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Member since: Mon Apr 12, 2021, 09:57 AM
Number of posts: 1,810

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New Trump attorneys

are really nice since they are doing his bidding pro bono.

Melania is the snitch

That is all.

Damn the NFL

if they had given him a franchise none of this would be happening.

Donald and Melania issue a statement about Bill Russell

"He was a negro, we don't care".

Lobby Murkoski and Collins

to carve out the filibuster for a vote on abortion rights. Make them put up or shut up.

We have 5 Supreme court who never met

a Black person until at least college and questionable if they ever met an American black person. Roberts, Gorsuch, Kavanaaugh, Barrett all went to private high schools with at most one black person at those schools. Alito went to a public high school and I looked the high school yearbook. Not a single minority at his high school.

Even if they met "one" at their ivy league schools it was rare. They then went to prestigious law firm. Not exactly a lot of minorities at those firms.

It would be nice to have some well rounded justices for a change.

The end of the United States

"Conservatives" have broken our form of government and IMO it is unrepairable. First they broke the Presidency then the senate and now the Supreme court. Each branch of government is now beyond repair.

We will cease to be ever be unified again. We are now 50 individual countries and we are back to the "Articles of Confederation. Conservatives are on the side of the slaveholders as they are using the same philosophy that allowed slavery to now be imposed on women.

I am sad for my kids.

America may be fractured beyond repair

Thirty percent of the population can not control 70% of the country and have a county continue as a a nation. We will breakdown into 50 separate countries and the dream of America died today.

States have always abused rights

Slavery, Jim Crow and now women's rights. The right's philosophy has always been about restricting and abusing people. I am proud to be on the side that tries to extend rights to all people.

Rory smacks Norman down

Rory's interview after his win was one of the greatest putdown's I have seen in a long time. He called him "someone" and pushed his 21 win's vs. Someone's 20 wins. LOL Too bad he didn't smackdown figjam and mental midget at the same time.
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