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BoomaofBandM's Journal
BoomaofBandM's Journal
January 8, 2020

I just read that the executive board of the county I live in wants to make it a sanctuary

County for the second amendment. You know, so no one will try to take guns from gun owners. I live in Brown County WI.

I was raised in a hunting family, and have family and friends who hunt and shoot competitively, and as long as people are responsible, and licensed, I have no problem with gun ownership.

On the other hand I am a grandmother and sickened by the fact my grandson has to go through drills and lockdowns. I have also been the victim of armed robbery in my early years in restaurant management. I lived in Texas at the time and we had identifying photos of various guns and height markers on the front door.

I was just wondering if anyone would like to call it email to the how it being a sanctuary county would fit in on your decision to say, go to a packers game. Or to visit and spend money on this beautiful but very red part of the state. Nice to know that Brown County protects its gun owners. But will it protect its citizens or the tourists who come to the area for games, festivals, concerts. I am hoping this would make an impact.

If just 5 or 10 or a hundred call and let them know this would impact their travel to this part of the country, you would make a fellow DUer happy.

I am sorry I don't know how to post an article, I got it off the internet from WGBA Green Bay, the local NBC affiliate.

I am against gun rights sanctuaries, don't think there is a need for them up here, most feel the way I do from both parties. and I am tired of WI republicans and what they have done to a once blue state. And I am afraid of what it will attract to this area.

I hope it is ok that I am asking this, but I figure nothing ventured nothing gained. I can add the info if it is ok by DU rules, not sure if allowed.

Somehow the shootings and the irresponsibility of the republicans and the NRA needs to be addressed. Maybe a little grass roots would help.

July 15, 2019

Scott walker NOT running for office in Wisconsin. He will be based out of the state.

Maybe he can find jobs for Vos and Fitzgerald too. Take Wisconsin back!

July 13, 2019

Rage quit.

I was playing chinese checkers with my 8 year old grandson yesterday. It had been years, so I looked up the rules. He did not like the rules, got angry and went into the bedroom to have a snit. When he came out I asked him why he left.

Booma, he says as that is what he calls me, I had to rage quit. The way things are going, I think I would like to do that as well.

July 10, 2019

Trigger warning - rape

I have never been raped or sexually assaulted. I consider myself very lucky. Because I know a whole lot of women who have been.

A roommate by her uncle. A friend by her father. A fellow manager. My doctor. A girl who worked for me by someone else who worked for me. My exes daughter by a friend of his. They all talked to me about it. I don't know if this is normal. The first person who opened up to me when we were 22.

I asked my husband how many women have told him about being raped. He said one.

I am reading about the girls these rich men have been raping, everyone wondering why no one stopped them. My friend who was raped by her father had told her mother. Her mother did not believe her. My roommate never told anyone. Who would she tell? She said her family would not believe her.

I read the ops about Epstein. Kavanaugh. Border guards. Trump.

I read about judges letting young men off rape charges. I read about politicians shaming women. Professors claiming the female body will not allow her to be raped.

The other day I heard a female reporter ask the doj about the women who were raped by Epstein. Taking about 14 to 15 year olds. These were girls, not women. I have seen ops in du where men still think it is ok to talk about women and what they wear.

So, for those who are reading this and have been raped or assaulted.

I am so so so sorry that you have to relive it.

The rest of us need to be aware and be careful what we are writing.

And it needs to stop. Rape is always bad. Rape of children is beyond bad. And it needs to be stopped. Not only are churches and justices not stopping it, they are enabling it.
We, as a society, will have to figure it out.

Think about your friends. Know that some have been raped. Also know that some may have been the rapists. It's time to stop it.

June 1, 2019

Any chance we can get impeachment posts to a forum

Yes, I think it's an important discussion. But it is overshadowing all other issues of the day.

Yes, I would like Trump gone, the sooner the better. Republicans are using divide and conquer very efficiently.

As the country struggles in an overwhelming series of natural disasters, they are withholding disaster relief.

Separation of church and state is being dissolved. Introduction of Christian tenets into education, cloaked as history.

Lawmakers and insurance companies, often the same people, deciding what happens with people's bodies. From pregnancy to drug costs.

The rich getting richer while the rest of us will be spending more for healthy vegetables because of tariffs.

Children still separated from their families, indefinately. Others packed in like Nazi prisoners in train cars.

Conservative politicians and their minions deciding which laws to follow and which judges to heed.

We can go on and on and on.

And what do I read the most? Is Nancy Pelosi any good at her job? What are the dem leaders doing sitting on their hands? Why did THEY get us here?

And what are we doing? Complaining. I love a good discussion as much as anyone. And we have a lot to complain about, and something needs to be done. And I have hopes it is being done.

What dem leaders need is our support. Our vocal support. Our phone calls. Our letters and our emails. We need to blame those who are reponsible. Do not let republicans tell us who to be mad at. We know who to blame.

Not Pelosi, not Mueller, not Nadler. The list of who to blame is long. And it's republican. And it is real white and real male and real rich.

So again, yes, impeachment is a big deal. And we, as democrats, want impeachment or something done to remove the menace that is our president from our lives, hopefully taking his merry band of misogynists, rascists, homophobes, zenophobes, and religious zealots with him.

May 21, 2019

Stop the Bans

In case you have forgotten, people are rising up to make their voices heard.

Let us not be distracted today. Lots of places to go, lots of people to call.

April 24, 2019

Green Bay weather on Saturday

In an earlier post I encouraged people to come protest Trumps campaign stop. At that time the temp was forecast to be in the mid 60's with a chance of rain. The forecast at this time is 40 with rain and snow.

I guess he will be getting a "cooler" reception than he thought. I don't usually like snow this late in the season, but c'mon mother nature. Do your thing.

April 4, 2019

No protests in Wisconsin

Have we given up?

January 6, 2019

Right wing media

Does anyone else think there is a higher number of republicans than usual spewing on all media this morning? I used to be able to listen to what people with differing views had to say, but no longer. If this keeps up, who needs fox? They are all being paid to perform by the same very rich people. I am feeling a bit paranoid.

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