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Member since: Fri Oct 25, 2019, 05:02 PM
Number of posts: 3,941

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Wow, a hawk comes visiting.

Boy, was I startled!

I have a corner of a screened in pen visible just outside my back door. I am situated where I can see this upper corner of the structure. I often have birds of all sizes land there and survey the area from that height. It's like a bird bath or something. They just like it. It's like "I'm king of the world!"

I had tiny birds visiting--one I liked very much and came every day--then, the size of the birds got bigger and I figured my little buddy was either off making a nest or just got bumped.

OMG! I was busy working, and I looked up and there was a giant red-tailed hawk sitting on that corner! It was huge! I saw the whole thing quite clearly, from his curved beak to his feet. It was like seeing a tiny spider but getting a tarantula instead.

I know a lot of you guys get this all the time. But, these birds fly overhead in soaring sweeps, and I've seen them for years. I don't have any animal outside that could be carried off. But, OMG, this thing was sitting there, huge, like an eagle or something. The only bird larger than this thing local is an egret which visits occasionally. It stays in the front when it visits.

This hawk was sitting on the preferred corner, looking all around. I couldn't have been more startled if it had been an ostrich sitting there. I've never had one land anywhere near me. I guess it didn't see me sitting there.

I saw a roadrunner a few days ago, a much cherished visitor that I had not seen for awhile. They get on top of the house and sound like puppies calling. I hope the hawk doesn't scare everyone away, and was only trying the spot out to see what the big deal is there.

I see it flying back and forth now. Forgive me, but I hope it doesn't nest in my closest tree. I won't do anything about it, but this is an exclusive club, you know? I was really enjoying my show.

It was like an alien encounter...

Another UN Security Council meeting

"The Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation will hold an informal meeting of the UN Security Council on "Systematic and mass grave violations of the international humanitarian law as well as other war crimes committed by the Ukrainian military personnel and militia and discovered in the course of ongoing special military operation of the Russian armed forces."

Maybe they're going to complain that their navy is being sunk. It's hard to see what nexus has caused this latest crap from the Russian warmongers. These things usually precede some mischief planned by Russia. Let's see...May 9th related? An excuse for their military incompetence for public consumption? They don't like having their own infrastructure bombed? Or, did the ICC issue some ruling that indicates that they will all shortly be declared war criminals, having done crimes against humanity?

The UN must be tired of this crap by now. Listen, SC, all you have to do is kick these imposters off the Council. It must be hard to listen with a straight face. Good luck tomorrow!

I'm so angry with Russia

I hope they never, ever get sanctions relaxed or removed in any way. This latest thing about just annexing Ukrainian territory, like they own it, is just nonsensical, unethical, and illegal.

They are also shelling up near Zakarpattia, next to Hungary. I don't trust Hungary, but this seems like an expansion of the war.


This is an old article, but it is interesting about the mischief that Russia has been sowing all around. There are around 11,000 GIs sitting in Poland right now; I don't think that Poland has acted against Ukraine at all, and in fact, they are greatly helping. To me, it is questionable what Hungary would do, and I doubt that Russia would threaten Hungary with a takeover. Moldova could be in trouble next.

My extreme fantasy is that Russia is pushed back and Ukraine reclaims Crimea. On a daily basis, I have to lecture myself not to hate Russians. Just, don't hate. One day, the average Russian citizen will once again be our friend. Just not now. They need to step up, seeing as how it is their country doing this. But, right now, I want to see Russia squeezed lifeless. And, I want their Navy sunk. Somebody sneak in and sink them.

Close your legs to men.

If they weren't getting any, we wouldn't have this problem. I'm tired of all this crap we're dealing with now.

GOTV in November. Vote all Repubs out of office. Biden is doing a good job for us. Let's not get distracted by their treachery.

Special World Military Operation III

Once again, Russia is using the UN as a PR platform to push its military agenda against the world. At its presser, its Rep prepped the world for expectations of biological, chemical, and nuke interventions on the ground in Ukraine. It's despicable.

It's time for Russian targets of Archangelelsk, Krasnoryarsk, and the ever present Black Sea Fleet to be hit by Russia's "special military operation." Time for preventive measures of destruction, which they bring upon themselves.

It seems to me, without any evidence whatsoever, that Russia probably attempted to get a Security Council meeting which was refused. Hence, the bizarre UN presser held by their Rep today.

I can't help but notice that Odesa is quite a bit beyond Crimea, and yet they are set on taking all of the coast. This is a world matter, and here we sit.

Moldova, watch out...

Rant over balloons

These hot air balloonists think they're cute. All they do is invade your privacy. They are dangerous with open air flames that fly low over your roof and crash into power lines.

Something is wrong with them today. They are flying incredibly low all around my place. Two of them flew over my roof so low that I could hear the whoosh of their burners. I watched another one, I kid you not, fly around the far side of someone's home, so low I cringed thinking it was going to hit the house. Then, it swept through the trees on the other side. I don't know how they made it through all that.

There is only one way these things fly. Open burners. In a state where open air campfires are forbidden, where chimneys have been shut down by law, where the chance of wildfires and forest fires are a high priority to avoid during the summer months, these things fly nap of the earth because, you know, they're balloonists, and they have their rights...they launch from private properties without the owners permission, and they scare the crap out of the livestock.

I had a third one flying so low in the front I could hear it's burners. Now I am watching one flying so low it looks like it is landing in my back field. I hate these things. If they hit your roof, they could set your house on fire. They are not cute. They are not festive. They are dangerous.

We aren't talking one or two. We are talking about multiple balloons worthy of an airport. What is wrong with them today? Every one of them took off practically dragging on the ground. Very dangerous.


Russians at our borders

What do you think?

Today at the UN the US stated our intent to take in 100,000 Ukrainians as part of the relief efforts. But, our rep stated that the US takes in refugees regardless of their status, persuasion, nationality, etc.

Well, I don't find this to be true. I think it is a grand idea, certainly in keeping with the national character, but quite frankly, in practice we seem to be holding back there. I think that the Ukrainian and Russian refugees stacked up at the border should be dealt with by admitting them forthwith, as long as they understand that we will vet them. Not all Russians are bad people, not all are spies. Millions of Russians have fled their own country to avoid the unpleasantries of Putin's Russia today. You cannot state that you believe in aiding all refugees while avoiding this problem altogether.

In the same way, what is the count of Mexican and other countries' refugees that we are allowing in? Can you say, 100,000 Ukrainians without saying, 100,000 South American refugees? The fundamental differences are that one group is involved in an active, alarming war, while others are being pushed out of their countries by violence which is not particularly publicized at the UN. But, we know about it, and what is an equitable solution for those refugees?

Our country has always been a desirable end location for many people who just seek safety and freedom. Not sure how well we are doing these days in comparison to certain other countries, who are just as safe and just as free as we are. But, still they come, and get stuck at the border.

I am not sure how I feel about letting in potential terrorists from Russia. But, I remember how Trump characterized Mexicans as drunks, gang members, and such, and my feelings are that a reasonable immigration pathway should be implemented for ALL. I just don't know what that might be.

Russia doubles down at the UN.

Russia participated at the UN Security Council by giving a speech filled with useless nonsense, history that they say justifies their current brutality, and an odd, end-of-speech declaration which amounts to a threat to the UNSC about Russia not stopping at all their war of choice.

The entire UNSC continuously implores Russia to stop what they are doing, but China continues to talk about economic sanctions and the fact that other countries are affected. Nothing new there from China.

Russia continues to promote lies about what is going on in Ukraine, and attempting to use PR as justification against their aggression. Anything they think will change hearts and minds and stoke up hate against everyone and anyone except themselves they are stating in rambling, far ranging wild stabs of disinformation.

Ukraine, in its speech, openly called for Russia to be silenced at the UNSC. He said that the UN council is ineffectual as long as Russia is allowed to hold the seat. This was said obliquely, but it was clear at the end of his speech.

Make no mistake, the UNSC is fed up with Russia, and the war of choice pathway that they are taking. We here, who hope fervently and prayerfully that the war will end, cannot look forward to that, as Russia stated an intent to not stop, and the statement that they are achieving their aims (which is, what?) does not bode well for the world. The lies go on.

A Two Party System.

I believe that a good Democratic system has to include two parties. But, since the GOP turned fascist Russian, I am hard pressed to pick a second, decent party. Can we survive if we only have one party? Am I wrong about this? I think two parties prevents one party from going power hungry nuts. But, who would that be? Who will replace Repubs in the Presidential debates, since they have no one capable of straight up political debate?

One way complaints.

While we all have heard the pleading of Ukraine for help, I think that it is interesting that the complaints at the border are coming one way. Although Russia took off from Belarus, and then turned and shot up structures on the Belarus side, apparently to make us think that Ukraine did it, no complaints. But, when some little Russian village was fired upon by someone, Russia complains loudly. Then, when someone used slingshots to fire steel balls, and used strobes on the city of Brest, Belarus complains loudly. And, we don't know who did that, either. Or, if it is true. It is supposed to come from Poland, however.

It just seems like Russia would like a provocation to start up with Poland. I read this stuff with a grain of salt. Russia seems quite demented at this point. And, they wish to employ disinformation, and then complain bitterly when no one believes them or otherwise cares about it. They are destroying their own previously decent reputation (although they caused a lot of mischief in other countries which is being brought to attention.) The Russian population will greatly wonder if they get shot up because Putin fired on Poland. They need to wake up, same as the Red states need to wake up here.

We are NOT having a Russian dominated world. And, the US will NOT be dominated by the idiocy of the GOP. I dunno what in the hell happened to the US body politic, except to say that I believe the Russians infiltrated and turned those states, by installing Trump. They absolutely installed Trump, and almost pulled it off. We are not bloodthirsty, but we are going to purge every. last. damned. one. of. these. idiot. GOP. aholes. from. power.

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