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Member since: Thu Feb 27, 2020, 02:17 AM
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Bad Lip Reading of the 2020 SOTU (We all could use a laugh today)


New Poll: Biden is the only Democrat that beats Trump in Texas


On Rasmussen, Trump's favorite pollster, his approval went from 52% to 47% in ONE NIGHT

And Rasmussen has a 8%-10% GOP edge. Which means Trump is really somewhere in the high 30s.

And dropping.

There's no such thing as "superdelegates" and that term needs to be retired

Pledged delegates - chosen by the voters during the primary season, there are roughly 4000 of these.

Unpledged delegates - chosen by the voters in the most recent elections (these are representatives, senators, and governors who were all selected by the electorate as well). There are roughly 700 of these.

The only differences between the first group and the second group are:

1. When the voters selected them (primary season or most-recent general elections)
2. The second group doesn't get to vote unless the first group doesn't give one candidate at least 50%

Since the second group has LESS power than the first, it is kind of weird to call them "super" delegates.

Unpledged delegates were chosen by the electorate too!

Sanders, Klobuchar, Biden, and Warren are all unpledged delegates - by virtue of being current office holders or having won past federal elections.

"superdelegates" is a term that is meant to be inflammatory. People should stop using it.

On 01/16/2018 the DJIA first reached 25,700

It is now back there today.

In effect, all of the gains of the past 25 months have been wiped out.

In four trading days.

We have a President who has tied his electoral fate to the performance of the markets. The next batch of poll numbers that come out are going to have him in the high 30s. Watch.

In 4 trading days... nearly 40% of DJIA gains since Trump was inaugurated have been wiped out

January 20, 2017: 19,795

February 21, 2020: 29,146

(Gain of 9,351)

Close today (February 27, 2020): 25,766

(4-day loss of 3,380)

36% of DJIA gain during Trump presidency has been lost in 4 days.

What stocks are doing WELL today?

NetFlix is up.

Clorox is up.

Kind of telling.

I wouldn't be surprised if attendance at baseball games goes way down this spring.
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