Mrs cannot even walk 50 feet right now. I am scared. I would love the rum, and have had a few. I guess this is one of those crisis points. Im fighting,,talking to psyche, trying to sing in my "quieter" mind moments, none of it seems to fit anymore. at end of day,,Im still scared.


March 3, 2020

I could not find a proper group to post this.

But I am fairly sure there are DUrs who are living the life that Mrs K, Tess and I are about to embark on. Mrs K is last child after her dad passed, we are auctioning off his estate next month. And decided to sell our home too. And move on to the full time camping lifestyle while we are young enough to enjoy it. Tess is hcp and loves camping. Mrs K and I are 60 years old.

We have made a info trip to where we chose to live. But, it all seems a bit too easy. I feel I am missing something in my brain.

If there are any full time campers out here, feel free to DU mail me and we can talk there. I won't take up forum space on a personal issue unless a conversation starts and is productive.

Thanks in advance for any input.


February 24, 2020

I sit back and quietly watch,,

About what is going here, and how sometimes, we tend to argue among ourselves. Please let me explain why I think all sides are jumping the gun a bit. Yes, Bernie rocking it right now, and yes you see Joe B on my sig. But here is what I see as reality. caucuses vs primaries. Iowa,Nevada are caucuses. Let's all breathe and accept that a caucus works in stages, it is about who wins what stage and then the next stage comes and any certain candidate can lobby others, who lost the prior stage of caucus, to come to their side until, there is a winner.
Unfortunately for caucus believers, general elections and primaries do not work this way. Then, people vote, votes are counted and what is done is done. If Bernie wins,,I will support him 100%,, but half of what has happened has been caucuses. And the results of those, includes the delegates who were allowed by rule, to change there vote after 1st,2nd or whatever stage. That is how I understand it works. And I am really impressed at how these results are coming forth.
But I also know, there are not many caucuses left, and eventually the general election will come with whoever "our candidate" is against the one who I will never type his name. And then,, there are no "stages" there are no "lobbying for delegates". There will be what is supposed to a be a simple, 1 vote for 1 person election, no look back's no changes.( unless Russia). Bernie doing well right now, better than I thought he would.
Reality is, we are not even to playoffs yet, much less the Super Bowl, for a sports analogy. When it comes down to Super Bowl, we all need to understand the rules, tiebreakers if you will, in football analogy, that brings certain teams into playoffs.
But when it comes down to the Super Bowl, you can either Love the team that beat you in playoffs and root for them, or,, you can hate the team that beat you in playoffs, and hope they lose.
Shortly,,caucuses are different than primaries or general elections. Sports analogy wise, I know who won last Super Bowl, I didn't like that team then,, and will support any team that kicks my team out of playoffs before this next Super Bowl.


January 31, 2020

Today is a day I thought I would never feel,

A day worse than 9/11, I never thought I could could feel worse for our country as that day. And yet I do, and I can only surmise that there is no shock, suddenness, or how an event just happened out of the blue to numb you in a way. I just realized we have been watching this attack for months, in slow motion, with no way to stop the damage. Many more people could die from today ( and may have already) than 9/11. I just told Mrs K..we are 60 years old and for the first time in my life, I'm not sure we are number 1 anymore.

Hopefully we can rebuild something meaningful to bring memory to this day in history.

We will fight,we will rebuild, I just hope it is not too late.


Edited for horrific grammatical errors, guess I am a bit upset

January 16, 2020

I made a mistake,,

First off,, My Seahawks lost and Im still kinda in mourning mode.lol. But back on topic,, I made the mistake,, I was seeing psyche, as we know, and Mrs K whole family( literally) died withing 18 months and Mrs K went into depression.. My psyche set up to bring Mrs K in to the same group to help. It was separate at first,,then I get the question from my psyche," can we share info?" I talked Mrs,,she agreed and we went on. Next step,, we are both asked,,can we do couples therapy? Mrs and I talk and say why not? So we did. So we go from week to week,1 week solo,2nd week couples. And Mrs therapist keep bringing up how Mrs K and I need respite from our Tess(hcp daughter) We said and explained over and over that we can only do that when support supplied by state is fully trained on Tess, and the turnover is putting Mrs K and I in full time training mode.
,,long story short,, things got worse, Mrs K and I arguing,,, until,,,, i finally heard what her psyche said in couples, we need respite. I agree and told Mrs,,she is right, and this also includes psyche help, we are too close in this area. So I dropped out from my Psyche, to give us the respite that we could control. Things since then 2 weeks ago, have been great. I made the mistake of getting Mrs K depression handled same place as mine.

Im still taking my meds, new Psyche was easy to find. we are so much better. I did have some drinks during this event. But I finally saw what was hurting Mrs and I . My mistake was bringing her psyche help to same pace as mine.

This Groups Victory is ,, I understood it,,and fixed it,,, because I was clear headed enough with your support. Yep,, I had drinks,,fell off the wagon. but I was sober long enough that my mind was clear enough to see reality.

I humbly Thank you all


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