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Cheezoholic's Journal
Cheezoholic's Journal
June 8, 2024

Hey MSNBC, whatever this is you're doing tonight to fill O'Donnell's slot

Please stop. And if you do it again do it at 11am

June 6, 2024

All the light MAGAT's cannot see

President Biden is in Europe honoring the 80th anniversary for those who served and those who made the ultimate sacrifice from all freedom loving countries in the largest military operation in history in order to wipe the face of fascist tyrannical evil from the face of a continent.

Convicted felon fascist evil tyrannical sick fuck is at home with his little fingers pecking away on his little phone petty self centered weak little phrases feeling sorry for himself still wondering why "suckers" would die for nothing.

That is fucking all

May 22, 2024

As destructive and tragic as they can be storms have an indescribable beauty from space

Especially at sunset. I mean Tigers are amazing to look at too but they'll also rip your head off


May 21, 2024

Uh, yeah. When the SPC is warning on the volitality of individual super cells, it's bad. Waterloo, Cedar Rapids

Really concerned for the Dells in WI later. It's a big camping week. These cells have been debarking trees (Cat 4 and 5 hurricanes do that). Very violent tornadoes going on in Central Iowa heading E-NE

Mesoscale Discussion 0879
NWS Storm Prediction Center Norman OK
0509 PM CDT Tue May 21 2024

Areas affected...Central Iowa into northeast Iowa and far southwest

Concerning...Tornado Watch 277...

Valid 212209Z - 212345Z

The severe weather threat for Tornado Watch 277 continues.

SUMMARY...Intense to potentially violent tornado threat across
northeast Iowa and into southwest Wisconsin over the next 2 hours

DISCUSSION...The supercell which formed the intense to potentially
violent tornado which impacted Greenfield and other portions of
southwest Iowa this afternoon has re-intensified after storm
mergers. This storm and another strong supercell to its south are
moving into an increasingly favorable tornadic environment with a
STP of 5 to 6 (per SPC mesoanalysis). The backed surface winds and
vorticity rich environment in the wake of the morning convection
will provide ample low-level vorticity for a sustained tornado
threat into the early evening. One or more long-track, potentially
violent tornadoes are possible in this corridor over the next 90 to
120 minutes.

..Bentley/Thompson.. 05/21/2024

...Please see www.spc.noaa.gov for graphic product...


LAT...LON 43319094 43149080 42899079 42509117 41569273 41459346
42039360 42679316 43289233 43499174 43489133 43499120

May 21, 2024

Heads up Iowa and surrounding states. Another rare PDS tornado watch issued. Really active spring so far

PDS (Particularly Dangerous Situation) watches are very rare. I think this is the 2nd in the last 30 days. We are in a hyper-active tornado season right now. These storms should progress the the ENE with time so areas in N-IL and S-WI could come under the gun later.

Official sources



May 20, 2024

Big week for us sports fans here in the Hoosier State. Pacers and Racers!

Pacers played one of the funnest and exciting semi's in a long long time to get into the NBA Eastern Conference Finals! Then at the Indy 500 track (brutal sun, I'm as red this morning as this state on Kornacki's election map lol) Neckar's own Kyle Larson set the fastest rookie lap ever and Scott McLaughlin set an all time quickest pole position time ever, all yesterday.

Its always time to play in May in Indiana with the the namesake Indy Cars all month but adding in the Pacers is gonna snatch a few more Benjamin's outta my hidden piggy bank to go see a home game. I mean what more could a Hoosier ask for, Pacers in the Conference Finals and the Indy 500 all happening at once? Well yeah, a fucking DEMOCRAT in the state house and a bunch more in the legislature would be nice lol. Maybe this is a sign

May 17, 2024

"Just Do It" Lawrence O'Donell's A block laid out TSF's trial so far like a Stormy Daniels video

bare naked and wide open. He laid down the best description of the trial I've heard yet.
Gotta love LOD!

May 6, 2024

Severe outbreak upgraded from yesterday as expected to a level 5 in OK and KS

Edit*: The primary low pressure system causing the havoc has dropped to 986mb's and falling as it moves S/SE over WY/Western NE/KS. I know that may not mean much but I've seen Cat 2 Hurricanes over 100mph with that kind of pressure. The weather experts are very very concerned in some of their latest wording. And not just in the highest level area, anywhere in at least the yellow on up really need to be aware. Watches are being issued now.

Very strong (EF3+) long tracked tornadoes and especially "Giant Hail" of over 4 inches can be expected. I have personally experienced hail of that size and I'd rather have a tornado. Scariest weather phenomena I've experienced outside hurricanes.
Much of the areas under the gun will be the same affected last month some of which have been declared disaster areas by the Federal Govt so they are going to be especially vulnerable as they try and recover.

Much of the severe weather into tomorrow will be very dependent on the evolution and tracks of storms today at granulated scales too fine for models to accurately pickup on but the general consensus is 2 more days of extensive severe weather farther east into the Great Lakes/Ohio Valley's working it's way to the mid-Atlantic/SE states through Thursday.

Only posting this for awareness as we haven't seen a repetitive pattern like this at the peak of tornado season in nearly 10 years. Tornado season peaks from mid-May through June in the Midwest and we really have been experiencing quiet seasons in many of these areas lately so it's easy to forget.

Some tips...
Any kind of new or used helmets and a battery powered weather radio WILL save your families lives more than anything else you have besides a shelter or basement. If in your home then get as close to the center and/or lowest point in your home (the center, not bathtubs, bathtubs fly). The area where there are the most walls between you and a neighbors toothbrush going 200mph. Cover up in couch cushions, mattresses, pillows, you want to make yourself and your family into a protected ball. And importantly, DON'T rely on cellphones or the internet for warnings! That radio WILL save your life, not Ryan Hall. If you're out don't try and run away unless you have experience running away from tornadoes, which you don't because even experienced chasers don't run away, you will die. Get out of your car, you're not a storm chaser (there are too many as it is, why I quit). Do not get underneath under passes, you will die and kill others. Sad to say but duck and cover are your best chances. Just plain old get out, get as low as possible... ditch, against a curb, anything lower than whats around you, curl up into a ball and cover up with anything you can find. Remember, your average airliner, big airliner goes maybe 140 mph and lifts 500 tons or more of metal and flesh into the air. An EF3 tornadoes winds are going that fast and faster so your 5,000lb 4 runner is a piece of newspaper. I'm saying this because I saw a lot of morons last month that are lucky to be here today (including some dumbass chasers) and I've seen people die in these things. Seriously not joking, I've watched people die in front of my eyes being Darwin award wannabes.

Below are links to NOAA's Storm Prediction Center (SPC) who are responsible for all official severe weather forecasts and issuing severe weather watches with the next 3 days of expected severe weather coverage.

I'm including Ryan Halls channel if he's your cup of tea (not mine). Also a link to a real Meteorologist Trey Greenwoods uTube channel who gives a quick 5 min summary in the beginning then gets into the geeky shit of the forecasts if you're into that like me.

Stay safe

NOAA's Storm Prediction Center. All severe weather roads lead here (and the NHC of course)

Outbreak forecast areas next 72 hours

Today into tonight

Tomorrow through Wed morning (very well may be upgraded)

Wed into Thurs morning (very well may be upgraded)

Trey Greenwoods channel Convective Chronicles (science science science)

Ryan Halls channel with all his shiny objects

May 5, 2024

Severe weather earworm for the next 4 to 5 days, SPC extended forecasts have been very good this year

It's a big reason there were so few fatalities from the outbreaks in the plains a couple of weeks ago. SPC was warning on those outbreaks 7-8 days out. 20, even 10 years ago if we would've had a +100 tornado day the aftermath would probably have been much more somber so hat's off to them.

Transitioning ENSO's (El Nino to La Nina) in the Spring and early summer (that timing is fairly rare) are usually marked by a significant increase in risk of outbreaks from not just the usual tornado ally areas but into the Plains, Midwest/Great Lakes and Ohio Valleys. And on mark the SPC has been forecasting another potential outbreak for over a week for the next 4 days for areas from TX up through the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley. Always perks my ears when they start alerting a week out. They've been on it this year so keep it in the back of your mind from the southern plains all the way up into OH and in the S/SE and Mid Atlantic later in the week. This is another in a string of anomalously strong systems over the last 30 days with the full basket of ingredients needed.

Below is Mon- Tues at level 4, then Tues - Wed at level 3. There's a chance Mon - Tues could be raised to a level 5 in the southern plains and Tues - Wed could be raised to a level 4 maybe even 5 from their wording. The same areas are being being warned on into Thurs depending on how the beginning/mid week phase plays out. One take from their wording is widespread Giant Hail up to grapefruit size is very probable with these coming storms. We're stuck in a pattern so far this Spring that continues to be very favorable for strong long tracked EF3+ tornadoes. We haven't had an active Spring this far north in many years so heads up.

Regardless of what "level" they are warning at, significant tornadoes and destructive thunderstorms are possible in any shaded area. Expect a significant severe weather outbreak in the areas in the maps below through Thurs.

Day 2

Day 3 (and 4)

April 28, 2024

Tornado outbreak ongoing near Norman/Oklahoma City, these may make it to Tulsa according to SPC... local live coverage

They are hitting populated areas, training over the same areas similar to yesterday. NWS saying debris is being lofted 25k ft in the air.

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