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Bloomberg Announces running like accepting the nomination. God cannot create a humble billionaire.

Bloomberg gives me the impression he is waiting for an expression of gratitude for him taking the nomination. He has already contradicted himself with the typical billionaire attitude that anything he does is a blessing. Here is a typical action of a billionaire taking action on his flock:

"On May 30, 2012, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the Portion Cap Rule, a proposed amendment to article 81 of the New York City Health Code, that would require "food service establishments" (FSEs) to cap at 16 ounces (475 mL) the size of cups and containers used to offer, provide and sell sugary beverages"

Whose decision is it to determine how people make it through the workday. The Extra large 44 ounce 79 cents for all sizes iced drinks are probably responsible for hydrating the labor class during hot summers.

The world would be far better off in outlawing the wine and cheese psychosis of formulating Democratic Strategy.

There are already enough people giving us the benefit of their existence in telling us how to live. What we need is somebody that wants to help us to live.

Stop gun violence now. Something like random searches for

guns. Anything other than guns has to be ignored. Confiscated guns and return after 5 days if nothing illegal is found. Otherwise people continue to die while other legislation awaits action.

Easy student loan money inspired massive lavish college

expansions to get more student loan money. Consequently education suffers at the expense of expansion.

ďFSU has an additional $508,784,335 in construction spending planned through the year 2022.Ē


FSU has an additional $508,784,335 in construction spending planned through the year 2022.


The Growing College-Degree Wealth Gap
A new report demonstrates a stubborn chasm between rich and poor students earning bachelorís degrees.
The nationís colleges continue to graduate far fewer students who grew up in poor households. With the countryís economic potential possibly hanging in the balance, a new report urges the United States to dedicate more resources and know-how to closing the college-completion gap between wealthier students and those from low-income backgrounds.


College grads can't find work despite strong jobs report - New York Post
Aug 6, 2018 ∑ That's a drop of 489,000 jobs for America's most educated. Those with slightly less education aren't doing so great either. From the same set of BLS data ó Table A-4 from Friday's report ó the number of people working who had some college or an associate degree fell to 37,533,000, compared with 37,648,000 in February.


Total U.S. student loan debt is $1.6 trillion, and 2018 college grads with loans owe $29,200 on average.

What did we get from 1.6 trillion dollar payment from college debt.

FSU trustees approve $1.7 billion operating budget

A large chunk of the $1.7 billion operating budget approved Wednesday by the Florida State University Board of Trustees will go toward boosting academic offerings, hiring top professors and providing student success services.

Seems like they should already be there.

Income gap helped or hurt by college.

Sean Spicer Booted as bad as losing Kentucky for Trump

He was the worst dancer from the start and although receiving even insulting reviews from the judges the popular vote kept saving him. I am sure it was Trump supporters who voted contrary to his horrible dancing to keep him in. Trump tweeted in support of him during the voting. Well, getting booted shows there is limited and or dwindling support for Trump. And this sign came from the masses. It is beyond comprehension how Spicer could suffer the insulting demeaning comments from the judges and not quit on his own. Goodbye Trump.

If Bloomberg really wants to do something

he should buy Fox News Channel and make it a Democratic Channel.

Trump did not release the money to Ukraine.

ďt wasnít Donald Trump who released the promised military aid to Ukraine, but the State Department, after lawyers determined that the White House freeze on the funds was illegal, several sources have told Bloomberg.


Why is USA ,the richest country in the world,10th

in GDP per capita. The people that took advantage of opportunity to succeed have taken their money out of the economy. Lacking money to invest in product for sale ventures our GDP suffers. Working class suffers because the people that succeeded through opportunity are now denying opportunity by not investing in products for sale businesses.

At one time the world clamored for Made in USA products. Products that were many times the costs of similar products made in other countries. What happened??? The successful took their money overseas to invest in factories to make cheaper products. That put people out of work here and the surplus of workers drove wages down. Incomes that shrank in the USA now had to shop price instead of quality. That put more people out of work and drove wages lower. That again raised the demand for cheaper foreign goods making investing
overseas attracting even more USA investing money.

Over seas did not take out jobs the wealthy here gave the jobs away. Reducing the USA standard of living, stagnating wages over 40 years and destroying opportunity.

Foreign countries did not take our jobs, our jobs were thrown at them by winners trying to make more money easier. Our country would be in prosperity if the winners did not quit the game, take their money and stagnate it or invest in overseas jobs.

$57,000,000,000,000 is what our present healthcare will

cost for 10 years.

What they donít tell you is our current healthcare system will cost 57 trillion dollars over ten years with the richest people getting the best care subsidized by the poorest people.

Bernieís system will cost about half that with everybody getting complete healthcare.

Bernie and Elizabeth can save the USA 20 trillion dollars.

57 trillion is the result of current system calculated at 5% interest which is what it increases a year now.

Pass a law identifying and establishing money as a resource.

Money is a tool to facilitate trading in goods and services. Destroying jobs and livelihoods has no defense. As a resource laws could regulate money to keep it in the economy. People that found ways to accumulate inordinate amounts of money could either invest it in jobs producing investments or have any amount of money over 10 million dollars taxed at 98%. The 91% tax bracket at certain amounts of income has already existed and the USA thrived.

Federal - 1955 Married Filing Jointly Tax Brackets
Tax Bracket Tax Rate
$180,000.00+ 87%
$200,000.00+ 89%
$300,000.00+ 90%
$400,000.00+ 91%

And the USA thrived.

A Wealth Tax Is Simply Un-American It would make the U.S. less hospitable to the most visionary entr

A Wealth Tax Is Simply Un-American It would make the U.S. less hospitable to the most visionary entr

The vision is to get all the money and create a peasant class that canít afford to live. Because they sure ainít investing their money in products for sale prosperity producing jobs. Sorry Bloomberg, we donít need another person that thinks they are chosen by their almighty to be special and impose their will.

A Wealth Tax Is Simply Un-American
It would make the U.S. less hospitable to the most visionary entrepreneurs.

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