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Member since: Wed Nov 6, 2019, 11:33 PM
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Covid and Storm season

Hey Joe get ahead of this.

Joe has a town hall tonight and would be well served to get ahead of the crisis. Tornado, fire and hurricane season is coming and the effect on strained resources, shelter in place and first responders will be severe.

Get this out now and some helpful ideas about how to handle it. Make Trump follow.

Amy's Husbad improves. (update Now at home)

I am very happy for her and her family, but this also is a big part of the tale. He is a "moderate" case. Not on a ventilator but looks to be in the hospital for some time to come, unless of course where he is becomes way overcrowded in which case they will probably try and get him home much more quickly then is medically indicated.

This is the story for many more the ICUs taking up resources and personal in may more numbers then looking at just the toplines indicate.

Slate has a good Idea about Warren and Klobuchar as the face of the party durring the crisis.

Why not turn over the partyís messaging about the pandemic to the two-woman team of Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren?

That the piece makes some really good points.

Anyone who saw Amy on Maddow the other night saw the emotional impact of her husband's situation has. We have a country longing for some sort of unity in the face of the crisis and having those two working together putting out a clear message with real information could just end up saving lives.

Biden Sends Klobuchar to Michigan

Joe takes no time getting his new surrogates out on the trail for him. Once a candidate withdraws they a somewhat short self lif unless used right away.
I wonder if Pete will get dispatched and where?

But getting Amy in the field this soon and running in advance of his own trip makes a ton of sense. If I was Joe I'd have her stop in North Dakota on the Way to Spokane and the Seattle suburbs.

The County responds to the Amy putting an "innocent" in jail

Many of you have heard about the Tyesha Edwards case from the AP story Amy Klobuchar helped jail teen for life, but case was flawed.

The Hennepin County attorney has come out with a statement today.

The context is important. This case is being politicized because it first arose when Amy Klobuchar was the Hennepin County Attorney. The case, however, involves the murder of an 11-year old girl, and the person who has been convicted twice of committing that murder. Amy Klobuchar was not the trial attorney on the case. It should not be treated like a political football. This office will continue to focus on the facts and will not let the politics of the moment influence that review of the facts.

Why is Myon Burrell still in prison when he says he did not kill Tyesha Edwards?
A: Myon Burrell has said a lot of things. He initially told police he was in Bemidji with his mother at the time of the shooting. Then, during his trial, the second alibi was, he was at a friendís house playing video games. Now, a news report claims Mr. Burrell has a third alibi, that two people are claiming they were with him at a nearby grocery store at the time of the shooting. These two people never came forward and no plausible explanation has been offered why these two people waited 18 years to say anything. Mr. Burrell remains in prison because a jury, then a judge, found him guilty of murdering Tyesha Edwards and the Minnesota Supreme Court agreed.

I feel very strongly about this case I live 4 blocks away and what Amy actually did at the time was good.

If you read the statement I'd like to point out that the Innocence Project's involvement is not unusual here as Amy Brought then in right at the start of her term and the connection has been maintained ever since.

Amy is not going anywhere just yet.

Nor should she. She remains the best possible President in the field and the strongest general election candidate.

Bernie has bee running for 5 years and it showed in Nevada.
Amy is just ow being noticed and across the board she had a 5 - 7 point bump coming out of NH. People are just paying attention and so as a classic head before heart candidate it takes a little time.

Post super Tuesday will be time enough.

Good Amy is not Dropping.

I know there are many here who are worried that we are giving the nomination to Bernie and that would somehow be a disaster.
There is also a ton of Angst about a contested convention.

Balderdash and Poppycock. Bernie is not that selfish. If he goes into the convention leading with somewhere around 30-35% of the delegates there will have to be a compromise candidate. That candidate will almost have to be not his main challenger at that point.

If it is much above that then it will be trickier. If it is 40% plus then he should be the nominee. We all will just have to work our asses off.

But a contested convention may just be the only way we can unite the party. Bernie understands that as well as anyone.

Until that time let the contest continue and let the voters settle it.

Interesting there is now a Super Pac to support Amy

LAS VEGAS, Nev. ó Kitchen Table Conversations, a new political action committee supporting Amy Klobuchar, which filed with the FEC last Friday, is the first Super PAC to back the Minnesota senator's candidacy.

Richard Carlbom who is leading this effort was the campaign manager for Minnesotans United for All Families the group that beat back the same-sex marriage ban amendment and then went on to get the Same-Sex marriage passed.

He is very good. That is some high power talent.

Amy crushing Pete and Beating Biden

If any of you have seen the Sanders beats everybody head to head YouGov poll yesterday. More of it was released today.

For Right now as Amy is trying to consolidate the "pragmatic" lane, So having her beating Pete by 11% and Joe by 2% is a very good sign.

We will worry about Warren and Sanders later as she is beating Bloomberg now also.

Amy's new Nevada AD


That feels like a confidant candidate.
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