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Home country: USA
Current location: PA
Member since: Sat Jan 9, 2021, 06:56 PM
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Can Gov Hochul fire Bragg?

If she does can the New DA reverse what Bragg did to the Trump case?

covid taste and eating.

last month I got a break thru case.

I had/have issues with taste. My smell is fine.

I find food fall into 4 categories. No taste (which I am grateful for right now), Metallic taste, Bitter taste, and spoiled/rancid taste.

The metallic and bitter taste can range to something tolerable, and I can eat something/drink something to get food in my stomach but sometimes it gets so bad I stop eating.

Rancid the man issue is water. I try and drink it and I find myself spitting it out like t is vile. for liquids I have been drinking what I can tolerate. I have been eating a lot of Italian ice as I am able to put spoonful in my mouth and let t dissolve to quinch my mouth (which is dry for the most part.) I can't take citrus, but Root beer flavor has no taste. I have been using pedlite pops, popsicles and watermelon fruit bars (but sometimes I get a bitter after taste) .

I am finding it hard to eat a meal a cup of soup keeps me from having my stomach growling but eat more like a normal meal and I get nauseated. I've been told to pick thru out the day but it makes me ill doing that.

I was told by 2 doctors this could last weeks or months or longer and I am wonderng it anyone has/have this issue and any suggetstions on what to do.

Thank you all for the sympathy and well wishes.


I know I disappeared after sister-in-law's death. We buried her yesterday.

I just wanted to thank you all for everything.

NATO needs to use the attack on the Estonian ship as the excuse to go in and help Ukraine.

Estonia is a NATO country. The ship attack today was thru an by Estonia. Go in now before Russia cause a nuclear melt down (on tablet and sis in law passed today. An issue or stupid ideas be kind please.)

My sis in law passed away today.

She was being moved from the hospital in pittsburgh to the hospice in town. They got her into the facility and she passed. I want to thank you all for your kindness in letting me vent. We knew it was coming but it still stuns. (Sorry for any errors in tablet)

So will Bobert and MTG at the SOTU be SNL's cold open?

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