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70sEraVet's Journal
70sEraVet's Journal
November 27, 2023

Trump indicted on 91 charges. Great. But why not Bribes for Pardons scheme?

Back in May of this year, there was the explosive allegation of a Presidential Pardon bribery scheme, involving Guiliani and Trump. The details of the scheme shocked even people who were sure they they were immune to being shocked by anything that came from the MAGA White House.
In case anyone has forgotten:

Where are we now, on this? Is there a fear that adding yet another separate charge, another trial, will make it too cumbersome to conduct the ongoing trials effectively? But if so, why not at least indict Guiliani?

November 14, 2023

Approached outside the Public Library to sign a petition for 'No Labels Party'..

I was asked by a young woman if I would sign a petition to make it easier for an independent party candidate to get on the Tennesse ballot. Interested, I glanced at the petition, and saw 'No Labels Party' on the petition. I was startled. I said " No way!"
She asked why, and i said that I knew who the guy was running for President in that Party, and wanted nothing to do with him.
I'm a little mad at myself that I didn't spend a few minutes trying to talk her out of doing her petition duties.

October 31, 2023

I've seen white pelicans in TN in the past...

always in the winter, but I've only seen a small group of a dozen or so.
But yesterday, I saw this:

I live about 25 miles south west of Clarksville TN.
(Sorry about the poor quality of the photo)

October 30, 2023

Sometimes, Tennessee really makes me proud (despite most of its politicians)

Resting in Peace
Known only to God.
We dedicate this monument
with highest regard.
This monument is erected on behalf of
more than 500 African Americans buried here.
May they find eternal peace.

On Monday, Oct. 30, members of the community are invited to the unveiling of a monument for the 500 unmarked graves discovered using ground penetrating radar at the Gallatin City Cemetery. The words above are inscribed on the monument.

When the Gallatin City Cemetery was established in 1814, it was segregated, and many Black residents were buried in the back of the property.

September 24, 2023

I'm afraid that this man's life is in the hands of a Supreme Court, whose majority i do not trust.

"Robert Roberson was convicted of murdering his two-year-old daughter on the basis of the now largely discredited shaken baby syndrome theory"


September 11, 2023

An archeologist learned about Neanderthals (and ourselves) by digging in one cave for decades

He points to the way prehistoric Homo Sapien and Neanderthal crafts are vastly different. “We might not know much about Neanderthals,” he goes on, “but through what they created, we can see something incredible. When you take Home Sapien tools made of flint, spanning tens of thousands of years, in different parts of the world, they’re always the same. Standardised. It can’t be cultural.” There was likely little contact between these different settlements. “There’s something innate within the behaviour of Homo Sapiens – within our behaviour – to act and think in a certain way. It’s in our nature.” Neanderthal crafts, though, don’t share this pattern of standardisation. “Look carefully at Neanderthal tools and weapons. They’re all unique. Study thousands and you’ll find each is completely different. My colleagues never realised that. But when I did, I saw there was a deep divergence in the way Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals each understand the world.”


Slimak feels this comparison can and should be made with Neanderthals. “Their tools and weapons are more unique than ours. As creatures, they were far more creative than us. Sapiens are efficient. Collective. We think the same, and don’t like divergence. And I don’t just mean western culture. Go to any Aboriginal society: there are clear rules and customs, and shared styles of clothing. Expectation to act in a certain manner; to follow regulations.” Our ancestors, he says, lived like this instinctively. “You don’t see that with Neanderthals.” By seeing Neanderthals as a reference point against which we can measure ourselves, Slimak reckons humanity is offered a gift: “We have an opportunity to look in a mirror and see ourselves for what we truly are. To help us redefine, which we must do urgently.”

The way he sees it, this isn’t just an interesting philosophical theory. “Neanderthals vanished, I think, because of high human efficiency. And this efficiency now threatens to destroy us, too. That’s what’s killing the planet’s biodiversity.” For Slimak, The Naked Neanderthal isn’t a history book. “It’s about us in the present. Urging humanity to see itself for what it is by comparing us to something else, in the hope of changing the course of our future. Because by understanding our nature – and the risk this efficiency poses – we can save ourselves from a similar fate.” Over millennia, humankind has also developed an advanced, impressive technology and culture, of a type Neanderthals could never have imagined. “So while there is something dangerous in our nature, as a collective we can control and reshape it. Understanding this is the key to humanity’s future. Because if we don’t think carefully, next time it won’t be Neanderthals that our efficiency destroys, it’ll be humankind itself that’s the victim.”

September 4, 2023

Labor Day seemed like an ideal time to share this Klezmer-style call to activism!

Daniel Kahn and the Painted Bird:

August 27, 2023

A small Alabama town whose white former-Mayor holds onto power by shutting off democracy

In the nearly two centuries since the town’s founding, it has retained two aspects of its early days: it has a majority Black population, with, until Braxton, a majority white leadership. Newbern is about 80% Black and 20% white. Until Braxton appointed the four members of his city council, there had only been one Black city councilmember.
Until Braxton decided to throw his hat in the ring, people in Newbern did not realize they had the option to run for mayor or council, or that elections were at all possible. Braxton said he never heard anything about elections in Newbern as a child. Nor did LaQuenna Lewis, who has been supporting Braxton in his efforts to be recognized as mayor.

“We were just told that this is who your mayor is,” Lewis said. “It’s been that – this is like 60 years plus. We’ve been told that this is our mayor and this is how things have been. When you look at the town and the history, years of oppression create a certain condition and a certain way of thinking. It has been accepted.”


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