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Trump pressing aides on how to get an airport named after him: report

According to a report from the Daily Beast, Donald Trump is now looking past leaving the White House and querying close aides on what he has to do to get an airport named after himself as part of his legacy.

The president -- who has made a career of slapping his name on buildings and a multitude of products including a failed university and bottles of wine -- reportedly believes his four years in office is worthy of being honored with an airport naming and has been asking how he goes about making it happen.

As the Beast's Asawin Suebsaeng reports, two aides admitted that the president has been sending out feelers, which also include making sure the airport chosen doesn't have "a bad reputation or crumbling infrastructure," and asked if paperwork is needed to get the process rolling.


Maybe he could start his own Airlines off the money he has grifted while in office, call it TrumpAir specializing in one way trips to Moscow

Super Covid is Here, and You Should Be Very Worried

The Next Phase Isnít Just About Vaccines. Mutant Strains of Supercharged Covid Are Emerging, and They May Be Here to Stay.

2020ís been an abysmal year, and itís only fitting that it ends with something that many of us have worried about since the beginning of the pandemic now beginning to happen: a newer, worse strain of Covid. The virus mutating into an even more virulent and or deadly form.

I have some (very) bad news to share with you, and neither of us has time to beat around the bush. Say hello to ďSuper COVID.Ē Itís about to spread across the West, courtesy of Boris Johnson (you can thank him later.)

Letís start with the numbers ó these come from the BBC, by the way. The new strain of Covid is 77% more infectious than the existing one, the one thatís already hit. And yet itís not any weaker. Itís just as deadly as the old one. Let me summarise that. Thereís a new strain of Covid that spreads almost twice as fast and is just as lethal and dangerous as the existing one. Maybe you see why I call it ďSuper Covid.Ē If it sounds scary, thatís because it is.


Per CNN: according to leaked Fox News memos, fox will refuse to call

Biden president elect. Looks like GOPTV will be in tRumps pocket to the very end.

Biden flips PA, congrats! nt

BREAKING: Large Chemical leak from a plant in Lake Charles flowing over I-10, extremely dangerous

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