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AZLD4Candidate's Journal
AZLD4Candidate's Journal
February 16, 2024

Update on my wife's four year trek for her Green Card - IR1 visa issuance delayed one day due to missing document

She forgot to pack her birth certificate. Issuance of visa has been delayed one day so we can courier it to the Bangkok embassy.

Once they have it, she will be issued her IR1 and she will get her green card.

On a personal note, I owe a debt to Sen. John Fetterman. When my parents met him and spoke to him about the problems. he immediately instructed his aide to "take care of this." With his office, the process has been painless.

We are assuming he had a letter sent to USCIS and the Dept of State on our behalf to tell them to stop the games and reunite my family.

I don't care what Big John does. . .he has my vote, support, and funding for any election as soon as we get to Pennsylvania.

February 16, 2024

Update on my wife's four year trek for her Green Card - it is IR1 Visa interview day at the embassy

9:00 AM Thailand time (9:00 PM Eastern Time in the US), she goes into the embassy in Bangkok and gets grilled. Approval rates are 88%.

We are terrified and nervous. I feel like throwing up and she is more nervous now than she was when she took Gaokao in high school.

I'm not religious at all, but for those who have been following this, maybe a little divine intervention would help just psychologically.

February 13, 2024

Someone please explain to me how boinking a subordinate invalids an investigation

and criminal proceeding.

I am failing to understand this.

February 13, 2024

Feeling betrayed, Trump wants a second administration stocked with loyalists

WASHINGTON — Sitting in the Oval Office in the infancy of his presidency in 2017, Donald Trump found himself surrounded by new aides who had worked for other prominent Republicans, including Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, his most bitter rival from the previous year’s primaries.

The “America First” president evidently worried that they wouldn’t now put the American president first.

Trump went around the room, inquisition-style, asking each aide to declare allegiance, according to a person who was present.

“He was quizzing people in the Oval if they were loyal to him or previous bosses,” the source recalled seven years later.

More from the bloviating asshole. . .
January 28, 2024

Update on my wife's 4 year trek for green card - she passed her IR1 medical in Bangkok

On the 16th, she does her interview at the American embassy in Bangkok on Withayu Road. She passes it, she gets her IR1 and we go home/

45 days later, she gets her green card in the mail. She has interview in New Castle, PA now and she passed her equivalency for her Chinese BA, her Chinese teaching cert, and her transcripts. She will start an MBA in the fall and then wants to get her PhD at U. Pitt.

We will move to New Castle because my parents are getting us a house for our 10th anniversary.

On a side note, special thanks to John Fetterman. My father personally met him and told him everything that has happened. including how Sinema, Kelly, and Raul's offices completely blew me off. Mr. Fetterman's face got dark as he turned to his aide and said "take care of this immediately." Going through this crap with his wife, he understands.

I loved Big John when I lived in Arizona. He has a permanent voter. When my wife goes for her citizenship and can vote the first time, I will tell her the Fetterman's work got her over the hump.

He is good people!

January 23, 2024

'It's embarrassing': Republicans worry they have no achievements to run on in 2024

Source: NBC News via AOL

When Congress began the new year, Rep. Andy Biggs gave a television interview and made a startling confession: House Republicans have done nothing they can run on.

“We have nothing. In my opinion, we have nothing to go out there and campaign on,” the Arizona Republican said on the conservative network Newsmax. “It’s embarrassing.”

Anchor Chris Salcedo responded with a bemused chuckle. “I know,” he said. “The Republican Party in the Congress majority has zero accomplishments.”

The exchange captured a dynamic that looms over Republican lawmakers heading into the 2024 election: They’ve passed little substantive legislation since winning the majority in 2022 and struggled to do the basics of governing with a Democratic-led Senate. Their first year was instead marked by fractiousness and chaos, complicating the party’s pitch to voters this fall. The challenge is accentuated by likely GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump making “retribution” against his enemies, rather than shared policy goals, the centerpiece of his comeback bid as he continues to spread fabricated claims that the 2020 election was stolen from him.

Read more: https://www.aol.com/news/embarrassing-republicans-worry-no-achievements-120000698.html


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Demoralized, depressed, and destroyed by American immigration law written and pushed for in 1952 by two xenophobes determined to keep people out at the height of McCarthyism and the Cold War.

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