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Michael Bloomberg said Saturday he's willing to spend a lot of money -- but "hopefully not" as much

If Bernie gets the candidacy and all the pledged help from the other candidates and close to a billion dollars from Bloomberg, I think that finishes Trump. Remember, Trump doesn’t have a plurality of votes.

Everybody hears "I worked hard for my money" from the top .01%

I would like to define that in a metric. How many calories does a person burn making a billion dollars?

I'm worried about the General Election and attacking Trump.

Regardless who the candidate is the campaign shouldn’t be attacking Trump. The majority of the country says they are doing better now. Both Trump and we already have firm votes. Anybody that hadn’t already made up their mind is considering the worst most crooked candidate in history as a possible choice. The best choice of action comes from Trump. Everything Trump promises is what Democratics have always worked for. The Democratic campaign should stress the same things pointing out that they have the record for passing those things while Trumps party historically vetoes everything he promises. Our side should campaign on the topics that might get the uncommitted votes. Good paying jobs and healthcare. That is all. Like I said most of the votes are already committed. The only votes up for grabs are people that still consider Trump as a possibility. Only the things that would appeal to those still considering Trump should be determined and then campaigned full time. Attacking Trump will sway those people toward Trump. Also should consider not debating Trump.

. Since he now considers himself the above the law supreme being he will make a total mockery of the debates. His supporters are dying to see him exert his new power and he is dying to do it. No debates.

Thank you. I've been a far left progressive since birth. Active

in radical union work. The Valentine Hearts are greatly appreciated.

We'll see how Trump reacts to Barr's rebuke.

I personally feel it was a cooperative stunt between Barr and tRump.

Double talk Don has the budget perps trained to disguise his lies.

One of Double talk Dons Scammer’s was disguising a Medicare cut by answering the Democratic congressman like this when asked about a proposed Medicare cut. “No sir there is no cut, out proposed reform will actually save more money so there is no cut.” He said the same about workers on disability. Our reform will cycle the injured back to work quicker. So we actually have more money.

Right out of “Where’s my Roy Cohn” ?

Heartily recommend watching "Where's My Roy Cohn". Unbelievable how crooked and Ruthless a person

can be. He was McCarthy"s Lawyer in the Unamerican Activities crucifiction of US citizens. It details the method and thinking of Cohn and then the coup de grace. Trump is the identical manifestation of all the evil and more.

Republican Womack surmises 2021 budget can only be balanced

by cutting mandatory expenditures i.e. Medicare Medicaid VA .....,,
There is no difference between micro and macro when a unit needs money. Get a job, sell something, make something to sell. cut spending. The Fed injecting hundreds of millions of dollars supporting the stock market
is money that could be invested in creating product producing jobs.

Nixon opened healthcare.

Nixon’s move to improve healthcare.

“Did you know that before 1973 it was illegal in the US to profit off health care? The Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973 passed by Nixon changed everything. In 1973, Nixon did a personal favor for his friend and campaign financier, Edgar Kaiser, then president and chairman of Kaiser-Permanente. Nixon signed into law, the Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973, in which medical insurance agencies, hospitals, clinics and even doctors, could begin functioning as for-profit business entities instead of the service organizations they were intended to be.”


Bernie and social spending to promote product for sale jobs are needed.

The world is experiencing a replication of the roaring 20s. Every country including the third world and developing countries are creating billionaires at a record rate. There are more companies producing multimillion dollar cars and mega personal yachts and mega cruise ships that when money is adjusted to value is more than ever before. GDP can't support the spending. The working class the world over is either wage stagnant or wage falling. The markets are in an extended bull market and market cap is approaching if not already passing real market value. If something isn’t done to get more money into the hands of the working class to spend then GDPs the world over will stagnate or shrink. Once that starts there will be no incentive to buy stocks. All the multi quadrillion dollars of debt will start to lose service. Probably collapsing economies but it can be avoided if emergency spending is started now to put money back into circulation increasing velocity by working class spending. All the world’s working classes have to be treated as top priority and put back to work earning money making products to sell. Economies are losing consumption power.
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