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25. I think the best way to see Justice served and Wrongs righted
Mon Feb 19, 2018, 07:43 PM
Feb 2018

Would be to elect Speaker Clinton. That way, when trump and pence are impeached, the white house can have its CORRECT AND RIGHT FUN occupant moved in.

K&R WhiteTara Feb 2018 #1
So 18 seats total awesomerwb1 Feb 2018 #2
We are going to have a blue tsunami.... pbmus Feb 2018 #3
PA 6th Congressional district Horizens Feb 2018 #9
Not really. Wouldn't there be others to do a good job? mikehiggins Feb 2018 #4
This again? mcar Feb 2018 #6
I don't think that was the poster's point leftstreet Feb 2018 #12
They will do it to any Democrat mercuryblues Feb 2018 #13
So we should dump a highly successful leader because mcar Feb 2018 #15
+10000 byronius Feb 2018 #16
I doubt Pelosi would pull as many punches as she did last time DFW Feb 2018 #7
Which women of color have expressed interest in running for the position? oberliner Feb 2018 #10
What leads you to believe anyone appointed to that post would not be your alleged boogieman? LanternWaste Feb 2018 #11
ANY effective Dem House leader would be the boogieman of the right. That they hate her pnwmom Feb 2018 #17
I think over the last few weeks Pelosi has shown her political savvy, energy, and experience. George II Feb 2018 #19
I'm giving up ProudLib72 Feb 2018 #20
Stop suggesting we allow the VRWC to choose our candidates. Just stop. nt Hekate Feb 2018 #22
I guess you didn't witness her tireless filibuster on behalf of DACA recently Hekate Feb 2018 #24
I think the best way to see Justice served and Wrongs righted Volaris Feb 2018 #25
From the Brennan Center Gothmog Feb 2018 #5
omgomgomg I cant wait!! samnsara Feb 2018 #8
They need to cheat, we just need a level playing field. magicarpet Feb 2018 #14
And this affects state office holders also? SHRED Feb 2018 #18
If they're like some other states, yes. But without the details its tough to really say. George II Feb 2018 #21
They can't still get the map thrown out, can they? Ken Burch Feb 2018 #23
I think i read that the challenge won't be over the map itself but getagrip_already Feb 2018 #26
Didn't The SC Refuse To Discuss This Matter? Me. Feb 2018 #27
This ruling helps Gothmog Feb 2018 #28
Pelosi is a wise and stalwart leader. Every true Democrat should back her. oasis Feb 2018 #29
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