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Member since: Thu Nov 1, 2018, 01:54 PM
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Lawsuits against superspreader events

Someone her may have the legal expertise to answer this.

What potential legal risk is there for the people in charge of super spreader events like Sturgis (or potentially SEC football games).

I am assuming the families of people who dies could try a class action law suit against the organizers for negligence or reckless endangerment that led to death.Might be hard to pin it on them, but seems legally plausible.

Would life insurance companies and medical insurance companies have grounds to go after them?

I could foresee the Presidents of the Big Ten schools saying to the SEC officials -- you know that if you have home games with half capacity (30-55K) that they will be super spreader events. Add another 20-50K of tailgaters and you are looking at some major liability lawsuits. Whatever money that you think you might make on football now will be more than eaten by legal fees and settlements. You might think your fans are true MAGA and are willing to die for your team -- do you think all of their relatives feel the same way? Do the insurance companies who have to foot the bill feel the same way?

Again just curious -- the only things that these people worship is money so what risk of losing it do they have?

October surprise -- courtesy of Cy Vance

Is it too much to hope that the real October surprise given the responses about the Trump corp taxes would be an October indictment of the following: Don Jr, Ivanka,Jared, Eric, (maybe the other spouses/grilfriends) the corporation, and UNINDICTED CO-CONSPIRATOR #1 for tax fraud, bank fraud, money laundering, and RICO.

A separate misdemeanor plea deal for the accountant if he testifies truthfully in court against every member of the family.

UI#1 could be described as the CEO of the Trump Corporation who had residence in NY at the time of most of the crimes but now lists legal residence in Florida with a mailing address in the District of Columbia.

8 weeks is plenty of time to get a grand jury.

They could send some of NY finest with arrest warrants to arrest the kids and wives. Might even be a nice photo op.

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