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TigressDem's Journal
TigressDem's Journal
November 17, 2021

Has anyone HERE ever participated in a poll and rated Biden low?

I don't ever remember participating in any polls about Biden.

Who are putting these out and how can DU get in on them to make them reflect an honest evaluation?

Because the people they are asking must be stay at home disgruntled folk who aren't following actual factual news and believe the propaganda being spewed by the tRump machine et al.

October 3, 2021

A new approach to PEACE

Out in the 12 Step World is a concept of defining "The Problem" and "The Solution" and I applied it to finding a better way to work together (at all - even DU feels argumentative these days).

I am hoping it will be a way to communicate with some of my family who are decent people, but very tRumpy.

I would still have to pursue permission to use this anywhere publicly where I might derive any financial benefit (which I might have to do as some parts of it need further explanation as they are maybe quirky concepts on my part and may take a book or booklet.)

But tell me if any of this makes sense to people.

The Problem:
Humanity’s Tendency to De-Evolve into Clan Based Thought

Many of us found that we had several characteristics in common as a result of being brought up in a World that created Clan Based Systems of EXCLUSION as part of our evolution, but that when used NOW results in backwards steps for Humanity in general and US personally.

We can feel isolated, uneasy with other people, especially authority figures. Every interaction becomes about US vs THEM.

To protect SELF and CLAN, we can HIDE, FLEE or FIGHT. If we became people pleasers, we might lose our own identities in the process. We can mistake any personal criticism as a threat to hide from, run from or face with a vengeance.

We might have become EXCLUSIONISTS (or practiced other FEAR Based Behavior Roles) ourselves, or have suffered interactions with such personalities, and suffered harm, felt persecuted and misunderstood by entire groups of “OTHER” people.

We can devolve into righteous victimhood. Developing HYPER Vigilance as our sense of responsibility can WARP into being more concerned with how others treat us rather than seeing our own actions and others actions in their true light.

We can get guilt feelings when we stand up for ourselves, often giving in to others to keep the peace or become COMBATITIVE. This made many of US devolve into FEAR Based Reactors rather than EVOLVED Human Actors, letting other’s initiatives RULE or WRECK our lives.

We see our World from a viewpoint of TERRIFIED INTER-DEPENDENCY where although we have made much progress in DEFINING, DEFUSING and DOVETAILING our interactions we FEAR the OTHER Group will somehow betray US. Historically, it is TRUE. So SOME fears are rational. But the HYPER Vigilance causes us to DEFEND, DISTRUST and DENY most efforts at PEACE, Co-operation and Mutual Advancement as INSINCERE unless we already SEE those offering as One of US instead of One of THEM.

These symptoms of De-Evolution made us ‘co-victims’, those who take on the characteristics of the dysfunction without necessarily ever resorting to the highest crimes. We learned to DISTRUST OTHERS as children and RESISTED new information into adulthood. As a result of this conditioning, we often confused DOGMA with FACTS trying to SOLVE the WRONG PROBLEMS with FEAR BASED SOLUTIONS.

Unable to recognize this as self-perpetuating and self-defeating DE-Evolution, we became STUCK in a cycle of constant upset that distrusted, delayed and derailed workable solutions.

This is a description, not an indictment.?

The Solution:
Become Evolved Humans ACTING on FACTS to face FEARS

The solution is to become THE CHANGE. Evolve personally and teach others to do the same.
SEE History based on actual FACTS and do NOT be swayed by FEAR to spray “THEY DID IT” or “I AM RIGHT” on EVERYTHING. Become part of RE-Evolution. Do NOT just start a revolution AGAINST another “THEM” as it will only cause more conflict and less resolution of problems.

By coming together with the goal of Evolving Humanity into a Healthy Inter-Dependency based on DEFINING, DEFUSING and DOVETAILING our interactions; we can create a safe structure that protects people from those who would over reach power while harnessing the good we can do as complimentary societies. We can then advance toward World PEACE, create more Health and Wealth while sharing our resources and advances within Secure Parameters. LAWS that REWARD Honest Cooperation and PENALIZES all DIS-Honest Attempts to revert to a Clan Based Society that DISRUPTS the PROCESS of Evolution towards PEACE among the Peoples of the World.

WE FACE THE PAST TOGETHER without making any one group into only heroes or only victims. We become EVOLVED Humans, imprisoned no longer by Clan Based reactions. We discover/recover the evolved human within; learning to love, accept and respect ourselves AND others.

The healing begins when we risk FACING FACTS WITHOUT DOGMA. While it is right to allow people who have been treated as “other” for most of history to grieve over the hurts of the past and acknowledge their pain and suffering, including any portion of that pain that is our own; we don’t get to healing the rift until we gradually release those burdens of unexpressed grief and become WILLING, however slowly, TO MOVE OUT OF THE PAST. We learn to treat ourselves AND OTHERS with gentleness, humor, love and respect by DEFINING, DEFUSING and DOVETAILING our interactions.

This process allows us to see our HISTORY as the FACTS of our existence. We acknowledge that no one group of people has been able to experience the Evolution into Healthy Inter-Dependence among people in their society without RELEASING the Fearful Clan Based Mentality of US vs THEM.

This is the action and work that heals us: we use FACTS to confront FEARS; we use the FACTS to find HEALTHY SOLUTIONS to Our Problems TOGETHER. We share our experience, strength, and hope with each other. We learn to restructure our sick thinking one day at a time. When we release ourselves from the Mentality of FEAR Based CLAN Reactions, and take responsibility for our actions today, we become free to make healthful decisions as actors, not reactors. We progress from hurting, to healing, to helping. We awaken to a sense of wholeness within HUMANITY that we never knew was possible.

By working together to FACE the FEAR Baseed Clan Mode of Thought as the dysfunction it is: a system that seeks to compartmentalize the people of the World into US vs THEM, we release it’s power to affect US as we seek to EVOLVE into the BEST that Humanity can become.

We keep the focus on FACTS and the need for SOLUTIONS in the PRESENT. We take responsibility to BE THE CHANGE we are looking for to solve the World’s and our own problems.

We can accept the PAST as it WAS and Ourselves and Others AS WE ARE. We SEE the TRUTH of a World that is still divided and searching for the best answers for how to work together without losing our own independence. We acknowledge both mistakes and well intentioned groundwork that can be salvaged or replaced with something better suited for EVOLVED interactions that advance Humanity as a WHOLE Entity.

July 10, 2021

My son is driving me crazy. He's a tRumper.

I was thinking we were beginning to have some halfway civilized conversations and then he blew up over something today and I just want to write him off, but that means I write off the grand kids too.

My sister has older kids that are having issues. One daughter "S" is a off and on meth addict. So when "S" is clean, my sister lets "S" see her own daughter who my sister is the guardian for due to "S" is not a healthy parent.

My sister had the "audacity" (my son's words) to hurt his kids feelings. She bought tickets to a water park so that my son's 3 kids could attend a B-Day party with the daughter of "S". The water park is like 5 cities away from my sister's house, but she drove everyone out there (because it was really close to my DIL's parents house where they are house sitting) and called my DIL to say they were picking up the cupcakes and would like to meet at the water park.

Everything was fine until my DIL found out that "S" would be there at her daughter's birthday party. She often leaves these events early but her daughter was having so much fun "S" stayed a bit longer.

My son is blowing up about it (because it cut down the time his kids could be there by 4 hours) and doesn't want anything to do with that side of the family any more because he wants to support my DIL's sobriety - "S" got DIL the meth and DIL fought the issue for 3 years and is finally keeping it together.

Now if he said this calmly, it would be one thing, but he is screaming at me and my sister for wrecking his children's lives.

I told him he is over reacting and he says, "No" I have am tired of bending over and not being heard about this."

As I see it my sister bent over backwards to accommodate them and it was a free water park invite that he chose to pass by for reasons that we can support.

In fact, my sister said she will make a special trip to pick up the grand kids on another day to take them without the involvement of "S".

My son rejects this as any kind of solution.

He is so unreasonable. One thing he said is that if "S" shows up at his house, she will get a shotgun in her face and my son doesn't care if he goes to prison for it. He will "probably" give her the chance to just leave, but not certain about that. He is off the wall on this issue and many others.

What do people do in this kind of situation?

I can't just ignore it, normally my son and his family live with me (rent free - but he blames me because they had a chance at section 8 but I wouldn't sign saying they paid rent for a year because they haven't and I refuse to lie in that manner and wind up in prison for welfare fraud.)

June 26, 2021

DeSamtis IS REMOVING Free Speech from Universities because the only "diversity" they need is white


The new law requires colleges and universities to conduct an annual survey measuring “intellectual freedom and viewpoint diversity” on their campuses. It’s an effort to gauge “the extent to which competing ideas and perspectives are presented”, as well as how free students, faculty and staff feel “to express their beliefs and viewpoints”, the bill says.


But critics fear the assessment will instead end up intimidating teachers, chilling free speech and disproportionately representing the perspectives of those who feel aggrieved. They are also concerned the data could be wielded to punish faculty or universities.

At DeSantis’s behest, Florida’s board of education also recently banned educators from teaching critical race theory, which analyzes racism as a systemic, persistent part of American life and has been weaponized by Republicans who say teaching about oppression in this form is divisive. The board similarly barred materials connected to the New York Times’s 1619 Project, a widely lauded effort that focuses on slavery’s consequences as well as Black Americans’ contributions.

GENERAL DEFENDS Critical Race Theory being studied by military


June 14, 2021

Guess I might as well leave DU again

I will still be out there doing the best I can in whatever way I can.

But a lot of these discussions go in circles.

If you want to understand, they say look it up.

If you want to be understood, they say it isn't about you.

Well if you want my help but you can't tell me WTF you want, specifically, then it's stupid to have the conversation.

If I have to figure it out on my own, I will and peace to y'all.

I'd take a bullet for you but I damn sure can't handle these ridiculous conversations any more.

Peace Out.

Tigress DEM

June 13, 2021

Very interesting article about how Anti-Racist Activism can have a backlash on Interracial Couples

I know I personally look at the idea of "white" domination as more of something that is under the surface culturally and that if you are NOT racist, you don't dig in that toolbox.

Sometimes being white we have learned things unintentionally that need to be unlearned also, but I agree that to assume all other races are "victims" isn't appropriately respectful or helpful.

To acknowledge actual equality is to SEE their power as valid whether everyone else acknowledges it or not.

What do people here think of the article below?

Ye Zhang Pogue , researcher of mental health, disparity, and race
On 6/11/21 at 6:04 PM EDT

It's not due to any racist malintent that I worry these crucial gains are being undermined. Quite the opposite in fact. In 2020, American had a great racial awakening, after George Floyd's horrifying murder was caught on tape. More and more people started to confront racism, which was of course a very positive change. Yet as the movement progressed, the necessary correction began to take a troubling turn.

I learned that some activists claim all white people are oppressors, while people of other racial groups are oppressed victims. I learned that they think that a racial power dynamic exists in every interaction between white and nonwhite people, and thus oppression is present in every activity of life. Acknowledging and fighting against white people's oppressive role, I learned, is essential for "anti-racism." And refusing to acknowledge it is "White Fragility."

As the people around me became more deeply mired in this worldview, I wondered, where does interracial marriage belong in these narratives? Why would oppressed persons want to marry oppressors? And if these activists are right, wouldn't we have to conclude that no authentic relationship could exist between white and nonwhite people?

June 6, 2021

So how does Biden's approval so far compare to whathisface?

It's probably an easy confusion... Dump sees bigger numbers and thinks he's winning, but the Disapproval is bigger than Biden's approval. That's apples and kumquats, dude.



June 4, 2021

Ever heard of Scopolamine being used for interrogations? IE Guantanamo Bay??

SCARY THOUGHT.... toward end of second *USH there were pushes for a drug to make people more susceptible to suggestion...

THERE IS ONE OUT THERE... called Devil Breath (aka-scopolamine)


Possibly a product of Nightshade... it's been used in various strengths to combat sea sickness, as a TRUTH SERUM and can ZOMBIFY a person (street drug is called Devil's Breath.)

IN ALL THESE MASS RALLIES... what if this drug were pumped out into the crowd?

WOULD it be possible to find it in the blood stream?

How long does Devil's Breath stay in your system?

It's also nearly impossible to detect, as it's only in your bloodstream for four hours. So by the time you emerge from your zombie state and go to a hospital, the remnants are gone.
Jul 7, 2020




I FEEL LIKE A CONSPIRACY NUT someone tell me this IS NOT possible.

BUT it would explain why seemingly normal people are CONVINCED an insane man is perfectly right about everything and fit to be President.

Not the ONLY explanation, but IF in the next violent wave, and it's happening in August...

IF WE TEST THE INSURRECTIONISTS for Scopolamine within 4 hours of the start of the violence AND it is found in their systems, that would be proof of intentionally INCITING (DRIVING) a group to violence against the government.

April 14, 2021

Asian girl is a wonderful "home maker" (wink) Share something positive about Asia or Asians

A whole channel of unique "off grid" builds by a young woman with just survivalist tools.

Such an industrious young person, so much knowledge and tenacity.

Just WOW!


IF so many creepers are going to hate on our Asian brothers and sisters, let DU show some love here.

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