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Gender: Male
Hometown: Tucson, Arizona
Current location: Chicago, Illinois
Member since: Wed Dec 25, 2019, 01:02 AM
Number of posts: 2,700

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Boebert lives in a glass house and shouldn't throw stones.


Lauren Boebert's ignorance of the Christian faith shows up on multiple occasions. Defending her son's out of wedlock pregnancy by saying she wasn't going to "nitpick the Bible" was followed by her announcement that she was seeking a divorce. Neither one of those things fit very well in the overall worldview of her brand of Evangelical Christianity, but then, neither did her husband's indecent exposure prior to their marriage, nor does throwing a child around, as one of their sons alleged recently before recanting when his mother took control of the 911 call he was placing.

So it should not be too surprising that the Colorado congresswoman stepped outside of the boundaries of her claimed faith, which is, by description of her action, not really Christian, to label other human beings as "degenerates" because of their sexuality. That's a judgment that she's neither qualified nor permitted to render if she's claiming to be a Christian. It's one thing to determine, for one's self, what standards, principles, values and virtues by which to live, based on a personal interpretation of the Bible and the gospel of Jesus Christ. But it goes against the teaching of that same gospel to judge others unless the same standard is applied. And the fact of the matter is that, in the Christian gospel, Lauren Boebert is also a degenerate. So are we all.

Boebert's public reaction to her son's indiscretion was quite casual, though in the Christian faith, there's no difference between that and any other kind of sexual activity outside of marriage. She's only interested in "nitpicking the Bible" when it scores political points for her. But in this case, her hypocrisy has the potential to create a larger number of detractors than supporters. Oh, and divorce, well, in the book of Matthew, 19:8, Jesus says that divorce for any cause other than marital unfaithfulness, is adultery which meets the definition of degenerate, I think.

Indictments of Trump must come, or confidence in government's ability to enforce laws will decline


This is why I Supported Biden in the Primary

The Democrats have put a lot of excellent candidates up for the Presidential nomination for several cycles now. I could have easily supported any of them in either 2016 or 2020, and no one was more disappointed than I was when Hillary lost in 2016. What tipped the balance for me, in 2020, was Biden's experience, and his addressing the issue of Trump's prior criminality, and his claims of immunity as President, supported by his corrupt Attorney General Bill Barr, even before January 6th and the document scandal. He was much more clear on this than any of the others, except, perhaps Amy Klobuchar, but in addition to his words, there is his long experience in Washington, and that gives him an advantage in choosing the kind of people to run the DOJ who will get the job done.

And this is still my expectation. I have no doubt President Biden knows what is at stake. So does just about every other Democrat in the House and Senate. But I also know that there is political positioning and maneuvering involved, it would be naive not to consider that. This is a democracy and the people have a voice. And this voice is one that is encouraging those engaged in this job to get it done and do what you promised us you would do when we voted for you.

The American people responded to the corruption and incompetence of the former President's administration and term in office by exercising their power and putting someone else in office. We did that in response to what he had done at the time, not knowing that in his last few months in office, it would get so much more corrupt and so much worse. This American is joining his voice to millions of others asking that this be done quickly and effectively, as we believe the evidence shows that it can be.

Flynn and the "Re-awaken America" Tour are helping us see the MAGA heresy intruding into the church


For a political faction that claims support rooted in Evangelical Christianity, the doctrine and theology that they pass off as "Christianity" in their "Re-Awaken America" rallies, featuring former general Michael Flynn, a pardoned criminal, meets the definition of heretical apostasy. They have picked up on the sensationalism that is exhibited in some of the more extreme corners of Christianity, such as that of Trump's "spiritual advisor," prosperity cultist Paula White, and have claimed the authority to change the interpretation of the Biblical text to suit their politics. They count on the pathetic ignorance of their base, made up of people who have no idea what the Christian faith teaches, to believe what they say, give them money to continue and at some point, cast their ballot for Trump and his endorsed and approved candidates.

When I say that this meets the definition of heretical apostasy, I am using the conservative, Evangelical method of interpreting the Bible and establishing what they consider to be doctrinal and theological orthodoxy. Most conservative Evangelicals are absolutely locked into a set of beliefs that are based on a very literal rendering of the words in the Bible.

Surprise! MSNBC's Morning Joe actually gives positive perspective on Biden's poll numbers!

I was so shocked hearing what was coming out of the television this morning that I was late for work.

Multiple head to head polls show Biden ahead of Trump by varying percentages. Instead of picking out a low grade ABC news poll that gives the orange head a slight advantage, they pulled up a poll with a large sample of voters that showed Biden with a 47-40 lead, and then pointed out that he has a significant lead, over 25 points, among Independent voters. They had to put some negativity in there, so they complained about Democrats whining about Biden's poll numbers, while noting that he won the Presidency at 78, has a longer list of bi-partisan legislative accomplishments than anyone since Lyndon Johnson, kept the Senate in his party at mid-terms and no red wave materialized.

More of that!

Kari Lake gets one more chance to look like an idiot.


Arizona taxpayers have had to shell out an awful lot of money because of failed GOP candidates in the state, over the past two election cycles. Don't ever let your Republican candidates tell you they are interested in cutting spending. None of them are interested in it, and Lake seems to be doing more than her fair share to spend taxpayer dollars frivolously. Judges at several court levels have told her she doesn't have the evidence, and they're not going to overturn the election or even subtract ballots. But she keeps coming back, finding someone in a very conservative court system who opens the door to spend even more taxpayer dollars on futility.

She knows this. This isn't about getting the election overturned, it's an ongoing campaign for office, keeping her name and face in an obliging media, almost deliberately looking insane and unbalanced, because that's what gets her the attention she's seeking. She is continuing to run for office, more than likely Kyrsten Sinema's senate seat, but if she keeps challenging election results at every turn, she looks more and more like Trump, which is obviously what she wants.

So the taxpayers of Arizona must foot the bill for the legal costs involved as yet another judge, this time from the extremist Supreme Court in the state, says, "give her another chance." Or, "give her enough rope to hang herself." She's been told, several times, what the legal standards are that she must meet in order for any ruling to go in her favor, and all the evidence they have, which has been gone over in several courts, where it has been made clear that there were no illegalities committed, and no irregularities that were not resolved in the final tally. Every court conclusion has been the same, that she lost by just over 17,000 votes. But Arizona taxpayers have to pay more to hear the same thing again. I hope many of them remember how wasteful she was if she ever does get her name on a ballot again.

Tired of "liberal ideology"? You can move to Russia.


Yes indeed, Vlad the bad is offering a location in a village for American expatriates who are tired of liberal ideology. Of course, if they get tired of autocracy and the Russian Orthodox church there's no January 6th alternative being offered. In fact, no guns will be allowed in the village at all, nor will any protests or complaints.

Talk about being pampered, and taking what we have for granted. These are spoiled children who have no clue about the real world.

How, exactly, has "liberal ideology" broken the leg or pick-pocketed the wallet of conservative


Seriously? Move to a village in Russia, set up by Putin, because as an American you are "Tired of liberal ideology"?

Even the more left leaning media assumes Trump will the GOP nominee with no mention of indictments.

For Donald Trump, Presidential Candidate and GOP Party leader....

The CNN town hall revealed Trump as a "political mirage"


Taegan Goddard's Political Wire said that Biden's team was "positively giddy" after Trump's appearance at a town hall on CNN. They had good reason to be. According to Goddard's post, one of Biden's team members said, "It was quite efficient. Weeks worth of damning content in one hour."

And that just about sums it up. I thought Trump did an excellent job, if the man is capable of doing anything excellent, letting voters know exactly why he is the single most incompetent, unqualified, unfit individual in the entire nation, including all of the other 300 million plus of us, to serve as President. He is a loser. And during that town hall, he opened up his mouth and let everyone know that he is.

It was grueling to watch. Aside from the way his mouth moves when he speaks, his voice, his eyes which, even on camera give away the fact that he is a pathological and calculated liar, his accent and his extremely limited vocabulary, the only adjective of which he seems to be capable being "disgrace," it is just virtually impossible to take the man seriously. I watched because I needed to assure myself that he can't win based on what comes out of his mouth. I know in my head that he is out of touch with the majority of the American people, just looking at the appearance of most of his supporters tells me that. But this was an unprecedented performance, worthy of a third rate cable news network, and it was assuring in the ridiculousness of the thought that this man could ever be elected to office again. He is a mirage, a fake, a television personality with no substance, a living creature devoid of a conscience, any resemblance of a moral foundation, a shell of a human being angry at a world he can't control.

Before Dobbs, what were anti-abortion activists doing to prevent abortions?


They had the power and resources to do an awful lot. The evidence suggests that they were more interested in the political advantage they could gain rather than the "Christian" aspects of the issue.

If the old saying is true, that your checkbook reflects your priorities, then that's quite telling. The amount of resources that goes into the entities and social service agencies belonging to religious institutions, mainly the Catholic church and various Protestant churches, that have the capacity to deal with issues touching abortion is a fraction of what the same people spend on the debt load of the loans on the church buildings where they meet each Sunday. So it's easier and cheaper to get the government to do the work.

And that says an awful lot.
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