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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Wed Oct 24, 2018, 08:30 AM
Number of posts: 1,584

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I keep seeing the video of Trump in the Briefing Room. It's eerie.

Those bald white men behind him look like they came for outer space. Their eyes are empty.

After seeing the people and children surrounding Nancy Pelosi yesterday, those photos and videos of Trump and his cabinet and in the briefing room seem really creepy.


We applaud all of you!

Within Trump's own bizarre ranting lies the solution to the border wall and shutdown situation.

Trump rants that it is matter of national security that he gets money for his border wall.

He rants on about getting our troops out of Afghanistan and Syria.

He also states that the military and ICE etc. agree with his. policies. We are not the world's baby sitter in so many words.
We should not be spending money to help foreign nations who don't do anything for us (him). Well herein lies the solution.

All that money he proposes he is saving by bringing the troop home should provide enough savings within the Defense Department's budget to fund his wall. If he wants it so much, and if a wall is so crucial to our security, and if the military ranks agree with him, then take the money out of the military budget and keep it away from other Executive Department funding bills. It's matter of national defense to have a wall, then use money already allocated to the military and leave the rest of government alone. Money can be reallocated with Department budgets...he should order it to be done. Case closed. What is even better is to let the returning soldiers have employment in building and overseeing the building of the wall. Once the military tell us it's impractical to build a solid wall and that in some places it is impossible to erect a wall, Trump and his hawkish GOP supporters in the Congress should accept that.

So Archie Bunker is our President.

The mind of a toddler.

Can or will someone please explain the issues surrounding "Country A" that Mueller wants info from?

What did I miss? For what country would the US go to such extreme lengths to protect from having to turn over information needed by Mueller for his investigation?

To my evangelical friends who support Trump: Jericho had a wall.

All they had to do was walk around it and shout to tear it down.

Dems MUST put the blame for all of this where it belongs,,.first on Ryan but now on McConnell.

McConnell will be the person who become responsible for the length and breath of any shutdown after Thursday. He and Ryan are the biggest reason for Obama not being able to get his jobs bill through, for Obama not being able to get his SCOTUS appointment, and now the government shutdown will be on McConnell's shoulders. Ryan started the ball rolling down hill when he allowed that bill with 5 billion to pass out of the House into the Senate after both the House and the Senate had agreed to a bipartisan CR.

We need to stop directing o much attention toward Trump and concentrate on McConnell. This is do two things: call the public's attention to what McConnell is doing. And it will point out that the real power behind running the government is Mitch and not Trump. This will enrage Trump and possibly push him to make some decisions against what McConnell is doing.

But most importantly the focus on Mitch will prepare the voters to reject even more GOP in 2020 and possible help unseat McConnell.

Happy New Year! To all who live and love and care.

Congratulations to Venus Willams on her first round victory,


Tough draw and tough match.

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