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Member since: Wed Sep 30, 2020, 04:57 PM
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Plouffe & Schmidts Battleground podcast w/ Stepen Stuart & James Carville

The best 39 minutes I've heard on this election, what's at stake for this country and the foggy future of the American political landscape from four of the arguably best political strategists of the last 30 years. A must listen IMO.

"Rudy's is bigger"


We must demand nationalisation of all privatized government social programs....

IMO, if the Dems can gain control of all 3 branches they MUST out of the gate not just move away from, but TAKE every privatized social program/facility that has been moved into the private sector over the last 50 years. The privatization of nearly all of OUR governments social responsibilities is no different than the proverbial incestual patriarchal rape of innocent familia children.
As long as profit is the motivating factor for basic social infrastructure like imprisonment/detention, education, law enforcement provision, public environmental safety amongst many others, the negative aspect of all of those will be encouraged in order to drive profit and reduce cost.
OUR government has 3 basic obligations.
PROVIDE an equal playing field where ALL citizens have an opportunity to LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT.
PROTECT EVERY citizen from threat foreign AND ESPECIALLY domestic.
And most of all, to be held ACCOUNTABLE to the citizens whenever government and/or those WE empower overreach.
This bullshit that OUR government doesn't work is just that, bullshit.
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