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Member since: Wed Sep 30, 2020, 04:57 PM
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Holcombe signs Covid-19 tort protections bill

With covid deaths over 4 times what was forecasted last May, over 12k, the first bill signed into law in IN in 2021 is protections for business's against covid lawsuits. Lord knows that's the #1 priority right now. It's time to turn IN blue.


We need to start telling it like it is

What is wrong with this country pure and simple is class separation. Of course there is the 1%, there will always be a 1%. The real issue is how many Americans live on the brink of financial collapse. There is a comfortable "middle class" that has grown so completely separated from 70% of the citizens in this country that they have no idea how hard it is for them. The pandemic may have woken up some of "suburbia", but giving up starbucks isn't a sacrifice and certainly nothing to complain about. You suddenly can't afford fresh fruit and vegetables? But you want to tax 64 ounce cokes at convenience stores? The "greed is good" philosophy of the 80's and 90's has destroyed the middle class. We have left to many children of the great middle class of post WWII era in the dust. We live in a middle class of nickel millionaires. The true wealthy class is no different than Trump. They will invite you to the party, but when the storm hits youre gonna get a pike up your ass. I feel nothing for some PC mom bitching about her kid not being able to go to class when during the entire life of her kid there are 20 that dont go because they gotta work, or are too scared, or they live in an impoverished environment where its no big deal. There is no race immune to poverty. As long as we let the fat cats keep us divided economically, on either side, we will never be.
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