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Remember this as Tim Scott delivers the response to President Biden.

Tim Scott is nothing but an opportunist. He desperately wanted to be in politics and he didnít care which side he was on. He believes in nothing. Heís a hired stooge.

He visited the local Democratic Party headquarters to tell them he was interested in running for [an open Charleston City Council seat]. "They told me to get in line," Scott laughs. He went straight to the GOP headquarters. "They said, 'You probably won't win, but heck we'd love to see you run.'" And just like that, Scott was a Republican.


Preacher Jeff Mabe tells church he prays for the death of President Biden

Amazing that these people get away with this stuff from the pulpit. Bunch of conspiracy nutjob stuff here too.

Jeff Mabe tells Bible Baptist Church of Holden Beach that he prays for the death of President Biden

Trump supporter on trial espoused Nazi ideals (not shocking)

Evidence in Trump supporterís trial suggests he espoused Nazi ideals

April 22, 2021
NEW YORK ó An impassioned supporter of former president Donald Trump, on trial for allegedly advocating the "slaughter" of influential Democrats after the U.S. Capitol riot, also espoused Nazi ideology and suggested to his father that Trump should override the election results and declare the United States a dictatorship as Adolf Hitler did in Germany generations ago, according to evidence presented by federal authorities in a Brooklyn courtroom Thursday.

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