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20. Hmmm...
Sun Mar 18, 2018, 07:48 PM
Mar 2018

I forgot about the tail. I think you are correct.

Depends on whether there are odd or even numbers of angels dancing on the head of a pin... aikoaiko Mar 2018 #1
God has hands? Hugin Mar 2018 #2
"Sinister" comes from the Latin for "left," so left-handedness was long associated with tblue37 Mar 2018 #3
Im gonna hafts say ambidextrous. redwitch Mar 2018 #4
That's what I was going to post Siwsan Mar 2018 #7
Omnidextrous JustABozoOnThisBus Mar 2018 #12
Hmmm... redwitch Mar 2018 #20
I'm left handed and God was created in my image; therefore, she is left handed. ProudLib72 Mar 2018 #5
God doesn't have hands. It's ridiculously anthropomorphic to claim it does. Binkie The Clown Mar 2018 #6
To answer: Yes (he was Jewish). White. Or, were those trick questions? nt JustABozoOnThisBus Mar 2018 #13
God is bi LuvLoogie Mar 2018 #8
God is pi, because pi is transcendental. nt Binkie The Clown Mar 2018 #21
I heard she's amphibious Brother Buzz Mar 2018 #9
Ambidextrous Sanity Claws Mar 2018 #10
God is AMBIDEXTROUS with ALL of his Noodly Appendages! mackdaddy Mar 2018 #11
Right-handed. And here's proof. JustABozoOnThisBus Mar 2018 #14
Complicated question DFW Mar 2018 #15
The Flying Spaghetti Monster is equally dexterous with all of... JHB Mar 2018 #16
Whatever handed edhopper Mar 2018 #17
How about... Xolodno Mar 2018 #18
Who? LakeArenal Mar 2018 #19
I see no option for dexterity of all limbs. God has more than 2 hands Ninsianna Mar 2018 #22
Looks like a left ornotna Mar 2018 #23
handed? not exactly 0rganism Mar 2018 #24
I'm left handed, Rincewind Mar 2018 #25
You can ask him he has a twitter Acc .. stonecutter357 Mar 2018 #26
God has three hands thbobby Mar 2018 #27
Omnidexterious randr Mar 2018 #28
Locking - the hosts cannot see how this qualifies for the "OK in GD" reasons muriel_volestrangler Mar 2018 #29
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