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Member since: Tue Oct 30, 2018, 05:39 PM
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This is an important time

For four years Trump has hidden his actions. Refused to turn over damning information because he could. From emolument violations to unconstitutional actions. From the looting of the Treasury to treason. Documents and testimonies will come forth. We need every piece of information proving his incompetence and criminality. Every single piece. That's where we come in. Do we want all the information or not because when we condemn anyone for waiting until he is out of power to come forth we cause those that still haven't come forth to think twice about sharing what they know.
We won. We won without all the damning information so who cares if it comes later as long as it all comes out. Please resist the temptation to lash out at the whistleblowers timing. It serves no purpose to condemn them. Welcome them. 74 million voters would still vote for him tomorrow. They need to see the truth. We need them to see it.
From every corner of government consider how many were fired and how many resigned. Most remained silent. He will be out of office but he won't be going away. It is the sheer volume of truth coming to light that will be the nail in the coffin of Trumpism and the media that supported him.

Senator John Fetterman

Has a nice ring to it.

Does Jocelyn Benson, the Secretary of State of Michigan know she's presidential material?

Charismatic, brilliant, unflinching in the face of adversity. Her subtle fearlessness comes from a deep realization she is on the side of right. I like her more and more every time I see her. She reminds me of a young Barack Obama. All the right stuff. Michigan, you've chose your leaders well.

Fox would do it

Fox would have a name for the people ignoring the signs on the doors of businesses telling them to put a mask on. A name that would make the tresspassers ashamed to do it. Tresspassers, entitlement crowd, super spreaders, Karens, fake humans, bare facers. Something. Why do we suck at this. There has to be someone on here that is good at this.

Is DU in trouble?

Under this executive order can DU be in jeopardy for censoring opposing views? Let's hope not.

Here's an idea

Someone create an inset next to Trump and his evening shit show. Find someone who signs. Have her or him translate through signing what Trump is actually saying rather than his own words. Gestures like a hand stroking a, I don't know, a baseball bat handle while rolling the eyes. When he turns a question over to another, the translation would be " I will get caught in too big a lie answering this one. Let's get an underling I can distance myself from to answer it. etc. etc.

The next time someone starts defending Trump...

Tell them we're coming up on that time when we all must sincerely reflect on that important question. Am I better off now than I was 4 years ago?

Trump's Socialism!

Let's talk strategy.
In order to win this country back, we have to stop thinking like Democrats and start thinking like swing voters. Trump has a persuasive tool in playing the socialism card. The fact is many don't like Socialism. What needs to be done is expose to the swing vote Trump's Socialism.
1. The FCC's ruling to end net neutrality. We the taxpayer paid for the internet with a bedrock principle the telecoms couldn't divide service speed to increase profits. They have it now thanks to Trump. What did we get in return. Nothing. Higher bills actually. Providers can chose what we see or can't see in a search. A government hand out to the telecoms.
2. Personal privacy. An inalienable right in the Constitution gone thanks to Trump. Service providers no longer have to keep our activity anonymous. They can sell our personal information attached to our activity. Corporate handout.
3. Thanks again to Trump people can no longer enter a class action suit against the banks. Massive giveaway from Trump.
4. Pollution restrictions lifted by Trump in return for nothing. Job creator? Hardly. Obama had job growth on a better trajectory than Trump while protecting our water and air.
5. His tax laws. Many corporations paying zero taxes while the deficit grows yet still enjoying all the benefits provided by the government- roads, military, firefighting, law enforcement and the like.
6.....any I've missed.
Mr. Bloomberg et al...use those ads to expose to swing voters that Donald J Trump is a socialist. The worst kind. A socialist for the powerful few born on the backs of the rest of us.
Yes. we already know this but the difference in the next election is showing the rest of the electorate Trump's Socialism.
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