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Member since: Fri Jun 7, 2019, 09:14 PM
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I would have been FINE with ALL Capitol attackers being locked up until trial. But THIS guy?


While on pretrial release, Josh Pruitt went on CNN to say that he'd attack the Capitol again, given the chance. Because of this statement, and also because of multiple threats he made to his girlfriend and others, AND CURFEW VIOLATIONS (trying to sound like Arlo Guthrie, here), prosecuters are trying to revoke his pretrial release.

WHY he was on pretrial release seems to be unanswered. He was a member of the Proud Boys, with a long rap sheet. HE WAS EVEN WEARING A GPS ANKLE MONITORING SYSTEM WHILE ATTACKING THE CAPITOL BUILDING!!

SATIRE, FOLKS! The Onion is satire!


"Calling the incident a tragedy that could have easily been prevented, authorities announced Wednesday that a local 2-year-old had died in an accidental shooting after discovering his fatherís gun hidden under a pile of guns."

' "You can only imagine what was going through the parentsí minds when they heard a shot from upstairs and both dropped their guns to go see what had happened." '

It's sad that this is funny; it's funny because it is so close to the truth.

The battle against vaccine hesitancy among Israel's Ultra-Orthodox


An interesting NPR article, explaining how Israel, which had a very high vaccination rate overall, worked to win over Hasidic communities which had been convinced that the vaccine would cause infertility in women.
Health officials worked to win over some of the senior Rabbis, who agreed to take part in the campaign. But there were still pockets of resistance in the communities. It took a tragedy in one community to win over the skeptics.

"Osnat Ben Sheetrit, 31, ran a wig and bridal salon for the ultra-Orthodox community and lived in the West Bank settlement neighborhood of Har Shmuel, near Jerusalem. In February, she was about to give birth to her fifth child. She remained hesitant about getting vaccinated, even after Israeli health experts and rabbis endorsed vaccines for pregnant women.

Her husband finally convinced her to make her a vaccine appointment that same month. But before she could get vaccinated, she was infected with the coronavirus and was hospitalized.

She gave birth while sick, but her newborn survived only a few hours. Shortly after the baby died, Ben Sheetrit died, too."

Major Utah GOP donor says 'the Jews' are using COVID-19 vaccines to 'euthanize the American people'

Source: Rawstory.com

"On Tuesday, Deseret News reported that Dave Bateman, the cofounder of tech company Entrata and a major financial backer of the Republican Party, mass-emailed several tech executives and elected officials claiming that COVID-19 vaccines are a Jewish plot to depopulate the world."

Read more: https://www.rawstory.com/vaccine-conspiracy-theories-2656215991/

I think any politicians who accepted donations from this guy need to be exposed.

The FBI is asking for help

There are 350 insurrectionists the FBI is still looking for.

Prison Acknowledges Security Lapse that led to Ghislain Maxwell Spending Night in Noose Room


Sorry if someone has already posted this tidbit. It made my day.

Certainly something to be thankful for, this season.

I've just realized why I prefer to get my news through this site.
Other news sites end up giving me feelings of depression and helplessness.
But on DU, I get the news accompanied by comments from (for the most part) thoughtful, caring individuals. Instead of a feeling of helplessness, I feel like I belong to a community that is working to hold back the evils of our society.

If Joe changed his middle name to 'Brandon', those yard signs would become HIS signs

Joe needs to embrace the 'Brandon' thing.
Maybe change his middle name to 'Brandon' (he probably never liked the 'Robinette' thing anyway).
You know, like Obama did when they started calling his American Cares Act 'ObamaCare'. And when he did that great video making fun of the 'Thanks Obama' meme.

A holiday in rural Tennessee in the plague years

On Thursday, my wife and I attended a Veterans Day Program in our town in a rural Tennessee county. It was held indoors in the Community Center/hurricane shelter. I was a bit dismayed right away, when I saw how full the parking lot was - the building would be full capacity.
We were greeted at the door by one of the hosts of the Program, and I said out loud, "Oh, my mask" while fishing in my pocket. "No, you don't need masks", he reassured me. We put our masks on.
We walked into the room, looked around at the sea of faces (maybe 150?), and my wife whispered " Nobody is wearing a mask!" I said "Well, were providing a service. If somebody wanted to wear a mask, but they were shy about, they'll see us and go 'Oh look! They're wearing a mask'."
Anyway, the guy who greeted us at the door started the Program, announcing who was going to give talks, etc. And he mentioned that Reverend so-an-so was supposed to give the Invocation, but he had Covid. He assured us that it was an asymptomatic case.
I'm sitting there, and thinking about that Reverend, about how I'm sure he's a nice friendly guy - no doubt he shakes the hands of all of his parishioners, probably even hugs those who seem downcast. You might even say, he's a very WARM guy (103 degrees?). And of the people who are in attendance today at this Veterans Day Program, maybe half of them are active members of that congregation. So, there's a 50/50 chance that the person sitting next to me was a handshaker; maybe a 10/90 chance that I was sitting next to a hugger (he DID seem a bit downcast).
It was hard to enjoy the rest of the Program. But everyone else seemed to have a nice time.
I'm sure the Reverend will be glad to know that I was thinking about him.

Utah Rep Chris Stewart (R) presented a "socialist laundry list" of Biden's BBB plan on Twitter

Obviously, Stewart was trying to rile up his base.
The only problem was, the items on the list are very popular, even with Republicans; child care and universal pre-k, expanded child and earned income credits, Medicare hearing benefits, in-home care access, affordable housing, worker training and higher education, etc.
I especially liked one Twitter user's comment:
"This list is awesome! These items will help millions of people live better lives. If only the Democrats could message this well!"

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