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Stare Decisis

Stare Decisis's Journal
Stare Decisis's Journal
April 3, 2019

This Is Interesting

I just noticed something coincidental-


Both state "I believe Lucy Flores." Both, in my opinion, suggest, paraphrasing, "Joe should decide for himself if to run." And then, there is this-


And this-


Now it is fine for them to collaborate at the same event for how to respond if that was what they did. Of course it is. But my opinion is that Julian needed to at least give the context of "Lucy is a friend of mine," or whatever adequately describes their relationship. He did not.

I will give Julian the benefit of the doubt, but I reiterate, as a voter, the context of his personal relationship with Flores needed to be disseminated.

April 3, 2019

Another Interesting Pic Of Lucy With Joe

Now you have probably seen this pic, but take note of the date-11-2-2014. The DAY AFTER the alleged incident. So even if it happened, exactly how strong are her principles that she would still proudly display this rally/victory picture? And quite a few other just like it.


Granted she was trying to do something to win an election-

Oh wait..

April 3, 2019

This IS WHAT I KNOW About Joe And All Men

if the bar to disqualify a man with an exemplary record of humanity is an over sensitive millennial with a touch complex we are going to lose and may as well make other arrangements now.

Because there is no man on this or any other planet who has not at some point made physical contact with another human being, excluding bubble boys or cultural bubble girls.

So I and literally any other male is screwed if a scandal is now, "he patted me on leg, he hugged me too long, he blah blah fucking blah.

Ridiculous. Literally this is the motherfucking lede-"Joe hugged me too long almost three years ago." This is where we are at?

Do you have any idea of the Pandora's box we are opening? Any woman I have known ever can now accuse me of hugging.


April 3, 2019

Caitlyn Caruso Had Her Chance YEARS Ago To Speak About Joe Biden-Here IS What She Said

This is from Nevada Public Radio all quote here is being used under fair use for no commercial benefit.


When Vice President Joe Biden came to town, you got to speak with him?

Oh my gosh! It was such a wild experience. It was a really fast week. I was contacted by the White House staff to come and speak before he took the stage to share my story. I got to share my story before a couple hundred of my peers, which was wild. Then afterward, he sat me down and talked to me about the work he’s been doing to prevent sexual assault all across the country.

Close quote.

No further comment.
April 2, 2019

Will You Join Me?

We must decide right now if we are truly committed to winning in 2020. If not, be honest, then please walk away. I am 100 percent committed to voting for the Democratic nominee. I don't care if it is Kamala Harris or Ed Harris. I don't care if the nominee previously personally yacked in my favorite's Cheerios. I don't care if they once threw a pen at a staffer, or ate magic dirt, or hugged too closely, or misunderstood their heritage, or hedged on (releasing) their tax returns, or worked for big tobacco-this is not a pick and choose election. This is an all hands on deck election.

100 percent. The minute that person locks up the nomination they are as good as my own family in terms of my support.

Nothing less will do. Will you pledge this with me?

April 2, 2019

Hard Truth Time: #MeToo Is Morphing Into Cultural Hostage Taking

There. I said it. It needs to be said. Why? Because I have been alone in a room with women. So has every man ever. At parties, in break rooms, in theaters, schools-and while I NEVER EVER touched one inappropriately, I have hugged, and rubbed heads, and politely kissed them on the cheek-if THIS is disqualifying let me tell you where this ends-

With Republicans laughing at a party impaled on its own moral petard as they consolidate power even further.

This is undermining our very best-this is making us look like asses and gives aid and comfort to our opponents.

Enough is enough. Stop it. Nobody is so important as to be able to derail a presidential campaign over hugs. For fuck's sake.

April 1, 2019

I'm With Joe, However, A Question For All of You

If we as a party take Lucy's advice, and disqualify Joe, for maybe smelling hair or a kiss on the head, (and the organizer IS NOT backing up her claim) while several Presidential candidates failed to stop Kavanaugh as members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, what credibility do we have left as a party with any self-respect, unity, strength, or leadership?

Dr. Ford had a timeline. It matched Kavanaugh's. But still-he goes onto this court after going full Trump.

But hair smelling-and save your strawman tropes. THIS PARTY GETS DESTROYED by Republicans time after time and their best weapon is strawmen. It seems our education helps us to be very good at recognizing them, not so good at defending against them. So the question remains the same-and bonus question if Joe stays out because of this do you understand that our entire party will be viewed by the mainstream electorate as a bunch of sniveling cowards?

Yes or no?

April 1, 2019

Question Lucy-Can He Smell Your Hair From Here?

Asking for a friend.

I have had it. VP Biden is a wonderful human being, who has suffered immeasurable tragedies while simultaneously serving the public according to the highest standards. Yes he has evolved. 76 years do that to a person. We would be blessed to have his wisdom. But if you think this is rude, au contraire-you have no idea how upset I am. The man who leads almost every state against Trump, doing as much as ten points better nationally than any other nominee, is being accused of-let's be honest here, even if it WERE true, which is unclear, very little, but just enough to have lapdog media undermining his standing.

This woman could potentially go down in history as helping Trump win another term, doing Lord knows what, because Joe MIGHT have smelled her hair and MIGHT have kissed the crown of her head-or was it top of her head, but let's be honest, who is backing up her claim that he did either?

And now I feel Joe will not run. And that is sad, more so if it costs us the White House, but sad for him too. You know Joe thought Beau was going to go all the way. And he could have..my dear Lord, the man has suffered so.

What the actual fuck, indeed.

March 30, 2019

On Polling Data Joe Biden And What WE Constantly Screw Up About Politics

The whole abortion is a winner thing, the whole gun control is on our side thing.

There are proper positions to take, but you have to understand that they may hurt politically. A lot. But don't really on polling data to soothe your fee fees. It won't help.

It seems odd that after literally decades of service to this party that I have to explain it, but here goes-

If position A. is 60 percent in favor, 40 percent NOT in favor, it means less than duck squat. Wha wait? What? Ya. Read it again.

Why? Because, unless the 60 percent in favor will actually get out and vote on it, it is meaningless. Trump won the full base of the Republican party, getting to his demographic max, with two words-Supreme Court. That means abortion. Say half of pro choicers vote that is 30 percent of the electorate. Say 95 percent of pro-lifers vote-that is 38 percent. Now this is not to tell you that we should abandon core principles, but it is to tell you that we need to constantly push our base to vote, win over newbies, and work our asses off.

Whenever I see posters talk about data, I think about the awful mistakes of the Kerry campaign, focus grouping, high road, windsurfing, fake hunting..ugh.

The biggest political tactical difference between the two parties is that one runs on a polling level, the Democrats, and one runs on a street level, the Republicans. Republicans hear the streets. So in order that our candidates be successful we need street kids running these campaigns, not elitists. We need to listen, we need to respond. I don't care about phones, focus grouping, blah blah. I am FROM the midwest. I know what these people feel, they may not go to a fancy office to fuss about it, but it is how they vote. That is the real, man.

But most of you demonstrate that you don't have the stomach to fight on their level. Then you will lose. This isn't "Preserving Your Conscience 101." This is a war. Fight it or not, but know what is required. This is like the Biden thing-

Now Joe might have possibly kissed a young Democratic female on top of the head after possibly smelling her unwashed hair. Maybe. And..not good. But why are we releasing taxes? Constantly apologizing. Once the Republican party stood by a man who proudly crowed about the random sexual assault of women, why would our former VP have to stay out of the race? Get real. Maybe this is true, maybe this woman did have this happen to her. After 76 years of life, as a young man in an era where grabbing secretary booty was part of the interview process, at the twilight of his career, THIS is it? Are you fucking kidding me?

Because if we jump on moral high horses, and toss aside an awesome man, over this who will be left? Pete probably once in his life offended someone. I think at some point Julian had to have actual sex to have children. Aren't you tired of losing?

You know where this garbage leads? It leads to a presidential debate, our candidate on one side, theirs on the other. In youth, our candidate might have sped. Maybe a DUI. Theirs might have committed a vehicular homicide.

And what then happens is some dweeb moderator starts out the debate, "Our first question is about your past, both of you have acknowledged you have criminal records.."

And then you cry and whine and moan about why you lose. Because the best VP in history might have once misread a situation and made a woman uncomfortable. Once. In 76 years. A kiss on top of a woman's head. A smell. Fine, educate him on his error, let him apologize, forgive, and move on. Wrong is wrong and there is no woman that should be marginalized, but there is a continuum of behavior. If something worse is shown, we can talk until then-

Hair smelling and head crown kissing can't disqualify a man from running against a misogynist. It just can't. These so called standards do nothing to make us better than them.

Just subordinate to them.

I don't have the inclination to work with babies on training wheels. Show up ready to fight or don't show up.

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