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I was WaitWut several years back. When the 'blackout' happened, I sort of drifted away. Now, I'm back at DU.

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This is my 100th post on this account. TRIPLE DIGITS, BABY!!!

This was my home for so long...had to put this post right here.

<---- This is as close to an Irish Smilie as I could find. Seriously, guys? We can't have an Irish Smilie? <----this one is green, too.

Missouri Health and Senior Services says sixth positive COVID-19 case resulted overnight

They aren't saying which county...that's odd.

EDIT: They're saying it's in Green County

FAIRWAY, KS (KCTV) – Missouri has announced another positive coronavirus case in the state.

The Missouri Health and Senior Services posted a tweet Monday morning stating that another positive case resulted overnight.

Mo Health & Sr Srvcs

Overnight, we tested samples from 43 more individuals at our state laboratory for #COVID19. One more positive case resulted, and we are working to make notifications. County TBA.
🔬 170 total individuals tested
🔬 164 negative
🔬 6 positive http://www.health.mo.gov/coronavirus

8:38 AM - Mar 16, 2020
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They did not say where the case is in Missouri at this time.


Can someone explain this, "..no longer required to send positive tests to the CDC..."?

EDIT: Solved!!! Thanks everyone for the clarification! You completely eased my mind. I knew I could count on this place to have real answers.

I've searched for clarification, but came up empty. Now, is it just the confirmation that doesn't need to be reported, or is this going to skew the actual count/location of infection? Can't find a damned thing...

Also of note, according to the release: “As of today, the state laboratory is no longer required to send positive tests to the CDC for confirmation. Results from tests conducted at the state laboratory are considered final, including results for this case today.”


Has there ever been a Democratic President...

...that hasn't inherited a complete disaster from a Republican President?

We spend 4-8 years cleaning up their mess, they come in and claim victory. Spend 4-8 years destroying everything...rinse/repeat.

I'm cranky...so, I'm only considering recent history (and current events).
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