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Scottie Mom

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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Home country: USA
Member since: Thu Sep 27, 2018, 04:11 PM
Number of posts: 5,050

Journal Archives

Breaking on MSNBC: Grand Jury has indicted Bannon for contempt of Congress


Rittenhouse witness: Hernandez -- Employed by Real America's Voice

RWNJ, IMO. Said he was there in WI to document "Antifa" rioting.

DA is examining him on this RW bias.

No salt, no pepper, no knife and no fork or spoon...

...IMO, the DA is eating Kyle for lunch.

And I fucking LOVE it!!!!!!

Kyle R Trial: DA doing well on this initial attack, IMO

I am hoping he finishes right before lunch and allows the destruction of this whiny teenage killer to sink in while the jury has their lunch break.

Give me a MotherFucking break!?!?!?!?!

That little turn creep Kyle is crying without tears.

So did the Orange Asshole make it to the World Series?

Missed the start of the game and wondered if he got loudly booed.

Love me some Dodgers!!!!!

Is there anyone else who watches "The Resident?"

OMG, I cried my eyes out last night over Nic. Gads, I am going to miss Emily VanCamp. I have followed other series she was in -- Revenge in particular. I understand as a new mother she wished to spend more time with the new baby.

What a program last night and what a message about being an organ donor.

Holy shit! Whadda hit!


I was 2 miles from Carson when it hit!!!

4.4 quake!!

Mandatory Adoption Lottery.

Yep, I have said this for years and years regarding the anti-choice, forced birthers: The following law IMO should be passed in any state that passes a law which in any manner obstructs a woman's reproductive rights viz those rights found in Roe v. Wade:

"The Mandatory Adoption Lottery Statute: Anyone who opposes a woman's right to choose shall (mandatory language) register his/her/their choice to so act in the State Mandated Adoption Lottery as to children who are eligible to be adopted, but who have not found an adopting parent or parents. Until such time as the child surrendered for adoption has been adopted and/or reaches the age of majority, the Adoption Lottery winner shall pay for any and all expenses of the child, including but not limited state ordered child support, medical expenses -- including dental, orthodontics, eyeglasses (and vision testing), hearing aids (if necessary and hearing testing), education such as tutors, regular extracurricular activities, pet care if the child choose to have a pet, and any other expense and/or cost which is reasonable and necessary to the well-being of the child. If the child is a 'special needs' child, all additional expenses of such a child shall also solely be borne by the Adoption Lottery winner. As to said 'special needs' child, the expenses of the child shall continue past age of majority until the child is adopted or dies."

The anti-choicer, forced-birthers want to protect fetuses...let's make them protect the fetus after he or she becomes a living, breathing child with the costs of raising and supporting that child. They hate people on welfare? OK, this let's the also step up and reduce welfare costs for children who were surrendered for adoption and are wards of the state.

Anti-choice, Forced-birthers: Fuck 'em for their hatred of both women and the children they force them to bare.

EDIT: Sorry I was unclear. The forced birthed does not get custody. They oay child support to the state.
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