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Member since: Mon Jun 4, 2018, 09:11 PM
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Porter County, Indiana... Does it still have 0% of the vote counted?

I saw this Twitter thread called out on a different forum. WITAF is going on in Porter County,supposedly a Democratic stronghold? How many voters are there and how many votes did the Dem Sen Joe Donnelly "lose" by?


Kansas City! I'm so sorry! I can do rain or I can cold!

But I can't protest in both!

Good luck to all of you, you're in my heart...

How's the weather at your protest?

Since Gillum conceded last night, is it still possible

That a close final tally will still trigger a re-count?

I'm worried that he was too quick to give his concession speech...

Do you know who Dan Best is?

Dan Best was the HHS Drug Pricing Czar. (https://www.hhs.gov/blog/2018/10/30/answering-your-questions-about-the-ipi-drug-pricing-model.html)

On Tuesday of this week, Dan posted this on the HHS.gov blog:

Last week, as part of fulfilling President Trump’s promise to lower drug prices and cut down on foreign governments’ freeriding, HHS put forth a new way of paying for physician-administered drugs within Medicare, the International Price Index (IPI) Model.

The model aims to:

Reduce the price Medicare pays for a set of costly drugs to closer to what other countries pay.
Remove perverse incentives that encourage the prescribing of more expensive drugs.
Reduce physician burden associated with “buy and bill” by enabling private sector vendors to play a larger role in the purchase and distribution of these drugs.

To help people understand how the IPI model will accomplish these goals, we thought it would be useful to answer some questions that have been asked since the model’s release.

By Thursday morning, Nov 1st, Dan Best was dead!

WTF happened to Dan Best, a man who was about to implement a plan that would make our medicines cheaper...

Kansas City, Missouri voters! KC Election Board...

Website says it closes at noon. [ETA: but poll workers says they are open til 2.00pm.]

Also, other voters said Brush Creek and Center High School Absentee Voting locations have really long lines - Union Station has shorter line!

Also, Union Station validates parking if you park in the garage to the west of Union Station!


Step 1 "Poll" shows candidate #s are down. Candidate raises more $

Step 2 Candidate raises more $ and pays over most of it to campaign staff/advisors.

Step 3 Advisors order more ad buys.

Step 4 "Poll" shows candidate #s go up.

Repeat Step 1

Election/campaign industry is the devil that no one is talking about...

And it seems to work on candidates of both parties, too...

Agree or no?

Could some of the Senate Dems do this and prevent Kavanaugh from taking

a seat on the SC before the elections?


Could enough Dems hide long enough to keep Kavanaugh off the bench?

I could hear the republicans crying about the obstructionism of the Dems if enough of them ran away, but don't the republicans already cry about the Dems being obstructionists even when they show up for meetings?

If your opponents breaks tradition, bends the rules and over-steps the laws, then aren't you a fool to keep following the rules?

Oh, well! It was just an idea...

Seriously, is there a contingency plan or alternate

Site to go to on or after Nov 6th if DU gets taken out again by hackers?

Does anybody know where I can get info about the June 30th Immigration Protest in Kansas City?

I've searched the Moveon.org site and found no information. Do you know of any other links I can research to get info about any protests in Kansas City area?
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