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JT45242's Journal
JT45242's Journal
April 12, 2024

A little extra about the OJ trial and the prosecutorial incompetence... remembering we saw stuff the jury didn't

I took some forensic science classes as continuing education as a teacher because we were going to offer a new HS class at the HS that I was the department chair for. My instructor was well known and knew a lot of people in the industry. She knew the defenses experts that really pointed to reasonable doubt.

One of the key pieces of reasonable doubt came from the coroners report that said that the two types of cut wounds on the victims indicated that their were likely two attackers with two different knives. This was the point that the defense truly hammered -- where was the second assailant? Can you be sure it is OJ if the coroner thinks that there were two people? CLearly the police did not look long enough to find both killers.


1. Is there a single knife that could have made both of these different wounds, with a serrated edge of teh appropriate length on one side and a straight cutting edge on the other?
defense expert would have had to say "Yes, there is."
2. What knife is it?
defense expert: would name the knife brand and details.
3. Is it an inexpensive commonly purchased knife or an unusual expensive?
defense expert: It was an uncommon knife that cost about $10,000.
4. How many of these were sold in California over the last 3 years?
defense expert: There were 10 sold in California.
5. Is there a record that Mr Simpson purchased one of these 10 knives that were capable of making both cuts that are in teh coroners report?
defense expert: Yes, Mr Simpson bought one of those knives according to the only retailer in CA.

That would have sunk the entire defense. They knew it. But the two prosecutors never even asked if the coroner could have mistaken a weapon with two different cutting surfaces for two different weapons with two different attackers.

My Professor used this as an example to think about what are all the possibilities that might lead to the forensic findings.

She also stressed that it is often the questions that do not get asked, either by teh prosecution or the defense that lead to the outcome of the case.

We often forget that much of the circus that we saw occurred when the jury as not in the room. Regardless of that, this mistake is why the person found civilly liable for the deaths was not found criminally guilty in court.

March 19, 2024

Are documents still at bedminster worth half a billion?

Unsure why they never served a warrant at bedminster NJ.

Does he have enough documents there that between MBS, Putin, Netanyahu, Xi, and Kim that he could get the cash?

January 29, 2024

Need a law requiring getting a security clearance to run for federal office...also teeth for lying on financial disclosu

If we had such a law we would never have been subjected to TFG, Boebert, MTG, Gaetz, Santos, etc.

If people with sketchy past would have to undergo the scrutiny that an administrative assistant in the state or justice department do, they would likely not run or be ruled out.

I'd bet a bunch of these criminals would stay away.

They should enforce a law of lying on financial disclosure documents would carry the same penalties as lying on a mortgage application and actually enforce it.

January 5, 2024

Why not declassify the briefing about TFG that McConnell threatened to blow up democracy for? (redacted for operatives)

I do not understand why we have not declassified (redacted for names) what was said to the group of 8 about TFG before the 2016 election.

Let the American people know that the enture (R) party put a treasonous weasel in the WH because they worship party over country.

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