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Gender: Male
Hometown: Tucson, Arizona
Current location: Chicago, Illinois
Member since: Wed Dec 25, 2019, 01:02 AM
Number of posts: 3,164

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Beating the Religious Right at its Own Game


Democrats have never really been good at doing this kind of thing, because they are inclusive by nature, and hard lines don't sit well with them. But this mid-term will be a "do whatever it takes to win" scenario, and Republicans are handing them several gift-wrapped packages with "this plays well in Peoria" written all over them. There's everything associated with January 6th, including images of people in "Jesus" T-shirts and with crosses and Christian symbols on flags and banners joining a mob attacking the US Capitol and giving their endorsement and support to a seditious insurrection. Now, there's Ukraine and Trump's whole sad record of supporting Putin against the fledgling democracy.

Republicans are on the horns of a dilemma


Ukraine was at the center of former President 45's first impeachment. How soon we forget? Americans, for the most part, are bored with geography, politics and history. That's why our constitutional principles are slipping out of our hands. Former President 45 withheld money appropriated by Congress for Ukraine's defense against Russian aggression to bribe President Zelensky into helping him dig up dirt on Joe Biden. There was no dirt, as was discovered in the investigation, but the illegal act of withholding money appropriated by Congress was a crime for which Forty-Five was impeached, and should have been convicted.

It has turned out to be a much bigger crime, with much more dire consequences, that it appeared to be at the time.

So the Republicans are also now caught between a swell of public opinion on the side of Ukraine and against Russia, whose dictator has been lauded and praised by none other than President Pushover himself, former 45. What they are hoping is that a majority of Americans are ignorant, uneducated, and have very short memories and will forget that former President 45 has been a frequent contributor to Ukraine's woes, and is a supporter of the dictator, and his values, that is now attacking them without provocation.

This one won't get walked back.

Ukraine's Freedom Has Not Perished, Nor Has Her Glory...


Who decides what polling data to report?

MSNBC reported a Washington Post poll this morning showing President Biden's job approval rating at 38%. There were two other polls from this week, including a more recent (Feb. 25) poll from Morning Consult with 1,700 in the survey that had him at 47-53, and a You Gov ending the day before at 48-48.

The Post poll was earlier in the week and didn't involve as many respondents.

The poll was mentioned by Jonathan Capehart, who also works for the Washington Post which explains why he referenced their poll. Knowing his perspective, I can also conclude that he's ringing alarm bells here, and sees this as a way to motivate Democratic voters, rather than this being a criticism of the President. And we'd better get motivated and find ways to make sure we win in November.

I also get the rationale behind not constantly showing Trump's unfavorability, which is just another unnecessary mention of his name that gets him publicity.

Stand for Freedom, Democracy and the Constitution of the United States in No Uncertain Terms


I expect nothing to change in the extremist right wing media. These are people without a conscience or a soul. But I hope that some of their audience, and some of the politicians who frequently march to their drumbeat, actually do develop some sympathy for the Ukrainian people. They followed our example in building their nation, they wanted what we have when it comes to our freedom and our opportunities. They are having that taken away from them by a brutal dictator who doesn't want that forhis people and who is trying to destroy what they have because they happen to be right next door. We need to get on their side and support them in every way possible and that means leaving the politics in the dust.

One of the ways we can help others in the world who look up to our country and see the freedom we enjoy, the opportunities we have, and the rights for which we fight is to make sure we elect politicians who are committed to keeping our democracy strong. Those who are identifying themselves by their words of admiration and praise for Putin are telling us, in no uncertain terms, that they do not support American ideals and values, that they support someone who is committed to keeping his own people from freedom and to taking it away from his neighbors who also have it.

That is a point that needs to be driven home with clarity and resolve on election day, November 2022, in no uncertain terms.

American Politicians and Media Supporting Putin and Bashing Biden Should Take Note

of those "Remarkable" Russian protesters.


As Russians by the thousands risk arrest and imprisonment to exercise a right that we take for granted, we have some American politicians (and some media commentators) who have foolishly opened their mouths and have gone on record as being admirers and supporters of Putin, who is standing against everything America stands for and has invaded Ukraine to keep the kind of freedom upon which our country is built away from his doorstep. And they're doing it to gain the favor of a former President who tried to isolate the United States from its democratic, freedom-loving allies and who launched a riot on January 6, 2021 to overturn a free and fair election and subvert the Constitution.

That's not going to turn out well for anyone who has done it.

The President and his administration have handled this crisis as well as any previous administration has ever handled such an event. There is a measure of competence, confidence, and knowledge that comes with experience. President Biden's leadership has earned the trust of our NATO allies once again, after four years of uncertainty, and it has been his leadership over these recent months that has united most of the world against Putin's aggression. Calling out Putin's intentions, telling the world what he was planning in spite of his denials, and being right on target with the information has been an absolutely brilliant strategy. That's the mark of real experience.

Putin wouldn't have launched this invasion if he weren't certain of a divided America


It was Republican Senator Bob Corker, former chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee who said the former President's words and actions when it came to Putin's interference in the 2016 election, and to the soft-pedaling of sanctions made the country "look like a pushover." I think that's an apt description of the former President when it comes to anything having to do with foreign policy, period, but especially anything having to do with Putin. His claim that he was "tougher on Russia than any other President has been" is an outright lie. If he had been, Putin would not now be invading the Ukraine.

Ironic, isn't it, that the political party which loves to take credit for having a President in office when the Soviet Union fell apart is now supporting the Marxist dictator who wants to bring it back.

The Republicans are killing their mid-term election chances.

I live in a predominantly Polish neighborhood, most of them are immigrants, some native born Polish-American. They tend to support the GOP on social policy and economic policy. But since Putin started breathing threats against Ukraine, the mood has changed. The discussion at a birthday party last night was, among this group, surprisingly critical of Trump, openly saying that if the Republicans had done their job, he'd have been impeached and out and this wouldn't be happening if Putin didn't think he had the ability to divide the United States.

I don't know if other Eastern European immigrant groups feel the same way, but the Polish constituency is huge in several battleground states, Michigan and Ohio in particular. Lots of Ukrainians in Indiana.

Add being on the wrong side of the Ukraine invasion to the list of things that will kill the GOP at

the polls in November.

If Trump were in charge now, he'd be asking Putin for the check.

Much of American Christianity is being subverted...

Should Democrats try to disrupt the flow of votes to the GOP?

There's a sense of power and influence that comes with church leadership, especially when the church is independent, autonomous and not connected to a denomination or to one of the branches of Christian tradition. There's a temptation to use that kind of power and influence that is temporal, dependent on "worldly" influences. Christ himself was tempted with that same kind of worldly influence and power, the idea that one man could rule the whole world (Matthew 4:8-11).

That's why, when someone like Donald Trump comes along, a man who built his life, business and personal reputation on everything that the Bible labels as "debauchery" and worldly pleasure, and he says, "Hey, I love the Evangelicals. And turning the other cheek and doing unto others are nice things, but where have they gotten you?" he still has their ear. He can deny the very belief that is at the heart of Christian faith, claiming, "I haven't done anything that requires me to ask forgiveness from anyone," live a lifestyle that is the polar opposite of Christian submission to God, and still get the support of Christians. It is no longer the gospel that is the focus for many, it is gaining worldly power and influence. That takes less time and is more certain than prayer is, I guess, in their thinking anyway.
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