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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Wed Oct 24, 2018, 08:30 AM
Number of posts: 1,584

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We, Democrats, need to snatch the framing of the word "Socialist" and "socialism" from the grips of

the RW fascist Trumpiians who are attempting to define progressive and moderate Democrats as some kind of ugly "Socialist."
We need to frame it in terms of FDR New Deal and what grew out of Great Depression like the TVA, national roads and highways and railways etc.

WE should be educating the voters on what we mean by Medicare for all, quality education, the green new deal. We need to let people know about how jobs that once supported working families at all levels are now disappearing to robotic automation and not to black, brown, or yellow immigrants. Give them examples..like bank tellers, telephone operators, receptionists etc. What we are offering in place of these jobs that are never coming back are great jobs with benefits in the rising sectors of healthcare, green jobs in energy and transportation and growing technologies. We need well paid teachers to train out young in jobs for the future. We need our chidren to be trained in multi-languages to be able to deal with China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and not be at the mercy of those dealers like our illiterate President, Trump.

We need to be together in snatching the talking points from the likes of Hannity, Coulter, and Limbaugh. None of them have any ideas for solutions on what to do FOR people. They just have ideas on how to screw people and smear people.

WE CAN DO THIS. AOC, Harris, Warren, Biden and all of us together have better ideas and more empathy for those who have been left out of the Wall Street prosperity. We want prosperity for all and it can be done. YES WE CAN!! AND WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER!!

We may even need to educate the ignorant populace on the meaning and history of "FASCISM." We don't need to label anyone as fascist but once you educate people about the history of fascism, they can draw their own concludions and they will apply the label as they understand it.

Blue states were hurt by Trump/GOP tax bill but that may have unintended consequences for GOP.

I have been saying for sometime that the wealthy folks on the left should take up more residences in red states and turn those states purple-blue. It looks as though there is a flight of blue-staters to red states because of the tax benefits of no state and local taxes. That certainly does hurt the blue states and their social safety networks and educational resources BUT people do not have to actually live in red states all year. At my condo over half the residents go to FL for the winter and stay in Maryland for most of the rest of the year.

My relatives who live in FL, MS, and LA are constantly plauged by environmental changes as are the people who live in some parts of Cali. State and local taxes pay for services that one must pay for al carte in many red states or do without the service.

A lot of the movement out of blue states will help make more purple and blue states. Wait for it!

So, all that inauguration money went to setting that lobbying firm...I bet.

Cory is there and now Zinki.

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY DU!! Take heart, we shall overcome.


It would be fantastic if every Democrat would vote FOR the Green New Deal.

Step up and face the challenge. When they can divide us, they win. Stay the course, stand together.

Once can always vote for somthing in principle and work to refine and improve the policy later.

Potomac Maryland...supposed to be progressive and tolerant?


Students passing notes to give permission to use the N-word..

Very few minorities in this area but a lot of immigrees from Croatia, Russia, Germany, and France. Things have changed for the worse since 2001.

It appears that the media is enabling the "black face" issue to divert our attention from more

pressing issues about racism and many high profile public figures are being drawn into the fray.

Anybody here remember Al Jolson? If you do, do you remember his ethnicity? No, he was not a public government official but he was a renown entertainer with a lot of sway over the entertainment field back in the day. Many of us are not only perpertrators of our culture but also its victim.


If Trump doesn't resign, why should they.

Anyone out here throwing the first stone?

After watching Nina Turner last night on TV

I find her even more disgusting. Her 'Trump is not to blame' tatally made it seem like she was excusing Trump's racist screeds. Yes America has been a fistoon of racial and sexist bigorty for centuries. But that in no way removes blame from Trump for his working people up into a frenzy of fear and anger over race.

Wonder how many blacks Nina will help turn to Trump or a third party as she did in 2016?

So how many bus loads of Trump supporters were bused in and how much was paid to them?

The GOP always busses in folks to support Trump rallies.

The recession caused by GOP/Trump tax cuts and immigration policies is coming straight for us.

Trump has been warned about this and he knows it's true. So he is getting out ahead of the coming economic storm that is predicted to hit in late 2019-thru 2020 by blaming it on the election of Democratic candidates nation-wide will surely also come during that time. Democrats need to counter with public preditions that what is coming is a result of the tax and domestic policies that the Trump administration has set in place and well as Trump's revocation of protective regulations that were set in place by previous administrtion, both GOP and Democratic. We need to learn how to fight these bastards pre-emptively as well as in real time. We will have to use every opportunity we have with the media to do this since they largely cover what Trump says to the exclusion of his opponents.
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