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EndlessWire's Journal
EndlessWire's Journal
April 27, 2020

Does anyone know

why there is so much empty space stuck on the bottom of my posts? What am I doing wrong? TIA...

April 25, 2020

Don't drink bleach; it will kill you.

Instead, start your own study of this brutal virus and add to your knowledge of what we are up against. Leave out the part where we have to achieve LEO to kill the virus.

Might as well do something while we are in quarantine. How many Spring cleanings can you do? Aren't you tired of searching for TP? Well, my supply of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups came in, and I am now blissed out enough to begin the journey. I just hope I don't have to start drinking wine in order to finish it.

First off, let me state that there are many potentially important research articles that are hidden behind expensive paywalls. I think that for the duration, articles in the category of "We need an answer now" should perhaps be set free.

But, nevertheless, here is a free article that talks about the SAR-cov virus and how it develops and grows up to be a wee bit troublesome:

Recently, both news and anecdotal stories are talking about various symptoms of CV-19 that are coming to the forefront. Among these new ideas are the frequency of strokes among those infected. (Also, there is the heartbreaking story of the performer whose leg had to be amputated because his coagulation couldn't be controlled.)

This leads one to speculate that blood coagulation is a feature of the killing ability of the virus. Is the answer contained in the protein interaction between the virus and the host cells, and how might we interrupt this action enough to deny the virus a host cell? Keeping in mind that this blood coagulation problem is in reverse, where there is too much coagulation, what factors are appearing in a recovered patient's plasma that are possibly providing an easy solution?

Think of these viruses like simple bugs you want to exterminate. You interrupt the life cycle so that it cannot replicate.

YOU DO NOT DRINK BLEACH OR LYSOL. Killing the host is not an option!

April 22, 2020

IRS Frustration

For various reasons, I needed to bring up my IRS account. But, I forgot my password. Not to worry, you can ask for it.

So, I did. The automated system gave me a temporary password. Entered the temp password, and then the screen came up asking for the time-limited activation code. Not sure why I have to activate an already created account, but, okay, I'm a good sport. But, the catch is, you have to receive the activation code by mail.

I'm very patient. Let's go for it. Click on the "resend activation code" button. A screen comes up which informs me that, due to the pandemic, the IRS is not sending out mail at this time.

So, I am SOL* on getting in and viewing my account. The request for transcript will not work, because, of course, you have to be able to get into your account. SOL there.

But, they will let you make a payment to them online. No problem.

I keep up with events. I guess I'll buy some stamps in support of the Post Office.


April 21, 2020

How long to wear bandito apparel.

I sent for stylish yet probably useless face masks. At this point, I think only a bunny suit will do. Nevertheless, when my robber masks get here, I'll be going about my business (when I must leave my little CV-free nest) with No Fear. Fie on the Devil. Fie on Trump.

I plan to wear them all summer long, if I don't faint from the heat. So, let's say that everyone else has given up, and Trump has achieved his desire to have the CV wash over us while he sells our PPEs to foreign investors. Not to worry. When you meet me, I'll still be covered with a mask over my nose, mouth and chin, and I still won't touch you.

It's my new lifestyle. Hat, sunglasses, and a mask. Don't need makeup, or cover ups, anymore. Who knew that the burka chicks would be so correct lo these many years later. Now I just have to worry about whether the color will discourage mosquitoes.

I'm getting buffed, stuck at home, but you won't see the prison pallor because I will be covered up for about two years.

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