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BoomaofBandM's Journal
BoomaofBandM's Journal
December 27, 2018

I am kind of new here

My tag is tech. I am probably the least techy person here, name based on my drinking with people I was not really supposed to be out with, a variation of my Polish grandmothers name, chosen after I married a man of Polish descent who still kept the Polish spelling.

Live in Wisconsin, had moved around for a while, decided we wanted to raise our daughter on Wisconsin sensibilities and closer to the Grandparents. That was 22 years ago, and worked for awhile. And then Scott Walker and Paul Ryan happened.

Disappointed in so many of my friends I went to college with. Yup, repubs. Last two reunions tried to talk to them, claimed gun rights. All white people. Trump fans. Guess I was the token liberal for that group. Did not matter as much in the 70's. Anyone remember the moral majority is neither pins? When we wore pins lol? Hubby and I have had a real hard time remembering Reagan as a hero. But recreational partying was big back then.

So I now stay home with some life altering auto immune difficulties and do not get out much. And I found du. What a pleasure. Some wonderful insight from very witty people. I get a little frustrated with the infighting. I find a little snark goes along way.

I get a little mouthy and preachy on my bad days, for that I apologize. I have my issues. I try to save them for the hubby, an artistic type who has no end to patience with me. But sometimes I fail.

So anyways, thank you all for sharing. Be warned that if you are a long post from me, ignore. Getting on a soap box with my bad knees so go on by, really nothing to read here.

Is happy New year politically correct? Ummm , really not lol. But happy next 12 months anyways. It should be fun 🎊

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