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Scottie Mom

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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Home country: USA
Member since: Thu Sep 27, 2018, 04:11 PM
Number of posts: 3,999

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Kamala to Pence: Letís talk...not one black appointment to the Federal Bench!!!

Kamala is going to kill him on Roe v. Wade

His answer was nutso.


Heís not liking this ass kicking....and it shows.


Pence is stammering!

Question: Trump Recent Tweets since Diagnosis and Walter Reed Admit

I have not kept track -- what is the status of tweets that look like they were done by him?

IMO, the MD report of today? I call bullshit -- too evasive, dodging issues like use of oxygen.

IMO, if the Orange Asshole is not on a tweet rage -- since he cannot be on the campaign trail -- something is clearly worse than being reported.

Not that I care for humanitarian reasons...in case anyone is wondering.

OK, watch what she wears...

...is Mel picking a party dress and looking for funeral attire at the same time?

Inquiring minds want to know!

"For the vacant seat of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, I nominate...

...having withdrawn the nomination of the incapacitated president Trump and Vice President Pence also incapacitated at this time, I Nancy Pelosi, acting President of the United States, having withdrawn from consideration the name of Amy Cony Barret, I place before you my nominee..."

Oh, the irony of the "hoax" that got Trump....and hopefully Pence!!!!!!

My favorite choices for PRESIDENT PELOSI to nominate are:



IMO: If this comes about...RBG will be smiling at us from above!!!!!!

Hey, Melania...how is that pre-nup looking to ya now????

Hope your Russian handlers have some funds for ya...looks like Daddy Wardump is a broke SOB!!!!

And...if you are filing from a Community Property state, you owe half the debt...and...even better, if you knew the returns were fraudulent and you signed with him, honey, you are as fucked ad he is!

Welcome, Comrade Melania, to the U.S.A. Enjoy your long stay...at a feddie facility!

JESSE BARRETT -- AMY'S MASTER...some interesting info:

He's a lawyer...and does criminal defense -- according to his firm website...ck out his representative cases on the firm website for his "criminal defense" work:

Representative Engagements
In previous cases, Jesse has:

Represented an individual in a month-long federal trial concerning allegations of financial crimes and election fraud;
Defended pharmaceutical companies in investigations concerning alleged violations of anti-kickback and other statutes;
Counseled healthcare companies in internal audits and external investigations regarding manufacturing practices;
Defended an individual charged with illegally selling products in a foreign country;
Represented a healthcare provider in a dispute over the confidentiality of records, including arguing the appeal before the Indiana
Supreme Court;
Advised a petroleum producer in a regulatory proceeding concerning allocation of proceeds from the Alaskan oil pipeline;
Represented a national railroad in a multimillion-dollar contract dispute with a customer;
Counseled a trade group in a dispute with the United States Patent and Trademark Office;
Defended a financial services company against government efforts to obtain its records through subpoenas; and
Represented municipalities in acquiring land for public use, including airport expansion.


Criminal defense?!?!?!?!?!?! More like corporate defense of clearly criminal acts!!!!!!

Gee...wonder what clients will be flocking to Mr. Corporate Defender with his husband controlled wife on SCOTUS????

What the hell kinda mother is she!?!?!?!

Amy Coney Barrett -- i saw her yesterday come into that crowded space, no social distancing, no masks, people squeezed in like virus carrying sardines. And with her!?!?!?!?! A bunch of her 7 children...many of whom sure looked like minors for whom she is responsible.

If she cannot do right by her own children, why the hell is she a valid candidate of any nature for SCOTUS????

Her political views are antediluvian, hateful and anti-RBG and she is unfit to sit on the high court for those reasons alone. However, her choice to parade her children in that environment -- that alone is a valid reason for a Senate vote against her and perhaps the best pictorial evidence of why she is unfit to serve.

What she did is demonstrative evidence of the highest caliber IMO of her lack of fitness for the Court: She has no common sense, endangers people she is duty bound to protect (legally and morally) and only gives a fuck apparently about what she wants and how she looks to the public and is willing to kiss tRump ass by endangering her children.

Parents out there and grandparents, aunts, uncles, and godparents: If she is unwilling to protect her own children...why the hell do you think she will protect those children near and dear to your hearts?

Fuck her and feed her peanuts...let her go to her cult and lead them. Oh, wait...she's female...guess that won't work for her.

Sorry, Amy, maybe you should learn to parent before you take on other responsibilities.

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